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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All!! My First post here. I currently don’t have an RV. I am looking at getting one around the time I sell my house. I am looking to go full time RV in the next 1-3yrs. I live in upstate NY and they require a road test to get a license “R” to drive anything over 26,000 gvwr including a toad. I’ve been looking around and even called the local CDL school to find a place or person that can help me take the road test. In order to do this in NY I need access to an RV that is 26000 gvwr and someone that has the “R” endorsement to take the road test. Does anyone out there know of any places that help people get this endorsement? Thanks
  2. Getting ready to take both my written and skills test for a Class A Exempt (non-CDL) Texas license. Other than the Texas driving handbook, can anyone recommend a site that will help me with the test questions? And, since I have a big rig in the form of a fifth wheel that I pull with a semi truck, what kind of skills in Texas will they expect me to demonstrate? For instance, will there be an air test I have to perform? I just now found David & Cheryl's post on the subject that was posted in this forum in 2016. It has been updated. Excellent post answering most of my questions that I have requested here. Specifically, there are still a couple of concerns my wife and I have about the skills test. Does anyone out there have any dealings with the Waco test site. We live in Waco, and we are apprehensive about testing in the city. Also, David and Cheryl recommended that we study the section in the handbook on air brakes, but did not mention whether or not we might be asked to perform an air test. We are driving a mid sized Freightliner with air ride suspension and brakes. Being newbies, any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have already tried to post this question, but it seems to have disappeared, so here goes again Due to my age, I am no longer able to renew my driver's license online or by mail and have to show up in person at a Texas DMV location. I have questions as to what I should do to prepare. Will there be a driving test? Will there be a written test? Where might I find Texas state laws that I need to know in order to pass a test? We are going to El Paso in late Feb. Is it necessary or advisable to make an appointment? If I just show up at an El Paso DMV should I expect a long wait? Thanks in advance. Ron Daves #37406 Located in So. Cal
  4. If you have taken the Texas Class A Exempt (Non-Commercial) driving test since July 1, 2016 (after Texas updated its requirements to conform to the federal standard), what parking and backing-up maneuvers did you have to do? The new federal CDL requirements include not just parallel parking and backing up 60' in a straight line, but also backing up into an offset space, among other things. I'd like to find out if Texas is applying these same requirements to the non-CDL Class A test. I would never attempt any of these without my wife outside on a walkie-talkie, but I've also heard you're not allowed to use a spotter during the test. (We have a 41' fifth wheel.) True?
  5. EDIT: Since the majority of the replies deal with the A/B license, I'll state here what I should have in the first place: our MH rating is 22,000#. The way I understand Texas requirements, that means a standard license, not A/B. Thanks, I knew I should have included that info but somehow it got lost when I edited and re-edited the post. Hi, we're new SKP members and preparing to launch full time next month if our house buyers don't back out of the contract (that's a whole other story). We have very flexible travel plans and my job permits me to live near any of more than 100 cities. We're planning to head to Livingston after launching from Arkansas, and I'm wondering how long you'd recommend staying there to complete our SKP mail setup and vehicle/driver's license registration there in Livingston. We were planning to start out near friends in Weatherford, TX but thought it would be easiest to swing through Livingston first and get everything done in person. I want to be sure I budget the right amount of time to get everything done so that we can get started on our full time adventure.
  6. My husband and I are becoming what Escapees calls "real Texans." The next step is to get our class A non-CDL licenses. My question has to do with the skills test. Specifically, will we be asked to parallel park our 5th wheel? Parallel parking is listed as a skill in the DMV manual. I've spoken with drivers of motor coaches who say they had to but have yet to find a 5th wheel owner licensed in Texas and would like to know what to expect. Sally
  7. Has anyone done this? Note this is not renewing over the internet, it is filling out a form and mailing it in if you are out of the state of Texas. Any suggestions woud be appreciated. Here is a link to the form: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/internetforms/Forms/DL-16.pdf Here is a link to the overall instructions: http://www.dmv.org/tx-texas/renew-license.php#Military-amp-Out-of-State-Renewals My specific questions are: There is a question at the bottom of the form that says, "I further certify my residence address is a (check one): ( ) single family dwelling, ( ) apartment, ( ) motel, ( ) temporary shelter." What should I check if I am an escapee? Or should I write in "RV Park" ? Doing it this way would be great as I or anyone else would not have to return to TX to renew the DL.
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