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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy everyone. At the end of October I will be headed from the Houston Texas area to the Mobile Alabama area. I have heard for year that I-10, I-20, and parts of US-190 through Eastern Texas and much of Louisiana are in bad shape. Does anyone have an update on that? Suggested routes? Does not need to be the quickest or shortest route either. I am retired so I have the ability to take my time. Thank you. Richard "Doc"
  2. adept99

    Road Conditions

    Heads up for those of you heading out to the warm embrace of the Southland. This trip was over the course of 2 days, Jan 4th / 5th 2019. I-55 From Memphis to I-12 is a WONDERFUL highway. I considered driving it twice on the same trip. No major lumps, bumps, or potholes. Very little traffic. Just set the Cruz-O-Matic and ooze on down the road. I-12 Is a close second for about 70% of the drive. Mostly flat and smooth. Unfortunately, it's interspersed with really nasty stutter bumps in a number of places. No fun. Broke much stuff loose in the camper. I-10 was the killer. I-12 merges with I-10 and things go downhill fast from there. Asphalt is peeling up in strips leaving 2" deep ruts with near vertical sides. The roadbed is collapsing and is merely a series of abrupt bumps followed by a short smooth stretch of smooth, then more holes and lumps. Broke a cabinet door in half, several items stored in the overhead broke loose and were headed for a nasty crash and were only saved by the fact that the 5er was closed up. Quite a few things fell over, fell out, fell down. and generally made a mess. Be Careful on I-10 Paul
  3. Ascension Parish-- Earlier this morning, Louisiana State Troopers from Troop A were dispatched to an overturned motorhome on Interstate 10 east of US 61 in Ascension Parish. Crash scene investigators determined the motorhome was westbound on Interstate 10 in the left lane. The motorhome sustained a tire failure and entered the center median, where it then impacted the cable barriers. After impacting the cable barriers, the motorhome overturned and slid on its side across both eastbound lanes. The driver, 69 year old Royce Denmon of Kilgore, Texas and his passenger suffered minor injuries in the crash. A witness to the crash, 30 year old Jonathan Mendel of Metairie, Louisiana was operating an 18 wheeler westbound on Interstate 10 and captured the entire crash sequence with his dashboard camera. Mr. Mendel was also able to safely pull his vehicle onto the right shoulder and call 911. As you watch the video of this crash, please take note of how quickly a crash can occur. Think if you were in the eastbound travel lanes. What evasive maneuvers, if any would you have been able to take? Also, think about the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt or distracted driving. While not a factor in this crash, imagine what would have occurred had all parties been preoccupied with various distractions. Finally, check out the amazing engineering that went into the cable barrier system along the Interstate Systems in Louisiana. While not designed for heavy articulated vehicles like a motorhome, the system was able to redirect a vehicle weighing over 20,000 pounds. I posted the video on my Facebook page. Motor safely my friends. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RV-Road-Riders/1380946298887036
  4. Hello again to all, Close friend just emailed about terrible rough road conditions they encountered this week on I-10 between Gulfport, MS driving to Beaumont, TX. We are supposed to join them in the next few weeks. (They winter in FL, have a brand new 2015 Allegro 32SA. They used the same route to TX this last year, and Rv'd for past 20 yrs, too...but this time they emailed saying, "never,never,never come this way.") Here is how they described I-10 in this stretch: "roads are horrible on this stretch. Dense, non-stop traffic, roads that resemble cornfields and construction with narrow roadways and concrete barriers too close to the berm.... (they stopped at Flying J Hammond, LA) continuing and said, "got back on I-10 after a buckboard ride over really beat up concrete...then more heavy traffic and awful construction began. Never never never come this way, ...find a different albiet longer route..." We looked at paper atlas, this will be our first trip into TX driving a 36' DP, and would like to hear from others familiar with this possible? route we are considering. Or, what other routes you would recommend that keeps us off I-10 between Gulfport --> Beaumont, TX. Our ultimate destination is Woodlands, TX area near Houston. Okay, please tell us what we need to know, is this a viable alternate route? (yes, longer miles...sigh..) Starting at Gulfport, MS take US49 N through Hattiesburg & Jackson, MS Pick up I-20W and continue through Shreveport, LA to Marshall, TX. Pick up US 59 South and continue through Lufkin & Cleveland, TX to State Hwy 105. Take State Hwy 105 W to I-45 South. Thanks so much in advance : - ))
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