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  1. I have a 2000 Suncruser with basement air that I love. I have a gas funerance that I hate. Problem is I don't want the gas funerance to come on at all at anytime. How can I simply cut it out of the system?
  2. Park Hills and Farmington are interesting small town that where in there hay days during the Lead Mining era. There is a Lead Mines Historical Site just north of the park. Read More:
  3. How late in the year can I travel US 50 through Colorado and make it to Utah before I have to head south? I am considering a time frame of Oct through December? I know there is no way to know for sure but wonder what other late trips you have experience in the two states? My thought is to take off and once I find weather bad head south!!!
  4. Warsing Dam near Sheyenne, ND has huge grassy areas with pavilions, picnic table and fire pits. Nice fishing lake with lots of birds. Road noise on the north end but in the meadow near the beginning its very quiet. We enjoyed the White Pelicans. Read More:
  5. Lake Mitchell offers a very nice park and bike trails around the lake dirt or pavement. And there are several spots around the lake where you can park your rig for the day. Very interesting World War II Cemetery. Read More:
  6. Considering Hosting here! Looking for any incite? If you have hosted or stayed here would like to hear your comments?
  7. https://homelesshartshorns.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/e-96-ranch-road-az-blm/
  8. https://homelesshartshorns.wordpress.com/2018/11/20/snyder-hill-blm/
  9. We have chucked our plans to run OK Hwy 60 across northern Oklahoma and started south. Family meeting in McAlester, OK pulled us far enough south we are now heading for OK Hwy 70 and going to run the Red River Valley across Oklahoma and Texas. Spotted a Camal on the side of Hwy 69! Read More:
  10. From Aurora we traveled the Sandhills Journey Hwy up to Thedford, NE and headed north on the Blue Star Memorial Hwy. Found a nice Road Side Park and thought about staying the night, but with no cell service, we moved on to the Valentine’s City Park. After a night there we moved into town to the Wacky West Travel Park and spent the week end with full hook ups and waited to go to the “Bad Lands NP” during the week. Read More:
  11. Following the Missouri River as best we can, the Lewis and Clark Trail but as we know the trail is in the river!! In the Dakotas there is a lot of Prairie, so staying near the river has offed a lot more hills and Bad Land types of Geography. We came into Gettysburg “Where the Battle wasn’t!” seems to be the moto of the town. They have a very nice city park with Electric and Showers for donation. Read More:
  12. We have left Little Missouri State Park and moved on to Lake Sakakawea State Park. Working for North Dakoda Parks we have a seven day gift to any of their parks. Sakakawea is wide open and on the lake, with Electric and Water sites, Pull thru and lots of lake front. Read More:
  13. We found the LMSP to be setting on the rim of the Little Missouri River Valley. Its high, breezy and wide open. If you don’t have horses you’re pretty much stuck with walking the valley. They claim fifty miles of trails. It must be wonderful but this old man is going to have to stick to walking the top of the plateaus. Read More:
  14. After riding out a Tornado Warning in Belle Fourche we moved on north from the Black Hills. Found our way into Slim Buttes Campground. Turns out to be a wonderful place for small rigs and dry camping. Read More:
  15. The Black Hills are very interesting to ride through and explore. Lots of walking for this old man and the bike trails are pretty great also. Read More:
  16. Rapid City, Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, Belle Fourche, Aladdin Wy , Aladdin, Hulett, Devils Tower, Sundance, Four Corners, Newcastle, Hells Canyon, Custer SD Stopped over night in Rapid City and then on to Sturgis, Deadwood and Lead for a big day of bike riding and checking out the Tourist Shop’s. Its amazing to watch rain storms coming over the plains. You can watch a storm for an hour or two coming your way to only find it raining on you for a few minutes. Finally ran about twenty miles of interstate up from Rapid City to Belle Fourche. And then back on our two lane Journey. Came at the Devils Tower from the north and following the Belle Fourche River through Aladdin and Hullett. Wonderful old Coal Mine to explore along the way with a neat 115 year old grocery store in Aladdin, WY. Population 15! The town of Hulett is also very picturesque. When we got to Devils Tower the weather was cool and perfect to hike the tower trail. Not a lot to see here unless you want to clime the tower! But the camp ground is very nice dry camping. Made our ways back to the Black Hills taking a route through the Thunder Basin National Grassland and onto the Crazy Horse Campground in Custer, SD. Staying here for four days and see what we can see in the Black Hills National Park.
  17. Valentine NE, Mission ND, White River, Wanblee, Kadoka, Bad Lands NP, Scenic, Green Valley, Rapid City As we came out of Valentine we had a foggy morning and some road construction. But as the sun came out we found South Dakoda to be a lot like Nebraska, but I think less trees. Rolling hills and grass lands with Cattle and Horses. We crossed the White River just south of Kadoka, witch to my surprise is really “White”. This was where we got our first look at the Bad Lands, and like so many places we have seen, pictures will never describe how amazing it is. We layed over at the truck stop at Kadoka and waited out a night of rain and went into the park in the morning. We came in from the east side of the park where the plains simply falls away to the view of the valley that is the Bad Lands. The second pull out has plenty of room for big rigs and we spent most of the day there trying to take in all the different trails. Unlike some parks we have been in you can pretty much wander around anywhere. It was wet in the morning, witch makes the mud stick to your shoes. But in only a couple of hours the place became dry enough to walk most everywhere. We tried to use the RV Park that the Park provides but found the accommodations to be much hander at the little town of Interior, The Bad Lands RV Park. In our two day stay we got to visit the Wall Drug Store and seen Big Horn Sheep, Bison roaming the hills at the West Gate. We have hundreds of photos and movies. And we have posted some but you have to be there to watch the sun change the looks of the Buttes and Spirals and layers of color in the land as it moves across the sky.
  18. Marysville KS, Fairbury NE, Hebron, Worlds Largest Porch Swing, York, Aurora, Grand Island, Broken Bow, Thedford, Valentine, Mission, White River, Potato Creek, Interior Came out of Marysville, KS and headed north off the Pony Express Trail and headed north on the Oregon Trail toward Nebraska. Stopped by the Worlds Largest Porch Swing at Hebron, NE. Went on up to Aurora, NE and stayed at their City Park and did a few days bike riding. Nice town and a great park. From Aurora we traveled the Sandhills Journey Hwy up to Thedford, NE and headed north on the Blue Star Memorial Hwy. Found a nice Road Side Park and thought about staying the night, but with no cell service, we moved on to the Valentine’s City Park. After a night there we moved into town to the Wacky West Travel Park and spent the week end with full hook ups and waited to go to the “Bad Lands NP” during the week. After checking out the “Cowboy Rail to Trail” in Valentine we moved on north into South Dakota and through the Rosebud Indian Reservation and onto White River. Then west to Potato Creek, then north to Interior, SD. and onto our next adventure.
  19. Looking for a good deal on a dolly in the Missouri area?
  20. We have had a great two months at Kickapoo Cavern, but we are ready to move on. Headed North again to see the “Momma” and hoping to summer in North Dakota this year. Read More:
  21. A location near Rock Springs, Texas is looking for camp host. The location has no services. The small town of Rock Springs is about 20 minutes away. Area is remote and gated, visitors only come to the area with Tour Guides. If your curious write to me and Ill give you contact information.
  22. Anyone been to this park? Looking for some incite to what to expect here?
  23. Kickapoo Cavern State Park, Texas Its very interesting here, quiet and calm. As you walk through the hills, its like my ears are ringing with silence. As I hear the wind blowing up from the valley’s one foggy morning, I can see the fog rolling up over the brush. The wind here has a different kind of sound to it that I can not really describe. I think I am hearing a sound as if its possibly a car coming, only to see the sound is coming from a lone tree. I can understand how long ago people might feel the land is talking to them. Read More:
  24. I'm planning a trip this winter along the southern border of Texas. I notice on Google Earth at least one boarder check point that is not on the boarder of Mexico but several miles into Texas! Are these check points a Hassel? Are they fixed location or do they move around like DOT check points? What can I expect at these places?
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