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Found 18 results

  1. The Trailer Saver TS3 is the one of the best fifth wheel hitches on the market. It has air bags and shocks built in to give you the best ride possible. The fifth wheel floats behind the truck making it a towing dream. The hitch attaches to industry standard rails. For my Ram truck, I have an adapter plate for the pucks to rails for mounting the hitch. The downside is the bad boy is heavy! When I needed to remove it, I would just hang it from the camper’s king pin. I’ve literally never lifted it. You’ll be responsible for getting it to your truck, though I’m willing to u
  2. BLUE OX TRAVEL TRAILER HITCH, upgraded to 5th wheel, parts used twice. Wayne Carlson, Algonquin, IL (1/2 way Chicago to Rockford) WPCARLSONMD@GMAIL.COM 847-909-0874 List prices from eTrailer. I purchased from them, great service. Asking ½ price. Blue Ox Signature Series Lift Brackets for SwayPro Weight Distribution Systems - Clamp On or Bolt On$271.57 Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Shank for 2" Hitches - 9" Long - 7 Hole Adjustment ( bottom 2 holes removed for ground clearance)$127.51 Replacement Spring Ba
  3. http://AndersonUltimateHitch.comAnderson Ultimate Hitch system. Used twice. Including safety chäin kit and rotoflex lock out kit.
  4. I'm selling my Automated Safety Hitch because I'm settling in one place and won't need it anymore. I bought it in 2016, used it to zig zag coast to coast and then needed to strop traveling, so it only has 8,000 miles or so on it. It has some superficial rust because I live near the ocean, but is otherwise in fine shape. I loved using it. It left my truck bed free for storage, and as a new RVer liked the extra brakes and maneuverability. Also , Joe, the manufacturer, provided excellent support, answering calls from remote locations. I got it with the winch option, which allowed me to pull m
  5. Trailer Saver TS3, includes compressor and cover. Also includes removable risers. Pictures can be seen at https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/rvs/d/trailer-saver-fifth-wheel/6385383096.html
  6. Hi guys. is there an instruction to take apart the Holland Binkley head from the Trailersaver base. Our hitch is 16 years old with 50K miles on it. I want to take it apart as much as I can, replace cotter pins. Examine the locking jar and locking block. Check those large Clevis pins and see how they work to ensure all are well before hitching. I am thinking the big Pivot (Axis) Bolt which allow the head to roll side to side, is the first item to unbolt and free the head from the body? Anyone did a full maintenance scrub down on this hitch? The hitch we have is the early version. Th
  7. Pullrite SuperGlide 2900 18k Slider 5th-Wheel HitchI bought this hitch in March of 2017 for my 2014 Ford F250 Super Duty PowerStroke Diesel to hook up a Keystone Montana. I found that the F250 was simply too light of a truck to stop the Montana, so I just switched to a dually long bed. I no longer need a slider hitch. I towed the Montana for a total of about 1,000 miles, and removed the hitch before trading in the F250. Asking $650.00 -- make a reasonable offerThis hitch is in excellent condition, and includes all hitch parts and the capture plate for the trailer. It does NOT include the
  8. Reese "Elite RE18" 18K 5th Wheel Hitch: This is a sliding model suitable for use in a short bed truck. This model is for Ford F-series pickups with factory installed 5th wheel prep package. It DOES NOT come with the mounting carriage because Ford pre-installed that at the factory. This hitch can be used in 2013 and later F-250, F-350 SRW trucks. Located in Franklin NC. Will consider delivery within 200 miles. Nvdeasy@gmail.com More photos at https://asheville.craigslist.org/tro/d/reese-hitch-5th-wheel-elite/6236962054.html
  9. I finally found the right deal on a 2006 Dodge 5.9 Cummins 2500 truck. Only problem is it's a short bed. Despite being a fiver driver for my seven years of fulltiming, I thought that I could make do with a Ford Ranger for a really small travel trailer. Got rid of the Ranger, as my previous two Doge Cummins trucks got similar mileage but were brutes in towing decently matched loads. Well a 2006 four door Lonestar edition popped up with a private owner, low miles and although it was a short bed we still were thinking TT, just bigger. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Now I've found tha
  10. ET Jr. with super binkley head less than 5k miles used. selling because of switching to gooseneck Surface rust that can be easily cleaned up, functionally works great. located: Phoenix AZ Price: $2,500 o.b.o. call: 480.340.2764 email: jetsetfx2@gmail.com
  11. Good Morning All, So my question is specifically for the Ford driver/owners out there. Where; in relation to the rear axle; did you set up the center of the fifth wheel hitch? ie Directly over the axle, 1.5", 3" ahead of the axle, etc and why. How do you think it affects the ride? I've settled on a Trailersaver TS3, with a Simpleslide for our 2007 F250; pulling a 2014 Palomino Sabre 36QS2B7; and would like to know how others have set up theirs and how it worked out. We are going with in the bed rails. Once that is set up we wil be going on a shakedown cruise and; among other thin
  12. I am going to replace my current hitch on my Volvo 770, pulling my Teton Home (Frontier 39'). The GVWR on the Teton is 20K. My question: will the Trailsaver model TS3 that is rated at 20K with max pin weight of 4500 be sufficient, Or should I move up to the 32K model TSLB2H? I have a good condition used TS3 ready to purchase, but would like to hear other opinions. http://www.trailersaver.com/product/tslb2h-air-ride-hitch/
  13. I just had a new 5th wheel hitch installed. I had an experienced friend help me hitch up the first time. The hitch seemed to snap into place as expected. My friend said we were good to go. We pulled out of our spot and got about a quarter mile down the road before the trailer detached and ground to a halt. I realize that we failed to do a pull test like the manual said to do but I wonder how I got so far down the road before it gave way. How can I make sure that the thing is hitched right? Is pull test the only way. Any one with any experience with this?
  14. Hitch includes the Universal Mounting Kit, Owners Manual and installation instructions. $1000 - best offer considered on price. Located in Colorado.
  15. We had a wierd thing happen when returning from a rally. Nothing like this has ever happened in all our years of rving. We had stopped at a Walmart outside of Salt Lake City. When we were leaving the store heading back to the trailer we saw an older man walking closely alongside the trailer heading towards the rear. He crossed the rest of the parking lot & climbed into an 18 wheeler. We pulled slowly out of the parking lot then accelerated hard to pull into traffic. All of a sudden we heard a loud bang and the trailer jerked hard backwards. When we pulled over to see what had happened w
  16. Curt Q20 5th wheel hitch with slider. Used one time. Excellant condition. All reasonable offers considered.
  17. SOLD- I have a slightly used B&W companion slider 5th wheel hitch for sale. Rated for 18k lbs and is removable when not in use. It has been stored in garage when not use and requires the B&W turnover ball system for use.
  18. Was getting ready to head south today, and brought my travel trailer from my camp ground to my house to packup and noticed that my left torsion bar was not attached to the hitch and the trailer tongue. It was attached when I hooked the trailer up to the truck at the campground earlier today. The Equal-i-zer unit was installed by the dealer this past October. I'm attaching a photo of the failed hitch receiver. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm just glad I found it before heading out.
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