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Found 13 results

  1. Help me find location for campgrounds in riverside California park??? I am deaf lady and clumpy learning to do please thanks....
  2. Hello All, Please help. I want to run two 12 volt batteries in parallel on the front of my trailer. I know if I hook the (+) to the (+) and the( - )to the ( - ) between the two batteries I am good there. However, how do I attach the ( + ) and ( - ) wires coming off of the trailer. Do I attach both to one battery or the ( + ) to battery A and the ( - ) to battery B. I am doing this to increase parking lot time for boon docking not to increase voltage from 12 to 24 volts. I guess I could go next door and ask the phyics teacher, he is about 20 years old than me. He is also a retired physicists from the nuclear plant, but his explanations are so long winded and I get tired long before he is done talking. If anybody has pictures that would be great. I have two marine batteries that are pretty new, I can't wait to give this a try. I also want to learn how to set up solar pannels, but one thing at a time. Later, Vegas Teacher
  3. Hi there escapees. Firstly, thanks in advance for your help with this. So I have an issue that really needs to be resolved. In 2016, I registered my vehicle in TX -where I'm also domiciled- & drove to the West Coast. I have been moving around the W. Coast ever since. When my vehicle's registration & inspection expired, I stopped driving the vehicle & parked it at my friend's place. It's now 2018 & the vehicle has been parked there & sitting -with expired inspection & registration- for over a year now. In TX, a vehicle must be inspected to be registered to get the combined sticker. As I do intend to move back eventually, just not quite yet, I would like to keep my TX domicile. My vehicle & I are both still on the W. Coast. What is the best way to (re-)register my vehicle now? What are my options, if any? I am willing to sell the vehicle in it's current state on the W. Coast & get a new vehicle, if necessary. If I do have to sell it in its current state, how would I go about that? [it can tow some heavy stuff & has low miles, so if you're on the W. Coast & interested in buying it to help me out, please PM me for details] Thank you again everybody for your help, :-)
  4. Hello! I’ve never done a forum post before, so I’m unsure how this works. I’m very young and have been traveling from state to state due to my Dad’s job for a long time. I don’t have many belongings, and I have close friends all over the U.S. that I’ve gained from consistent online interaction and convention meetings. I absolutely love experiencing new things and traveling, and I’ve never felt particularly attached to one place, but I don’t go outside very much due to work and school taking up my current time. I’d like to visit these friends, meet new people, and see new and exciting places! I’ve been working with Escapees for a little over a year now, and I’ve been feeling very envious of their lifestyle. Seeing as businesses are moving more online, and I’m a very tech savvy hard worker, I feel like I have a good chance working successfully from an RV. At my current pace I should be done with college before or by the time I turn old enough to legally rent a motor home. However, I don’t know where to begin. I have SKP friends that have told me that transitioning to the lifestyle takes a lot of work and preparation. I am absolutely positively ready to save up and work towards this goal, but at the moment my only knowledge is that it’s difficult, pricey, you need training in multiple areas, and very little belongings. Where do I begin? I have years to prepare, but how should I start? Secondly, do you guys think my goal is unrealistic or too ill-informed? Please, let me know what you recommend, I'd like to hear more opinions aside from my idealized view of traveling!
  5. Hello Esapers After purchasing my First RV (Winnebago 2100BH Micro Minnie) I am looking to take a 3 week trip this summer with my Wife and our 7 year old daughter. I have taken one Trip By Myself to pursue my latest passion Kayak Fishing on the Texas Coast a few months ago to get comfortable towing and setting up my RV, ect. I will be leaving from San Antonio, TX and looking to travel up to New Mexico and then back home. Looking to stay 1 week for each stop of our trip. What places would you recommend in Texas and New Mexico? (or Ok).
  6. 1999 Coachman 252 RKS (all OG components)… OK, I have a tough one for you!!! Water Pipe/Pump/Flow related for all you plumbing experts. Up to two days ago EVERYTHING was working PERFECTLY…Water Pressure, the Pump, City Water Hook-Up, Hot Water, ETC…EVERYTHING. The Problem: I have COLD water & pressure coming out of the COLD side of the sink/valve in the Bathroom Sink and on the Bath Tub…NO Hot Water side PRESSURE?!?! When the HOT side is open, NOTHING comes out?! That is perplexing enough and can be trouble shot for hours alone, BUT, I have NEITHER HOT OR COLD in the Kitchen Sink to top it all off?!? What I have done so far: Heated all of the lines (just in case, as it has been cold…ALTHOUGH, this does NOT explain the Kitchen sink NOT working ALL TOGETHER (there should still be cold), but I do hear some air from the Kitchen sink, but water never comes… I have checked for leaks and found NOTHING. I have reset the pump (although it still sounds fine and pushes the cold to the bath tub & bathroom sink. I have emptied the Hot Water Heater tank and checked the pressure valve, and have bypassed it (two valve set up). I have hooked up to city water (hose) and run the tank at the same time which ONLY gives MORE pressure to where the water flows. I have tried with the hot water heater on AND off. I have checked the aerators and they are clear. I have checked the inputs on the pump and hot water heater and they are clear. I am at a loss, but don’t want to take her in, lol… ANY ideas?
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum -and also not yet an RV'er- but I am seconds away from listing my house, and buying an RV, and hitting the road. I am in the investigation stage now and ran across this wonderfully helpful website. I have way too many questions to list, and will continue to get many of them answered by reading what's already been written, but I do have a few concerns since I am entering the unknown. I'll tell you a little about me and you tell me what you think... First of all it will be me by myself. I am used to being alone, but not out on the road. I got my class A license, a couple of years ago, but never took a job as a trucker (an intimidating role for a small female). I have been living alone for years and don't really see the difference (house vs RV) -unless there is something that I am not thinking of... as far as aloneness goes. At first I will cut my teeth on the western states, visiting family. I'm in Ca, I have a kid/fam in Texas, a kid/fam in Az, kid/fam in Ca and fam in Or and Wa that I will want to make my rounds to first. Then after I see how that goes I will likely venture out towards the East. I have never camped in an RV- always tents, and it's been a few years. I love to drive and I want to travel and see things I haven't seen yet (I can't move my house to do this). I recently left my job (sick of the grind) and will use my equity to purchase my RV (I guess start out used/cheap in case I hate it for some reason??)... and live on it for awhile, while planning to find some sort of income online. What is a suggested "nest egg" for a very frugal, conservative spender...? I have a 5lb dog, a canary, and a 12lb, outside, semi-ferrel, 6 year old cat who hates cars- I cannot abandon him and am hoping to figure out something great for him or take him (??!!)...ugh. I've re-homed cats in the past and they seem to go a little crazy. I guess the bottom line is that I am looking for a "trigger" that will either make or break my decision to sell my house (which I think is a good idea anyway because of the market), and then I need a place to live. Not the time to buy a house and not excited at the thought of renting. I'd like to get out of this jobless area I'm in and just go. I love nature, camping, etc. Well thank you for listening and I really appreciate this website/forum as it is going to be an incredibly useful tool for me. I'd also like more info on the bootcamp please:) Roni
  8. Looking at new 5th wheel. we want a fridge that is gas and electric. Sales is trying to talk us into a residental fridge (electric only). he wants to install 2 400 watt panels and a 1500 watt inverter. Claims with 5 hrs of sunlight daily that it will run my fridge 24/7. WILL IT ?? any opinions or teck advise would be really helpful.... Thanks Xglassman going fulltime.
  9. Hello friends, ​I try to get on my roof fairly regularly to check out how things are & clean & apply roof protectant. However, after this summer I saw something I had never seen on my roof before. I'm guessing that my roof is of the "rubber" variety. It's about 16 years old & is white. It seems to be scaling & flaking off in some places revealing a blueish - black material underneath. I don't believe it's leaking. I'm attaching a photo of this. ​What do I need to do to repair, prevent & protect my roof? ​Thanks in advance, ​Loxley
  10. Hello all, I am hoping I can get some info./assistance/guidance from some of you kind and knowledgeable folks... I do realize this is an RV forum, but I know you can still give me good advice. THE SHORT: BALQON = NO USER MANUAL or USER GUIDE = NO COMMUNICATION = MY 27kwh LiFEPo4 Battery pack sitting outside for several months NOT hooked up = me freaking out about self discharge (which I didn't even know existed) and a possible 800lb. expensive brick!!! THE LONG: This past summer (2015) my wife and I refinanced our house, took out loans, and spent our life savings to pursue our mutual life-long dream of a full turnkey Solar scenario. The goal was to get all the components in and then hire a local professional to put it all together and guide us through it all, including the use and maintenance. After doing some comparisons of battery options I decided to go with LiFEPo4. I contacted Balqon, and Samra (CEO?) spent well over an hour on the phone with me and convinced me that was the route to go and that his company was the way to go. We went through a Solar company to get 24 panels, mounts, a Schneider/Midnight Classic all-in-one wall of electronics and a 27kwh battery bank in an external enclosure, from Balqon. Balqon took tons longer to ship than promised, after awful communication. Then, despite calls and emails DAILY from myself as well as from the company I bought it through, we still have yet to get a response. And all we were trying to do was get a User Manual or User Guide for the 27kwh battery pack. You know, "This is how you hook it up, Do this, Don't do this, This button does this, This is how to actually open it up, etc..." Well, then there had been ridiculous and extensive problems and delays in getting the mounting in. (FedEx Freight basically ran over everything with a fork lift, then I get sent the wrong stuff, then they won't send the right stuff, then they want me to pay for the right stuff cause it's not what they were told to send, etc...) So, as of today I now have all the components in. (Except any of the information I needed from Balqon, that is.) While online last week doing some research I ran across people talking about self-discharge (which, again, nobody ever told me was even a thing) and how it could brick your battery. (I am aware of the BMS and it's self cut-off to prevent it getting too low, etc.) Well now I am FREAKING OUT!!! Due to all the calamity of errors and delays, the battery has been sitting outside untouched for several months! I don't know how much charge it came with, how to hook it up, nor how to operate it (because I never got a manual, nor did I have everything in to begin an install) From the looks of things it will probably be this Spring until the panels are mounted and we are ready to actually hook up to it. So, please, tell me, what do I do??? Assuming I hit the "On" button and it isn't dead, how on earth can I put a charge into it without all the solar panels hooked up to get it to last till the spring without bricking? Can I hook jumper cables up to it from my car for countless hours? Is there a way to hook up a generator directly to it without the wall of electronics? Can I plug into it from my house? I mean, I don't need to fill it up and worry about an over charge, I just need to keep it from dying. Then, If I go to push the "On" button and nothing happens, or it is totally dead what options do I have? Quite Sincerely, Recent Newb
  11. I need some help with my 2000 Fleetwood Discovery 5.9 cummins diesel. I recently bled the water out of the fuel line at the bleeder in front of the water heater on the curb side. I thought I tightened it but evidently not. I went to move it and it started fine and then stalled shortly after. I tightened the bleeder all the way and purged the fuel system three or four times but it will not start. Looking at the manual it says further bleeding may be called for and to loosen the banjo fitting on the fuel pump inlet. The problem is that that fitting is behind the air compressor and I can't get to it. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Need lessons in backing up 17ft trailer .Any ideas on who can teach.?
  13. Hello All, Having a issue with my hot water. We have a 2004 Fleetwood Bounder 38 Deisel with a propane/ electric wh. Getting cold water out of all taps but no water out of any hot water tap. Temp got to 3* F last night. Had 75 W bulb in water compartment and one storage are where white water tank is. Suspect a frozen line somewhere. Moved 1 bulb to storage are for a total of 150 W in white water storage area and added a 1500 W heater to water compartment. Temp is not expected to warm up to above freezing in TN until weekend. Any ideas? Paul
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