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Found 6 results

  1. We are very seriously considering long-terming it in Texas. I've spent a couple of years in the DFW area, but I would love to know YOUR recommendations on where to long-term in East and/or West TX. Please include specific parks and reasons why! Since this is a no reply topic, please private message me with your recommendations. EDITED 6-10 65 views and no input? What an exciting bunch y'all are.
  2. Wow where has the time gone! The past year has been amazing but it was not without it's trials and tribulations. Rv Living is very rewarding but at the same time lot's of work. Rv Newbie? You should defiantly watch this video before you get into full-time RV Living. We have learned so much in the past year and thought it would be great to put all the information into one video. Talking about the highs & low's, the do's and don'ts and overall what Rv life is all about. Hopefully this video brings you some value, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn on the notifications!
  3. In this video we do a 6 Month recap of living in our RV full-time. There were highs and lows, many highlights and we learnt a lot. Stay tuned to see. 6 month update! We give a recap from our first 6 months of living in a RV full-time. There were highs and lows and memories made. We break the video into 3 categories. 3. Highlights. 2. Lessons learned. 1. Expectations vs reality. Make sure you stick around till the end. Hope you enjoy the video, let us know your thoughts down in the comments!
  4. My fiance, our daughter, and pets want to move into a travel trailer somewhere not to far from barnegat Township N.J. Full time. Right now my fiance is the only one who works as I stay home until I can find a flexible job.
  5. 2007 NEWMAR MOUNTAIN AIRE IDEAL FOR DRY CAMPING & FULLTIMING: Net Carrying Capacity of 8990 lbs. One owner, non-smokers, meticulously main- tained 45’ w/ 450 HP Cummins and 4 slides, 10KW diesel genset w/autostart, 6 solar panels, 8 batteries. Energy Management System, inboard autotransformer and surge protector for low power campgrounds. LP/electric 4 door fridge w/ice mkr. 120v/12v basement fridge freezer. LP cook-top. Aquahot furnace/hot water. RO-UV Water Puri- fication System. Remote LP shut off. 6w cool or LED lights throughout. Sleep Number king bed. NADA Average Value is $196,000. Asking $166,000. For pictures and detailed description view online at www.rvtrader.com/listing/5007496630 or contact Bruce: BRButlerTX@aol.com NOTE: Willing to negotiate the tow vehicle c/w Airforce One braking system, Blue Ox tow bar and rock screen, plus a full set of dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, toaster, coffee pot, crock pot, BBQ pit, 50 Amp extension cord, DISH receiver, bike and kayak rack and a myriad of spare parts. 2007 Mountain Aire M-4521 Spartan ISM 450hp (196K).pdf
  6. Howdy. I was here awhile back and rejoined in June. We were looking for a dual axle short trailer for a one-year trip. It's now a 2-year trip starting next May (after that who knows?) We ended up buying a cual axle Interstate cargo trailer because we found we could bring more if we were careful with the build. We once had a small A-frame and loved it because we could easily drive in towns. We are much bigger with a Silverado +19' (7 x 16 plus tongue) in place of the former minivan and 10' + 3' Chalet that folded flat, also bigger than the two Class B's we've had so we don't feel small. We have a ramp door so if we are parked in good weather we can expand. We have some things on wheels that can be rolled outside for more inside room. We haven't yet taken a maiden voyage as we are still building it. So far we are very happy with it and our decision. It will be interesting if we still feel that way after 6 months of traveling. The longest trip we've ever camped at was 30 days but have always planned to do this upon retirement, at least for awhile. We did have a small Winnebago MH and didn't like the 8' wide and taller height sometimes, usually in the mountains. We are turning it into an RV and not just a pull behind bed. We got a 3-way 6.7 Cu FT Dometic and had the propane professionally installed. We are putting in a small tub/shower. The beds are 2 cots that the bottom part swings out of the way when you want to walk by and they can be made into loungers. A window view will be perfect height when lounging or watching TV or eating directly across from that. The other 3 windows will be higher but I want a good view for sitting in the winter storms. Wayne and I used to put our tennis shoes on and sit with our feet against the wooden rail on the front porch during lightening storms. I stay up most of the night in front of the Class B bay window when in the desert on a perfect starry night. I am thinking about putting in a skylight but am afraid I might invite leaks - any thoughts on that one? Not sure of the real estate either as we want to eventually add solar up there and already will be putting in a fantastic fan vent. Might have to put the A/C up there as well because I am running out of space inside the trailer for a window A/C. (2 of the windows are small awning-type louver windows). A ramp door does take away an entire wall. No photos yet. The floor is in and we hope to finish the walls this weekend. Still have to put insulation in the ceiling but appreciated the walls being insulated the moment they were finished. Still need to do electrical. Have oven which can be wheeled outside for cooking and not heating up the "house." I've had disabilities for many years but my cane, walker and braces all fit in the trailer along with the heat packs, etc. I think I'll need them less if I don't have to go up and down basement stairs to do laundry and try to take care of a large house and yard. We got cots so we can get in and out without one climbing over the other and my two artificial hips think that's a great idea. I've got memory problems but consider them better than they were 10 years ago and how many can say that as they grow older? We can see around the sides of the trailers due to the7' wide and the truck windows extend to 8' wide from one edge to the last across. Most of all I like having 4 tires on the trailer. At least until it's time to replace them LOL. Christine
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