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Found 12 results

  1. Hi ... My coach uses about 4 watts of stand by power, that is power when all appliances, lights, etc. are turned off, but the 12 volt cutoff relay is still engaged. Is this a typical stand by power usage ?? thanks --matt
  2. Our Fleetwood Expedition, 2008, is reflecting an unusual state. All tanks (black, gray, fresh, propane) reflect full but I know all the water tanks are less than half full. The propane is close to full. And both the main and auxiliary batteries reflect under 5 volts, which I am sure is also false as both the engine and generator start fine. We are plugged into 30 amp camp power that worked fine for the first 10 days here. The shore power reflects 126 volt incoming. We did have bad house batteries a month ago but the symptoms experienced with that issue were not what we are seeing now. With bad batteries the refrigerator gave a low DC warning and the lights dimmed over time or with increased draw. Other than the tank and battery displays mentioned above there are no visible problems. Our frig is working with no errors showing, our lights, tv, 120 volt outlets all appear to be functioning. I have run the generator with no change in display status. I have unplugged and turned off both battery systems, then tried the generator again with no help. I have reset the inverter/charger again with no change to display status. I am not an electrician and don't know where to go next with this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. Some of you folks thankfully have been trying to help me troubleshoot why my 2015 rooftop Dometic Heat Pump (#651816). The units fan will start but shortly after trips the breaker. I have gone through several things to try and diagnose what is causing it. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words words so a video showing testing the compressor for short to ground, replacing the breaker and testing and replacing the start and run capacitors may give you a better understanding of what I have tried. The fan and compressor relays are mounted on the control board so I can't just pull them off and just replace. I appreciate any help I can get. I am not an HVAC tech, just a home owner with enough skills to be very, very dangerous that likes to fix his own stuff and doesn't give up easily. Thanks again for any help you can provide, Mike
  4. Hi all, I have had an intermittent dropout of my turn signal click noise. In the past it will return after awhile. I assumed it was possible to shut off the battery switch to reset it. This time I noticed the low air alarm is gone also. I tried searching in HDT and only found references to the turn signal not being loud enough. I think I remember a topic about turn signal auto shutoff but didn't find that. I found the following YOUTUBE tutorial and it looks promising. In this video the gauge cluster is removed and a new speaker (link in description) is soldered in OVER THE OLD. Then a quick description of how to replace the cluster. https://youtu.be/85bCbltpp1w Does anyone know if the skinny trim pieces just pop off? I will post further info if I find more. Resource Guide - Quick Turn signal Repair Resource Guide Electrical Repairs - #1 Volvo Turn Signals
  5. Heard a pop, then one side of electrical outlets would not work, other side is fine what can cause this
  6. I have a 2015 Thor Challenger 37ND. I'm having electrical problems in the bedroom outlets. The problem was identified when devices plugged into the bedroom outlets started coming on and off. They would be on for about 60 sec, then go off for a few seconds. Then stay on for a few minutes then go off for 30-40 secs (times are not exact). A day later there is no power. I've checked breakers and fuses and all is as it should be except no power. I've identified that it affects three outlets in the bedroom (except the one the TV is plugged in to) and now outlets on the left side of the RV and the bathroom GFCI outlet. I'v learned that the 3 bedroom outlets and 2 outlets above the sofa on the left side of the RV are wired together. Any suggestions?
  7. Hey all! I know very little about the electrical workings in my RV. In fact, we lost power the other day and after I exhausted my knowledge (checking the breakers) I was glad that the whole camp was out of power because I would have had no idea what to do next. Anyway, that isn't my question. We will be parking in a family's driveway for the holidays. We have a 50amp Class rig and already have a 50 to 30 adapter as well as a 30 to 15 adapter. If I want to plug in to have a little more comforts (run the tv, maybe run our space heater) will I blow everything up? (I told you I know nothing) I had it in my mind that a 50 to 30 amp dogbone might be safer for some reason so I thought I would ask. Any tips or pointers? I suppose if nothing works, we can just run an outdoor cord in through a window and move the power strip around to power different things. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
  8. 2004 Newmar Dutch Star FL 4010. No turn signals, fuse is good, suspect relay. Is it the relay marked "Marker Lamps"? If not, what?
  9. I have now had 3 110 volt items fail, when using them in my class A. First were 2 separate Lasko portable heaters and now a Hunter home air purifier. I am in a seasonal campsite, shoreline hooked up to 50 amp service and all has been working well. heaters shut off, not in use, tried to use them again and units are dead. Outlet power seems normal, 110 volts, units will not turn on. now same problem has happened with air purifier. Any thoughts?? Other components, such as toaster..phone chargers..nightlights, are operating fine on same outlets. Baffled!!
  10. Unused and never installed. Complete with instructions. $95 including shipping. General purpose electrical interface between HDT electrical system and the RV or 5th wheel electrical system. Email me at mhylbom at mac dot com. Located in the Hill Country of TX for the next month but will ship with PayPal payment.
  11. ruthanns1

    Battery Charge

    Hey Guys, we have a problem with our batteries charging. Our amp meter in the truck reads less then 11amps even with the on board charger on and it dose not charge the batteries. I can't get a date on the batteries none of the numbers were removed. I tried jumping it by the two nubs under the hood and nothing. Now I have 4 batteries and they seem to be in two banks run parallel, and I'm guessing that they join under the truck some where. Do I need a special charger for charging a two or four battery bank. Thanks Chip and Ruth
  12. Greetings, I have a 2006 Winnebago E450 Outlook 26A. Behind the emergency brake against the wall are some wires that have been terminated with no connection. I tried looking in the wiring diagram, but I cannot seem to find these. White/Red Grey/Red Dark Blue or purple Orange connected to yellow White/Green White/Light Blue Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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