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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday we were boondocking near Bryce Canyon NP and decided to to a quick 3 to 4 mile hike. Our usual day in national parks. Since it was a Saturday asked the gate ranger how busy they were, 'very busy' was her reply. So we decided to pick a lesser used hike and picked Swamp Canyon loop trail, we planned to be at the park for another 5 days or so, and there was no rush on the popular hikes. Reported as 3 miles in one place and little over 4 in another. We went counterclockwise, got to the bottom of the switchbacks, and started on the rest of the hike. It is a pleasant hike not highly photogenic. Well to cut the finale we ended up huddled together under a rock ledge 'cave' in thirty degree temps and a relentless freezing wind. I spent the night feeding a fire including a two AM trip on a steeply sloping rock face in search of more fire wood. I kept the smokey fire burning to around four AM and we froze until daylight at six. To cut to the second finale, we spent the next day, starting at 6:30 AM trying to figure out how to hike back to our truck. Hiked over 8 miles in very steep terrain, with less than 1 liter of water between ourselves. That was just about down to zero, it was about to thunderstorm, when my wife Cindy managed to find a cell signal, something not seen on the entire rest of the trip. Around 1430 Did I make mistakes, you bet a ton of them. Is the Park Service somewhat responsible, absolutely. And hats off to the Deputy who picked us up and drove us all the way back to our truck in the park, a long drive stopping so we could buy drinks which we desperately needed. He and the dispatcher reported that this was a common occurrence, the dispatcher knew exactly where we were. The moral of the story, if you ever hike the Swamp Canyon loop do it clockwise. A fuller report coming. And thanks once again to that county deputy who has the most difficult and under appreciated job in the country
  2. In this video we showing you some things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park! First, we start the day off nice and early at Sunrise Point. Then after a quick 5K, we take advantage of Bryce Canyon's scenic drive. There is no better way to start off a day than an amazing sunrise at Sunrise Point. With a temperature of just 38 degrees F, the view was well worth braving the cold! Then after completing our Xscapers Virtual 5K on the Bryce bike path, we head back into Bryce Canyon National Park to complete the scenic drive. We really hope you enjoy this video, don't forget to subscribe!
  3. Biking Thunder Mountain trail in Bryce Canyon National Park! I take a solo trip mountain biking this famous trail. I turn it into a long loop through Red Canyon on the public bike path. RV living allows us to explore way more than living in a sticks and bricks. I start out by taking a couple dirt roads from our camp in Dixie National Forest. At the trailhead, I realize the trail is rated as difficult. Venturing on this ride alone, I make sure to take my time and have a fun day. Hope you all enjoy this video, don't forget to subscribe!
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