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Found 4 results

  1. 2002 Century Classic S/T, Detroit 60 3 pedal, 60" sleeper, Immaculate condition, 2 stage jake brake, CB, full air ride, mini fridge, registered as RV, air ride 5th wheel plate, Truck is in CA , New tires 500,000 miles, Easy to drive kids driven it. Runs awesome. just don't need text or call for photos 7072916890 19,999.00
  2. I had just wondered why the ol' trusty Autoshift Volvo was missing shifts when going around a tight 90 turn & up a short but steep hill. Did it twice on two different trips. Over the next few days / weeks, had a few other odd events. Didn't really see anything obvious. It got real noticeable when the ol' girl went into neutral and would not would not engage any other gear. After a day and a half, it was thank you Coach-Net. So you know, leaving out many details... Finally got the mechanic on it this morning. No oil. Less than a quart of smelly, burned, aw crap tranny oil. Should have about 4 gallons. Never showed up as even a small puddle. As a result, the transmission is burned totally up. We get to get all new stuff from the flywheel back to the driveshaft. Turned flywheel, EZ-clutch, release bearing, and a shiny new remanufactured 10 speed tranny. And reasonably priced too. If you're Bill Gates. Near 'bout $8K. Paula finally took the ammonia cap out from under my nose and the 30 or 40 nitroglycerin have started to calm the ol' ticker down. Should get the ol' girl back sometime next week. Check Everthang....Even that stuff that don't need it....Know whut I mean Vern (Not you Vern) Paul & Paula
  3. Thanks for all of the info and experience you have all posted on this forum, I've learned nearly everything I know about HDT Rv haulers from here. I'm up to page 95 of the 117 archived here. I have just purchased a 2000 Volvo that has a Cummins ISM mated to a Gen 1 Autoshift thats having problems. It shifts fine and engages into gear when its cold, after 10 minutes or so if it is taken out of gear it will not engage again. It didn't do it on my brief test drive, but the seller and his mechanic both describe the same problem. Seller says if truck is on slight incline and can roll just a little bit it will drop into gear, or if shifted into gear immediately after restarting the truck it will engage. My plan is to fuel the truck a few blocks away from the shop and drive it the 4hrs home without taking it out of gear. Any suggestions about what to do if i do get stuck unable to get the truck in gear on the way would be helpful. As the man said, no plan survives first contact with the enemy, lol. The sellers shop 4 hrs away where the truck is told me they contacted Eaton who told them Gen 1 was no longer supported and best course of action was to replace it with a manual. Eaton suggestion to try and fix the Autoshift was to put a harness and XY into it for about a 70% chance of resolving it. Their diagnostic computer wouldn't even recognize the transmission. He has a transmission shop in his area that said they could convert the trans to manual internally with sliders, bearings, etc. for about $300 in parts plus labor. Of course would still need a tower/shifter for the manual. I purchased it at a price reflecting a serious transmission problem, and have a friend who's been a tech at a local Peterbilt dealership for 30 years who will be fixing it. He's told me he has done 12-15 replacements of Gen1 Autoshifts with used manual transmissions due to the ongoing problems with the electronics on them. He feels throwing parts at the Gen 1 would not be a permanent fix as something else, or the same thing, is likely to break again later. He has been very clear that you cannot simply remove the harness, sensors and XY shifter and replace them with a manual tower and shifter, internal parts and clearances are different although the case and design are the same. Usually they have been OTR trucks purchased cheaply and being converted for use as vocational trucks of some sort. My tech says the other option is to replace all of the harness, TCM, XY shifter, etc. with Gen 3 parts thereby upgrading it to a Gen 3 and reprogram the ECM on the engine to be compatible with it. He feels the Gen 3 has proven to be a solid reliable system. Both options appear to be similar in cost, prob $4-6k. I have tried to read everything I can find here and on Google searches about Gen 1 Autoshifts (including that according to Eaton, they have all been field upgraded to at least Gen 1.5) and their problems, although hearing that Eaton was no longer supporting them was a surprise. Any knowledgeable advice regarding the path forward would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Robert
  4.  2000 Volvo VNL 610 with Cummins ISM and Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Autoshift for sale - $34,000 Purchased the truck a few years ago from another forum member, have enjoyed the truck immensely. This truck has performed great, we do a large trip (3-5k miles) every summer and this rig has always gotten it done without stress or panic. I have zero concerns with driving this truck anywhere in the country on a moment’s notice. Some specifics · Truck was singled and decked in 2005 by Pete's Truck and Trailer in Belle Fouche South Dakota · 400 HP Cummins ISM with an Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Autoshift · Air Ride / Air Brakes / 220 Gallon Fuel capacity / 864,xxx miles · 235” wheelbase · 24.5 Continental Steers and General Rears on Alcoa Chrome Rims · Driver and Passenger seats are Bostrom Wide Ride Leather Air Ride adjustable with arm rests · Sleeper Couch is in the same material and jack knifes flat for overnight · Nonsmoking truck · Four fresh batteries a couple years ago · Had new radio / cd / dvd installed as well as all new speakers in the cab (great sound) with dual exterior cameras (deck view and a portable magnetic one for hitching up solo) · Glass is good with the exception of one small circle chip · Radiator was upgraded to an aluminum · Air Conditioning with auto control works well and is ice cold · 13 mpg empty / 9 – 10.5 mpg depending on the load and conditions · Registered as a motor home in Minnesota Deck is 99 inches wide and measures 11 feet to the front of the 5th wheel hitch in the short position and 13 foot 3 inches when the hitch is in the long position. I will set the hitch at which ever length is desired and will include the parts to move it between the lengths. In the short configuration we can haul a pair of side x sides or a pair of atvs or a Smart Car. In the long position we can haul 3 atv’s. Toolboxes under the deck are aluminum with the boxes measuring 4 feet long, 2 feet tall and 22 inches deep. If you want to dip your toe in the HDT market with a fully converted, motorhome registered truck which carries a pretty full set of features at a reasonable price this one should definitely be considered. We have been using it to haul 3 atv’s on the deck, it works very well and has plenty of space. If you only need to haul a pair of machines or a Smart Car you can run with the hitch in the short position and have a shorter overall truck. Truck is pictured with both lengths of the hitch. Feel free to contact (call or txt) me with any questions; direct line is 701-371-9988. Please don't use messaging on this site as I don't check it very often. The truck is located near Fargo ND. $34,000 obo Here are a bunch of pics
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