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Found 12 results

  1. First thing before I get flamed: I also posted this as a reply to a post up in General so skip it if you already saw it there. OK Tito DIY blog just posted a blog on this very subject: Tito He has a system that look pretty good to me, I was skeptical about using a drill pump but the one he shows emptied a 5 gal container in 2 minutes. The ones I've used in the past would not move that much as rapidly. Those 5 gal containers he shows are a very good deal right now, $5 each. I just ordered 4 with $8 shipping. The cubitainers on Amazon are more in the $10 each range so even with the sh
  2. We are finding the water in the Southwest, especially Texas, to be very hard. We are looking at portable water softeners and would like to know what brand and model number water softener folks are using, and why. Have you had success, or any problems, with the water softener you are using?
  3. 2004 keystone cougar. Just recently our water pressure has been super low, hardly existent. We thought maybe it was frozen pipes, but we disconnected the pipe that goes into our 5th wheel and water came spurting out. When we turn the faucet on theres a quick spurt like we have good water pressure, then it goes to hardly coming out. We havent done anything differently. The only thing I can think of is I was moving stuff around in the under carriage and moved something up against the small tubes underneath. But I'm pretty sure the parts of the tubes it brushed against weren't valves that managed
  4. This is more of a research question for rig owners that do a lot of dry camping. How much water do you think goes down the drain before before your shower water gets hot?
  5. 1999 Coachman 252 RKS (all OG components)… OK, I have a tough one for you!!! Water Pipe/Pump/Flow related for all you plumbing experts. Up to two days ago EVERYTHING was working PERFECTLY…Water Pressure, the Pump, City Water Hook-Up, Hot Water, ETC…EVERYTHING. The Problem: I have COLD water & pressure coming out of the COLD side of the sink/valve in the Bathroom Sink and on the Bath Tub…NO Hot Water side PRESSURE?!?! When the HOT side is open, NOTHING comes out?! That is perplexing enough and can be trouble shot for hours alone, BUT, I have NEITHER HOT OR COLD in the Kitchen Si
  6. Two questions we often see on RV forums and Facebook groups both relate to boondocking water: where to find it, and how to refill it while staying long term. My new video today shows how we deal with both issues: I welcome your feedback! If you've got other solutions I'd love to hear them.
  7. Trying to determine what is periodically draining. There are 3 hoses under my rig. 2 are blue and have screw-on plugs. These go to the holding tank and to the hot water tank and I believe are used to drain them for winterization. The third is clear (with a light brownish sediment), twice the diameter of the other 2, no plug but a screen. All 3 come out under the rig in the same place. The clear one seems to discharge a small amount of ?water? a day. That is except for a few days ago when we moved to a new site. When I checked my tow dolly about 10 minutes into our ride, it was gushing an
  8. Words are important. Big difference between bottled 'drinking water' and bottled 'purified' water. I never paid any attention to it until I saw the test photos. See near the end of the bottled water test photos. https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/6035/ (I would have thought Dallas to have cleaner water?)
  9. NEW POST: I have a 2016 DRV that has a house water filter. I always like to carry a spare of things, so I am ready for the next change. I just replaced the factory filter with the same one. They used a CMax MAXETW-975. I was looking at picking up a Culligan filter to replace it next time, https://www.amazon.com/Culligan-SCWH-5-Water-Filter-Cartridge/dp/B00KWJLCXS I connect to water at campgrounds. So my question is, what filter replacements are your using? I hope I worded the question better this time around. ORIGINAL POST: Just woundering what everyone is using for there water fi
  10. I just found out that last year Devil's Tower National Monument actually replaced their threaded water faucets with unthreaded. A camp host said they had problems with backflow contamination of their whole water system. They don't want anyone filling their rv's at the faucets with a water stealer adapter either. A backflow preventer is not enough. For now, they say you can make arrangements with them to fill you at their separate faucet with their hose. Are other National Parks and Forrests doing this too? Is this some kind of national program? Isn't taking our rv water supply drastic?
  11. how long will 96 gallons of water last for two people while dry camping? We know to take navy showers and will have bottled water for drinking and cooking. Will it last at least three days?
  12. dswhite

    Water Leak

    Just had a water fitting come loose under the sink. Water ended up in the belly of our 5th wheel and was running out from the screw holes holding up the cover on the bottom of the rv. The underbelly is filled with insulation. Any recommendations as to whether to leave it alone, remove the underbelly cover & let dry or remove the underbelly cover and remove all the wet insulation and reinsulate or ?????. Thanks, Dave
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