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Found 3 results

  1. I've been looking into RV sites on military installations, I pretty much know I'm eligible, as a 100% Service Connected disabled Vet. Yet I can't seem to find current info on the status of things with this crazy patchwork of restrictions, and I don't know much about it to begin with. So I was hoping I could glean some info from some of you who've been here longer... Thanks, God Bless, Garry
  2. Back on market 2/18/21 US military vehicle, original camo paint (CARC), equipped for cold weather Caterpillar 3126 diesel engine; Allison 7 speed automatic transmission; 4x4 ABS; Central Tire Inflation System - driver controls tire pressure from cab Tire-Safeguard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (shows psi & temp for each tire) Cab has air ride for comfort; Snorkel behind driver; Turning radius 35 ft wall to wall Rear Locker 2:87 Gears then speedometer recalibrated by Cat Engine flashed to 330 hp by Cat (stock was 275 hp) Top speed was approximately 74 mph after regearing but we did not do a top speed run after increasing horsepower. Habitat runs on solar, generator, plug-in electric or combination using hybrid inverter. 24V Solar system professionally designed and inspected: 4 Panasonic HIT 325W solar panels = 1300W; IronRidge mounting hardware 4 Victron Super Cycle AGM batteries 12V/230AH wired for 24V* Victron MultiPlus Charger & Hybrid Inverter, battery monitor, MPPT Victron BMV-702 temp sensor; VE.Bus Smart Dongle Victron app allows detailed monitoring and control from smartphone or tablet Blue Sea: AC panels, fuse blocks, etc; 4/0 AWG 6 Military Batteries (6TAGM): 4 for chassis + 2 for habitat’s 12V Renogy 100 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Kit (brings total solar to 1400W) Generator: Honda EU2000T1A1 model 659820 with Hour Meter/Tach added Progressive Industries Electrical Management System HW50C w/Smart Surge Protection RV electric plug Could also be used as a portable solar/battery backup for home/office. Should run your home frig/freezer/TVs/computers/etc (check specs). 60,000 BTU diesel fired heater for habitat; Blackout window shades Nature's Head waterless composting toilet; Gray water tanks under chassis Fresh water tanks under bottom bunk: 39 gal main + 7 gal reserve & room for MUCH more 11 gal water heater (uses solar power or military diesel fired heater) Thermostatic mixing valve for shower faucet Shower base: 32x34” Sterling by Kohler (small residential) Delta SS gooseneck faucet; SS sink; Culligan whole house water filter Norcold refrigerator; Toshiba microwave; Stone Coat (epoxy) Countertop Induction cooktop & butane stove are portable for cooking indoors or outdoors Froli STAR modular bed systems with adjustable head rests Heated mattress pads; Tablet holder above top bunk Honeywell portable air conditioner in habitat Smoke detector; Carbon monoxide detector; Fire extinguishers in cab and habitat Cellular signal booster (multi-band, omni antenna) Stow N Go GlowStep (folding aluminum steps); 3M Safety Tread Exterior storage boxes; Auxiliary fuel tank; Hella trumpet horn Custom trailer hitch added below military pintel Custom bicycle rack (adjustable) with winch for heavy e-bikes Miscellaneous tools & spares included Spare tire assembly on hydraulic arm Cab tilts forward for engine access (hydraulic lift with manual backup) Wireless 4 camera system with 7" monitor (cameras mounted top & bottom, front & rear) Dash cam; Phone/tablet holder for driver (GPS use, etc.) QDP Ceramic window tint by Global Window Films Floor & Tunnel Shield - heat & sound insulation under cab Diesel fired heater preheats engine & cab; electric engine heater also Key-switch added to starter; Keys made for cab doors The military paid $230,363 when purchased new. More expensive than most LMTVs because it’s got the 1079 “van” box, the cold weather package and it’s an A1 model with ABS, improved reliability, etc. We purchased this truck near Fairbanks with 1359 miles on it (seller is its first civilian owner) then serviced the chassis, equipped the habitat and explored Alaska. Shipped to Seattle, drove to New Orleans then to San Diego. Currently near Phoenix, has a little over 16,000 miles. We have not had any breakdowns. Most of our overlanding was done in the desert Southwest (National Forests, BLM, State Trust Land, etc.) Truck and habitat were continually fine-tuned and maintained by experienced full-time RVers. Attention getter, great for promotional use. Delivery negotiable. * “4 Victron Super Cycle AGM batteries 12V/230AH wired for 24V” 4 x 230 = 920AH total 12V rating, however, these are wired 24V (which is more efficient) therefore 460AH. This does not include the 4 military/chassis batteries, nor the 2 additional military batteries on the 12V solar system. 12V system runs habitat water pumps, exhaust fan, some LEDs, 12V outlets, etc. 24V system uses the hybrid inverter to run microwave, water heater, mattress warmers, electric sockets, etc. $56,000 with everything listed/shown. If there are parts you don’t need or want, we can remove them and deduct from the price. For example, the solar systems (panels, batteries, inverter, etc) would be worth several thousand dollars for us to keep.
  3. Background: Active duty TX resident serving outside of TX getting ready to retire with > or = 60% disability in JULY 2019 purchasing a new to me, Airstream before retirement in the state of WA. *** Qualifying Statement*** I have looked on the internet for these answers but, don't think I am wording the question correctly to give me the answers I need. Question: 1). Do I have to register the Airstream in WA?; 2). If not, where is the least financially impactful state to register (8.25% sales tax in WA for example)?; 3). For the veterans out there, what state offers "lifetime tags" for disabled vets? Apologies if these are stupid questions and, thank you in advance.
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