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Found 6 results

  1. Leaving Clarksboro NJ heading to Topping, VA. which means going around Baltimore and DC. Thinking about taking beltway around both cities (not the most direct)...but avoids most of the traffic. Any advice.
  2. Hi all, I'm a passionate novice to Boondocking and new to this group. Could any of you offer advice/help on the best type of motorhome I should buy for cross-country, 100% off-grid, Boondock traveling? I've done a good amount of research but I'm having trouble putting all the "pieces" together to make the best-informed decision possible for what motorhome, preferably used, I should be looking to buy. Here's what I've put together so far in an attempt to meet my needs. Goal: Easily boondock cross-country and into the mountains in my motorhome. Budget: Maximum, all-inclusive cost - $100,000 Requirements: Class C Motor Home (This seems the best class for my needs, let me know if otherwise!) Maximum length to still allow for city street parking Sleeps a minimum 2 people, preferably 4 Heavy duty 4x4 transmission to handle off-road driving up into the mountains Motor Home Design: Easily provide 100% off-grid capability e.g. easy to add solar, water collection/distillation, efficient system for disposal of grey & dark water waste, etc. So, does such a motorhome exist or will I have to have one custom built that will probably put me way over budget? From my research, here are two motorhomes that appear to accomplish what I'm looking for, but it's over my budget e.g. $125,00 - $150,000. Is there any mainstream make & model out there that offers similar features compared to these custom build? 2018 Unity FX https://leisurevans.com/serenity/videos/?video=serenity-video 2018 Pleasure-Way Plateau XLTS Tour http://pleasureway.com/the-plateau-xlts/ Thanks in advance for any help on my quest to find the best, affordable, motorhome for this 61-year-old "wannabe" full-time boondocker ?
  3. Hi all, we have a 2004 Damon daybreak class a motorhome with a F450 chassis. We kept it in a storage lot for a few weeks and when we came back to it today all of the batteries were dead the chassis battery as well as the coach battery. We were able to get a jump from a good Samaritan who also happen to be somewhat of an RV expert and informed us that the battery in our chassis was not meant for an RV, in his words it was a car battery. I'm OK with buying a new battery that's better manufactured to support our RV, but what kind of battery is that? What do you all suggest? Thank you !
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum -and also not yet an RV'er- but I am seconds away from listing my house, and buying an RV, and hitting the road. I am in the investigation stage now and ran across this wonderfully helpful website. I have way too many questions to list, and will continue to get many of them answered by reading what's already been written, but I do have a few concerns since I am entering the unknown. I'll tell you a little about me and you tell me what you think... First of all it will be me by myself. I am used to being alone, but not out on the road. I got my class A license, a couple of years ago, but never took a job as a trucker (an intimidating role for a small female). I have been living alone for years and don't really see the difference (house vs RV) -unless there is something that I am not thinking of... as far as aloneness goes. At first I will cut my teeth on the western states, visiting family. I'm in Ca, I have a kid/fam in Texas, a kid/fam in Az, kid/fam in Ca and fam in Or and Wa that I will want to make my rounds to first. Then after I see how that goes I will likely venture out towards the East. I have never camped in an RV- always tents, and it's been a few years. I love to drive and I want to travel and see things I haven't seen yet (I can't move my house to do this). I recently left my job (sick of the grind) and will use my equity to purchase my RV (I guess start out used/cheap in case I hate it for some reason??)... and live on it for awhile, while planning to find some sort of income online. What is a suggested "nest egg" for a very frugal, conservative spender...? I have a 5lb dog, a canary, and a 12lb, outside, semi-ferrel, 6 year old cat who hates cars- I cannot abandon him and am hoping to figure out something great for him or take him (??!!)...ugh. I've re-homed cats in the past and they seem to go a little crazy. I guess the bottom line is that I am looking for a "trigger" that will either make or break my decision to sell my house (which I think is a good idea anyway because of the market), and then I need a place to live. Not the time to buy a house and not excited at the thought of renting. I'd like to get out of this jobless area I'm in and just go. I love nature, camping, etc. Well thank you for listening and I really appreciate this website/forum as it is going to be an incredibly useful tool for me. I'd also like more info on the bootcamp please:) Roni
  5. Warm Greetings from NH! My name is Claudia and my partner is Rowan. We are in our 30s & 40s and are both divorced. We both have full time jobs. We have decided to become full timers living in a '98 Mallard 37k. It needs a lot of elbow greese and love, but we are excited to start this new life adventure of freedom. We both have traveled our entire lives ( our fathers were both military ), and after failed attempts of living by societies 'white picked fence', we have found ourselves wanting to live for us. We have been livaboarders on a 40' fishing trawler for the past couple of years in KW, FL. We decided to move to the beautiful mountans of NH for a change of scenery. I wanted to introduce myself ( HI!! ) and see if anyone could help with a few questions, or at least point us in the right direction. We need to locate a campground that will actually allow us to be full timers. We would want a yearly or year round lease, as we don't want to be stuck in just one place for too long, but still need the time to be able to repair/remodel our new home. Campground websites state that they are "year-round" with rates and availability posted, but when I call to inquire, they state that we can only be "living" in the camper up to 3 days a week. What?!?! Is there a trick to this? Or am I asking the wrong questions? When we would drive around the campground, it is more than obvious that there ARE people living in their campers for more than 3 days a week. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I also have been looking for groups, blogs, etc. to meet others and share tricks & tips and adventure stories ( this one is a great start! ). Any suggestions to where we can find more like-minded people? I also welcome and appreciate any other info that one would think would benefit us. Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a part of this new community.
  6. Hi guys, we are new to RVing but are very enthusiastic. We are looking to buy our first RV and live in it full time. We heard people refer to it as “Full timing.” We’re hoping to get some tips from all the experienced folks out here and recommendations on selecting our first RV. At the moment, we don’t have a vehicle for the towing. To not be limited by the vehicle, we’re looking to decide on an RV and then buy the truck that best suit for towing it. After doing a research about the different options available, we came up with a list of features we need in an RV. RV requirements list: Budget $13,000 Travel trailer / Toy hauler Up to 30ft length Sleeps 2 minimum Queen bed Sitting area with a table Private sleeping area (area that can be close off) Ramp back door - preferable Kitchen i.e. refrigerator, range oven, microwave, sink etc Shower & toilet No expandable tent (hybrid) Awning 2 axles Any suggestions regarding make and models of RV based on those features and budget would be greatly appreciated!
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