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Found 11 results

  1. **SOLD** Selling our like new Garmin RV/trailer GPS for $250 (includes shipping). We purchased this last year for $300 and used it with our RV, which we've just sold. Hoping this can go to a good home. This GPS provides custom routing based on the size and weight of your RV or trailer. This is an awesome feature. It provides warnings about bridge heights, steep grades, and more. It also has voice-activated navigation plus WiFi connectivity (no need for USB cables or a computer for updates). Excellent condition. Clean, no scratches, and functions perfectly. Comes with vehicle charging cable plus a fully adjustable Bestand weighted dashboard mount ($20 value). Let me know if you have questions! Reply here, PM, or email clvictoria28@gmail.com
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm not an RVer but I want to purchase a good Stand-Alone GPS system for car navigation in the next week or so and I would really appreciate some input from those of you that use a Stand-Alone GPS on a regular basis. I realize that most/many of you will be using RV-Specific or Trucker-Specific units, but most manufacturers have comparable units for cars without the added RV/Trucker specifics .... so I'd still appreciate knowing what you RVers are using as I'm sure it will assist me in making an educated decision. I emailed the always helpful Emily Fagan of Roads Less Traveled (RLT), and since they do not use any GPS, she recommended 3 Forums of avid & knowledgeable RVers that I should contact and see what all of you are using and are happy with. rv.net rvnetwork.com irv2.com Note that I will be cross-posting this request to the 3 forums above, so please ignore it on the other forums if you've already replied. Here are my ideas / wish list ......... Initial thoughts: Stand-alone GPS System. No more than $300. Not interested in any Phone Based GPS. I've used several different stand-alone GPS units several years ago and I found that all were hard to enter destinations, and were just overall difficult to use. I'm interested in the following, but not in any order of priority. *** I will NOT be connecting a smart phone to the unit for calling or any reason. Cost - let's say up to $300 Definitely MANUFACTURER SUPPORT, ie, a company that stands by their product IF there is a problem and is easy to contact, ie, answers the phone if necessary. Prefer a larger screen, but functionality is more important Easy to enter destinations and easy RE-ROUTE manually when desired Un-cluttered EASY to view/read map screen while driving Lifetime FREE map updates Includes "traffic" or "construction" functionality. (Unless there is a consensus that it's useless - please advise) is TOUCH SCREEN useful ? Thank you in advance to anyone who can take the time to share your experience and assist me in purchasing a unit that I will find useful. Regards to all, Lance
  3. $400 Or Best Offer Top of the line RV GPS. Works wonders when you're driving with your trailer or RV on unknown roads. Simply plug in your dimensions and the gps will be sure to steer you clear of low overhangs and precarious roads. Car charger and usb charger included.
  4. Up to now our choices have been to use the automotive CoPilot gps program for about 15 dollars or the Truck program for $150.00. I just noticed that CoPilot has released a new program just for RVs priced at $50.00. https://copilotgps.com/us/rv-navigation/?utm_source=CoPilot&utm_campaign=b5c801be78-SpringNewsletter_NA3_24_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f7ca639a64-b5c801be78-207717889 At this point it is not clear to me what this program does that the automotive program cannot (that program has an RV setting). Dave
  5. I'm about to purchase a wireless backing cam ($100) designed to be used with a smartphone display . Instead of using my smart phone I'll use my iPad mounted in a removable mount on the motorhome dash. I also use the mounted iPad as a GPS with Rand McNally's tablet GPS software. It seem to work as well as the Rand McNally full GPS display......But without traffic info. (weather and all other features do work) The Rand McNally software costs $99 for ipad.as opposed to$400 to $600 for the full display Rand Mc Nally GPS. The iPad has a higher screen resolution than RM . But I'll have to switch back and forth between backing and GPS use on the dash Ipad. Not such a big limitation because I will still have my old low resolution backing cam system on while driving. I hoping the resolution from the new rear camera will improve back vision over the poorer resolution of tthe old backing cam?
  6. We've been using VZ Navigator on my phone for a GPS. Thinking of getting an RV specific unit...probably in the $250-300 range. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. rynosback

    GPS for RVers

    OK, I did not see a thread on this on the forum. I'm between: Garmin RV 760LMT https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/on-the-road/rv/rv-760lmt/prod135455.html AND Rand McNally 7730LM http://www.randmcnally.com/category/rv-gps I will be picking up my new 5ver in about a month. So I will be getting one in 3 weeks or less. Who has either of these and what do you like and dislike. I will be full timing so I think a tool like this would be REALLY helpful. Thanks for your incite and feedback.
  8. I have a 2008 Volvo 780. I am close to wiring my GPS and camera system. The computer (for the GPS system) and the DVR (for the camera system) are located in the area above the refrigerator, behind the driver. The computer is a full size desk top computer, with SDD, DVD player and a 12vdc power supply. The DVR is a security system recorder (with 16 camera inputs and two audio inputs) and is powered by 12vdc. I have built two custom shelves, in the compartment, above the refrigerator, to hold the two units. A 13 inch monitor is located on a custom built stand, located behind the dash (just to the right of the radio). The monitor can be swung over to the passenger, just in case the DW wants to assist in navigation chores. If we can get a cell signal, the DW will be able to surf the net and do her Facebook thing. The monitor is USB powered, with HDMI signal input and seems to do quite well in bright sunlight. There will be a control panel above the driver's head. The system will be using a wireless mouse and keyboard. The GPS puck was the one (actually, the next generation) recommended by Mark Bruse [spelling]. He and I spoke at the 2014 HDT Rally about his onboard computer system. The GPS puck works great. I was able to pick up satellite signals from inside my house and inside the Volvo. I need to run wiring conduit from the following areas: 1. From the computer/DVR shelf area to under the truck. The conduit will be used to bring 12vdc (from the batteries) to the computer, cameras and DVR. And, will be used for camera cable feeds. 2. From the computer/DVR shelf area to the compartment above the driver's head. The conduit will be used to run power, for each of the cameras (I will be able to turn each of the cameras on and off from the overhead control panel). I will mount a switch box in the overhead compartment that will allow me to switch the monitor from the computer to the DVR. The USB powered speakers will be located in this area. So, I will need to run the speaker wire through the conduit. 3. From the overhead compartment to the monitor. This will be used to bring power and signal to the 13" monitor. 4. From the computer/DVR shelf to the area above the work station table. This will be used to supply power and signal to a monitor mounted in a "flip down" stand. Passengers can go back to the work station and watch movies and/or surf the net. The upper bunk is alway in the down position. The latching mechanism is broken and is not worth the hassle to repair. Any ideas, pictures of conduit runs or, other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, this will involve cutting holes into the HDT, which is always cause for concern. Thanks. Jim PS: For those of you wondering why in heck is this guy going through so much trouble just to install GPS and a camera system? The short answer is because it is fun The advantage to this system are as follows: GPS software easily upgradable. And/or several programs can be used. 16 camera inputs and two audio inputs. This allows for a video log of trips. Video log (with sound) of accidents for the insurance company (or plaintiff lawyers who would like to sue me). With 16 cameras, I can look anywhere around the truck and trailer. Easy to upgrade the monitor, as technology improves. Easy access to the internet, if I have cell service. Easy to upgrade the GPS puck as technology improves. Passenger can watch movies and/or surf the net at the work station. Easy to upgrade the computer, as technology improves. This computer was custom built, by a computer techie and is state of the art. Easy to upgrade the DVR as technology improves. As I get smarter ( ), I may look into having the computer replace the DVR.
  9. We have decided on a Garmin GPS 760LMT after many months of research. Has anyone had any bad experiences with Amazon? Any advice on the best time of year for sales or place to buy this pricey GPS? Advice and suggestions appreciated!
  10. Thanks again for your experience and advice. Does anyone have this model GPS? Would appreciate your thoughts and advice on which model GPS. This is our first GPS and need advice about installation in the truck. Appreciate your advice!
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