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  1. The only info I have is off the old eBay receipt that says Proheat XL900-12 Diesel Coolant Heater Truck Bus RV. The outside of the case doesn’t show anything except the logo. I can have my husband try to help me open the case tomorrow to see if there is any more info. Just let me know...
  2. I have a Proheat heating system that my ex purchased for his HDT RV conversion, however he passed away before he could install. At the time, we paid $560. I just want to get rid of it, please make a resonable offer. I am just outside of Tucson, AZ. If you are not local, price would need to include shipping costs. I don’t know much else about it except that the couple places I saw one they had it listed for even more than I paid. I do have the full manual and can send you pics from it if you need more info,
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