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  1. I kept my bear spray on the bottom of my backpack, strapped in with some built in bungie. I was at a stop light on a busy road in my home town but fortunately it wasn't busy at that moment. Backpack was in the back seat. I reached back to retrieve something else in the back seat and discharged some bear spray into the cab of the truck. I had to make an emergency exit across two (empty) lanes of traffic to a parking lot so we could bail out and enjoy our coughing fit.
  2. I switched one out but it's been a number of years ago. I went with the "Amish" new unit. I did it by myself following the directions supplied. Although I was frustrated a few times it came out just fine. I kept that rig for several years and it never gave me a problem. Actually it worked extremely well. I'd do it again.
  3. If they think it works for them then I say go for it. Those are nice little trailers. When I'm traveling I tend to gravitate towards folks in the smaller rigs. I've run into many happy people traveling in some very small rigs. Besides, odds are no matter what rig they buy won't be the last one. You have to get in the game before you know what is and what isn't important to you and your style of travel. I'm on my 8th rig and keep trying to go smaller. Nothing wrong with starting small.
  4. Go big or go home!! For the same reasons you mention about your truck camper I gravitated to a 25' Airstream and a moderate sized truck. Easy tow, great gas (diesel) mileage, easy set up, good resale value. I think this was the OP that didn't want to tow anything but there is a lot to be said for small travel trailers.
  5. Check realtor.com near Murphy, NC. I've decided against that area but still received searches, which I like getting anyway, interest or no. The just sent me a nice place with some acreage, covered RV port, screen porch and what looked like a 1 br studio apartment. Seems it was priced under $75K. But I have to agree with sandsys, without parameters it's just crap shoot.
  6. Lowes, but only because they are the closest. If I were closer to a Menards or a Home Depot that would be my store of choice. I do have their card to get the 5% off. Just a bit further down the road is a local lumber I sometimes use but they've gone more guns, clothing and food.
  7. You might check out Nature Coast Landings, Crystal River Fl. There's a lot I like about the place but it's not everyone's cup of tea. But then no place is I guess. I almost bought a place there but noseeums were a deal killer. I didn't actually experience them myself but an owner I was talking to mentioned them. I've lived on the west coast of Fl for many years and have had my run ins with noseeums. Some people they don't bother or bother much. They drive me insane (short trip I know). I'm an outside person, especially dawn and dusk. Just by chance those are the same times noseeums prefer. But if you're not one to be outside at dawn and dusk, or they don't bother you, Nature Coast Landings is one to check out.
  8. I don't live far from there and stopped in once to take a look at a rig. I forget just what it was I was looking at but I do remember it was absolutely trashed, beyond any redemption, and the salesman kept up with the "everything is fine, just needs a little sprucing up" routine. If I think long enough the details will surface but it doesn't matter, avoid that place like the plaque. I won't even stop out of curiosity if they have something interesting. I can't imagine ever actually doing business with them.
  9. I've actually shipped a few items from buyers who contacted me on CL and so far haven't had a problem.
  10. If a corner bed works for you it's fine by me. Check out a Winnebago 25B. Minimalist single person rig, no slide. I could make do with one myself.
  11. There's almost always some free lance RV mover on Craigslist. As long as they a were licensed and insured I'd have no problem going that route.
  12. I live by my own inner clock. The other stuff is just illusion. Pay it heed at your own peril.
  13. Have you bought anything yet? If not, what have you looked at?
  14. 2006 Nash 23.5 A. 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 SRW. I wanted to go as small and light as I possibly could this time around while still keeping what we consider the minimum basic necessities.
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