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  1. We have stayed at a really nice, really welcoming park for the last two years. The only reason we left was to be nearer family. It is located just outside of Deming, NM. Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort. Prices are good, they take Passport America. The people there are super friendly. There are Indian petroglyphs all over the ranch, lots of places to ride ATVs. They have a nice clubhouse with tons of activities. Try it out. They have a website.
  2. Kay and Joe brought so much to all of us. Might I suggest that we give a remembrance to CARE in their honor? Judie SKP # 6312
  3. I thought it was just my tablet! This is intentional? It is hard to find and read!
  4. When we were hit nearly head-on by a drunk driver with no driver's license in a borrowed car with no insurance, we had trouble with our own insurance. The truck was immediately totaled, the frame was broken. The fifth wheel was torn up in the bedroom area and we could not get the door to open. We had it taken back to the factory and the factory wanted to put in a new door and door frame as well as fixing everything else. Our insurance did not want to pay for it. I called the state insurance commission to tell them of our problems, and the insurance company immediately offered to pay all the claim! So try that. By the way, we were insured in Missouri and the accident was in Oklahoma and we had the fifth wheel taken to Kansas for repair!
  5. It was not completely full when I stopped,maybe 3/4. I was parked on small gravel. I am currently enroute to Elkhart, IN for a new fridge. It would be great if it is only a fuel line. I will get it checked as soon as possible. Will be there today sometime.
  6. Well, having been to both Spartan and Cummins, and since I am having a residential fridge put in, my pocketbook is already taking a hit! So, I if I can get it done elsewhere cheaper, I will definitely go with that. I just did not know where to start. Thanks for the help.
  7. Fuel tank. Not in back where motor is.
  8. While sitting. Not noticing when driving. Had maybe a 3 foot circle after 2 months in same spot.
  9. I am sprouted to Elkhart area for residential fridge installation. I have a diesel leak. I am unable physically to crawl under and see where it is coming from. Do I take my motor home to Spartan (the chassis manufacturer) or to Cummins? Anyone had work done in that area? Thanks for helping throttle ole lady. Judie 2000 American Dream Ps-am going to have to go to factory for new rubber molding on windshield also.
  10. I just got some from RB Machining/RV Div, 39360 3rd St East #203, Palmdale, CA 93550. www.motorhomelatches.com Hope this helps. Judie
  11. My S.O.has the same problem. So, after 9 years in th RGV, we have spent this winter at Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort in Deming, NM. Prices comparable to RGV, but Mexican food not as good! I am glad to report that respiratory problems are not present. So, we will see how it goes as spring arrives.
  12. Update: Thanks to Paul Stough . The yellow building is Quality RV. I got the T-105s for $125 each, the installation was $50, and tax was $45, so I was out the door for $595. And I drove in first thing this morning and they could do it right then, so I came back and got the MH and was out of there. I am a happy camper. So good to get help from other Escapees. Thanks again, Paul, and everyone else. Judie SKP # 6312
  13. I need 4 new T-105s and am currently in Quartzsite. Anyone know of any dealers here? I will need someone who can install them. I will head back toward Yuma in a couple of days--is there a place there where I could get them? Thanks for the help. Judie SKP # 6312
  14. WTB Jeep, 4WD, 2 door, hardtop, AC. Wintering in Deming, NM. hrob3629@aol.com
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