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  1. That's what I use. Dave 04 Excel td
  2. I just leave my cheap camp chair out. I should show someone is staying there. So far so good..... Dave 04 Excel TD
  3. The first class b I bought was 50 miles away. The second was 2300 miles away. Yep, hard to find. Dave 04 Excell td
  4. I use a chamois to dry out my wet shower. The same kind some use after washing a car. I've never had a problem with the shower curtain, I don't fold it up until it's dried itself. Dave 04 Excel TD
  5. I have had them for a number of years now. Very easy to install. Remove the old "sensor" bolt and install. You use the same wiring. I don't use anything special when I dump, flushers etc. It's just nice when after the dump It shows empty every time. Dave 04 ExcelTD
  6. I have a class B so not much water available. You know those sprayers they have for kitchen sinks for spraying dishes, pot and pans? That's what I use. Dave 04 PleasureWay Excel TD
  7. The BLM guy at one of the free for 14 days camp areas in Quarzsite said, you can dump gray water. But not from your gray water tanks. Only from tubs where you catch the water, like dish washing, etc. The dumped gray water is not to have gone through your rv system. Dave 04 Excel TD
  8. There are a lot of books on setting up in an rv park. Also many youtube videos. And in my experience if you need help in that rv park there are rver's that would love to do just that. Dave PleasureWay TD.
  9. And if you missed the above, Denny's has $4 unlimited pancakes on their value menue. Dave
  10. Years ago I pulled a small travel trailer with a car that overheated on long hills. Tried most everything to fix. Turned out to be a partially plugged catalytic converter. Dave
  11. I use this....wired in. Dave http://www.lslproducts.net/TLSPage.html
  12. I hadn't downloaded the anniversary update and it still happened to me so oh well. Dave 04 Excel TD
  13. Hi Linda, long time no talk to since I took my class B over to have a tour of your park model at Q. Anyway the same thing happened to my laptop a couple of days ago. It sensed the wifi but no internet connect. No restore points either. So I can tell you how I fixed it. Simple, I took it to a computer replace and $125 later it was fixed. Turns out it's happening to a lot of people. There were 7 other computers there getting worked on with the same exact problem! They said it was some kind of malware or windows thing. They didn't give details. Wierd to me atleast, that's it's happening to so many all at the same time but I guess that's what happens these days. Dave 04 PleasureWay Excel
  14. Because of the pickup location in the gas tank, my generator won't run unless I have at least 1/4 tank full of gas in the motorhome. Something else to check. Dave
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