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  1. Hams! Sounds like the good life, indeed. Would you care to share some of that pulled pork when we wander past Homewood in early August? We'll bring the wine
  2. Thanks for the responses! It would be so great to get together with all of you. Lancaster CA is north of LA and south of US 58. We will check into suitable restaurants in case you are just passing through. The whole Antelope Valley is expecting wildflowers during April and May while we are there. Hope to see you.
  3. Keith and I didn't follow up on the Q Reunion suggestion because we ended up with a volunteer position too far from there. Sweet deal for us, too. We are in the mountains above Malibu with a great view, friendly neighbors, and an office 20 feet away. We spend our days directing hikers, making sure all is as it should be, reading, and wandering on the internet. Perfect. This is our 14th volunteer position and we're not done yet. The next three are lined up already. Mike, if you are still at Jojoba Hills, do you wander further north to Yuba City still? We will be hosting at Saddleback Butte SP after April 1. Barb and Dave, will you be heading up to Oregon? Hams, are you out west? Anyone else out there?
  4. Gail and I are in North Eastern Minnesota and have been experiencing the coldest summer in our lives. The air conditioning has been on once and our electric heater has been on the other days. But we are having a great time here as volunteers at Grand Portage National Monument. The monument was established to preserve an eight and half mile trail from the Pigeon River to Lake Superior. This portage has been in use for thousands of years: first by the Indians, than by fur traders, and now by people canoeing in the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota. Our work schedule is 3 days a week dressed in period apparel and in one of five locations on site that would have been part of the North West Co. fur trading post in 1797. We will finish after Labor Day and head for warmer weather. The monument just completed their annual rendezvous. This is a re-enactment of the 1797 rendezvous when the canoes arrived from Montreal with trade goods and canoes from the northwest came loaded with furs. Exchanges were made and the canoes returned to complete their 2800 mile round trip. We will be stopping in Central Ohio for a few weeks before heading down south for th winter.
  5. Hey, Class! Are any of you on your way to Escapade? It has been a few years since our travels coincided with one, but they are always fun. Let us know if you will be there! We are finishing up our stint in Lancaster Ohio as camp hosts near a bunch of our kids-n-grands. They have filled our HOT summer with delight, but it is time to move on. We need to be in south Texas by October 16 to start training at Santa Ana NWR, where we will be tram interpreters for the 3rd time. Biscayne NP last winter was fantastic. We were required to paddle a canoe with a bunch of curious people once a week and lead another bunch of people out into the Florida Keys on a bigger boat another day. The third day we gave talks and worked the visitor center. We went snorkeling in the reef anytime we felt like it. (free) Only downside was NO cellphone/aircard signal. And in view of downtown Miami, across the bay. Who would have even asked about it? Would love to get together at Escapade or in south Texas this winter. Gail and Keith Lindeman
  6. Is anyone planning to be in Florida this winter? Keith and Gail just got a dream "job". I know many of you can't figure out why any free-wheeling full-timers would confine themselves to just one place for several months in a row, but listen to this; we will be parked (free with full hookups) within view of a bay along the Atlantic, surrounded by mangrove forest. Across the bay we face a barrier dune with coral reefs beyond. It is one of the warmest places in the US in winter. We will be required to learn all about coral creatures, dune fields, the challenges of the Keys environment, and we will be required to meet with curious people and help them learn to snorkel, kayak, and understand this environment. We will be carefully trained so that we don't look like the fools we actually are. AND we must spend 3 days each week doing this heavy lifting. What's not to love Come visit us at Biscayne NP this winter if you are in the neighborhood. Gail and Keith
  7. Hello Class! Gail and Keith spent the past 3 months at a hosting position near a couple of families of grandchildren. Nice to spend the time with them and it was the best camp host job you can imagine We are planning to return to Lancaster OH next May. Anyone out there want the second half of their season? Now we are at a favorite COE Park--Alatoona Lake near Atlanta visiting family and on our way to Florida for this winter. Still looking for the ideal volunteer position to appear or maybe we will just veg along a beach all winter. Could be worse, huh? All those repairs being mentioned. Sure do hit the wallet, don't they? But remember, it is all our 'hard' living over the last 5 years causing these problems Hey, Steve. How are you doing? Miss hearing from you...... Gail
  8. Hi All! Duane and Louise have made it to Pipe Spring National Monument and have parked at the Kaibab Paiute RV Park with us. They are planning wonderful trips to the North Rim, Bryce, etc and we will see what happens this weekend when Keith and I are off duty. Good to have company here on the Arizona Strip. Gail and Keith
  9. Hey, don't forget Pipe Spring where we are volunteering. It is on the way to the North Rim. The Paiute campground is $10 for full hookups. And a sweeping view of the Arizona Strip. Maybe we will see you?

    Gail and Keith

  10. Sorry to hear your news, Steve. And so glad we were able to get together in Tucson. You take good care of yourself now and you never know what good things may come. Anyhow, stay in touch! Various people are likely to travel through Marysville, after all. Gail and Keith
  11. Hello everyone. Sorry to hear about the wind damage, Robert and Shelly. I didn't know 60 mph winds could do so much damage. We are having a wonderful time giving tours and generally helping out at Pipe Spring National Monument on the Arizona Strip. We enjoy giving talks and demos about pioneer crafts, telegraphy and Leave No Trace principles, as well. There are so many places to see around here that we never seem to take a day at home. Zion NP is just over the mesa behind us and the Parashant and Escallante Grand Staircase NMs beckon to be explored. We are off this morning to pay back a ranger who pulled us out of a big sandpile near Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP. We were trying to see some dinosaur tracks. Next vehicle needs to be high clearance, because we will definitely return to this area. Weather? hmmm... water hose froze last night. Will again tonight probably. We did see 80 once so far this spring. And the wind? yes, there is one. Gusts yesterday above 40. We call the weather service if we notice wind speed above 55mph. Yes. we have done that. Still, Great place to settle for three months. And we plan an extra week as we leave here to kayak Glen Canyon and Lake Powell and hike Antelope Canyon. Then we will have about a month in Colorado before heading east to see family. Life is Good. Safe travels all. Gail and Keith
  12. It was such fun to get together with our "old" friends. (The quotation marks are because that was the farthest from the way we were acting!) Nothing like a bunch of RVers with great stories to tell and having a grand time in life. Thank you, everyone, for getting together with us, especially Steve who had to forego his Texas Hold'em Tourney. Hope you would have lost last night instead of winning big--now you are free to win next time. Keep safe on those roads. Gail and Keith
  13. Ali and Ron, It would have been nice to meet you-- we spent an extra day in Tucson so we could go dancing on Tues morning and spend the rest of the day at the Desert Museum. Dinner plans tonight will be the 2 for 1 buffet at Casino of the Sun. If you may have stayed, would you care to join us? Our "campground" is Casino del Sol along with about 30 other RVs. Just brought home $70 after an evening there Our cellphone # is the same as always. Steve, we are planning the same resort as you. Sorry we delayed a day at Tucson. We would also be available Wednesday night. What site are you? Duane and Louise-- Sorry to have missed you-I should have read a few pages ago that you were there. I was so surprised that Dream Catcher had so few residents. We got there late in the evening and left after a leisurely breakfast. That was compensation for a 500 mile trip the day before. We never do that many miles a day because there are too many distractions along the way. Unless it is 40 outside. We love New Mexico, but only when the weather is comfortable. Suzanne, Jeff, Gordon, Juanita, Dave, Toni; It has been sooo long. We are looking forward to catching up. Gail and Keith
  14. Steve, would you happen to mean the WH "Casa Grande RV Resort" like the one we will be at Wednesday night?? (and Thurs and Fri). Can we get together Thursday with everyone? Since Keith and I haven't been in the area before, any suggestions as to where we could meet? Possibly our coach or a restaurant someone knows about? We are open to going to Mesa, too. What say? Gail and Keith
  15. Hey, are Keith and Gail too late for the party in Mesa? We will be there either tomorrow or Tuesday. Right now we are packing up to leave Dream Catcher. Got to find some place that finally stays above freezing at night. This winter coat weather is for the birds. We never used our furnace so much since we went full time We will be in AZ until June 1; we are workcamping at Pipe Spring NM in the Arizona strip, but will take until 2/26 to get there. Between then and now we will follow I10 to Q, then head north to Lake Havasu City and Las Vegas. Hope to hear from any "local residents"
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