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  1. 11 hours ago, fpmtngal said:

    But the annual inspection requirement is for trailers that exceed 7,500 lbs.

    From the TX DPS website.....


    Motor homes and RVs with a gross weight over 4,500 pounds are required to have annual safety inspections. ...


  2. It would be very unusual if the sales were not working properly, but it may be worth contacting the scale operator to ask about it. My freest reaction was that your rig is right side heavy, until I looked at the tag weights. I then did a little math and find that the left side totals at 18,100 and the right at 18,600 which is not uncommon difference, side to side. This leads me to suspect that there is a significant difference in tire diameters, or that the air pressures in the tires are not correct. In particular I would take a hard look at the tag since the heavy tire on it could be carrying too much and so cause the difference between the two sides of the rear axle. Since the front is only 200# difference from side to side, that could very easily be accurate. 

    If you only total the rear sets you have 11,400@ on the left and 11,700# on the right which is believable and it also is in like with the heavy side on the front. I think you need to look very closely at your tag axle tires. 

  3. As you research RV manufacturers, keep in mind the fact that no manufacturer is so good that they never have any unhappy customers, and none is so bad that they have no happy customers. I have found that if you post negative statements about any brand, there will be those who defend the company, probably because they believe the negative statements about that RV manufacturer reflect badly on them for having bought that brand. 

  4. 11 hours ago, aztex said:

    BTW "Full Time" is more of an action not a statement so at what point do we "legally" become full time? I ask this basic question because I noticed my policy may say 150 days maximum use as I was pressed at the time as did not and do not know how long I will "full time".....

    If you are looking for some law that will require your insurance to pay no matter where you are or how much time you spend in the RV, good luck! There simply is no such law and if your present insurance states that it is only valid when the RV is used 150 days per year or less, your insurance company can easily refuse payment of any claim when you live in it longer than that. It isn't a matter of law, but one of the contract between you and the insurance company. In most cases, insurance companies expect a vehicle to be insured at the same location as it is legally registered.

  5. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We will do our best to help you. 

    My first thought is about the difference in price. As I look on the internet, I find that the new Flagstaff is generally listed for sale at a little under $10,000 but the Jayco, which is 22 years old is generally advertised at about $2500. It lists on NADA with an average retail price of $1600 and states that it sold new for $6600!

    Either you have found a dealer that is willing to the Flagstaff far below the dealer cost, or you are about to be robbed by the person selling the Jayco. I need a lot more information to give further advice but at this point it looks to me as though you need to forget that Jayco.


  6. 10 hours ago, George the greek said:

    I've got to hope the next place is fun and is better, I know I'm here to work  but as a volunteer I expected to be treated with just  a little bit of respect and have time to enjoy the area.  

    I understand how you feel as we had been volunteering at different places for 10 years before we had a really bad one where we left early and with hard feelings. But just keep in mind that nothing in life is perfect and it is the unhappy experiences that make the good ones so special. We have now done more than 30 different RV volunteer tours and in all of those only 1 was a really bad experience and only two did we leave early for any reason. The others were all good experiences and most were truly outstanding. 

  7. 7 hours ago, DaveK said:

    The tank is 68.5 lb

    That should last 45 days for just the refrigerator. Do not ignore this as propane can be dangerous. It is heavier than air and is know to sometimes pool and any spark could set off an explosion. I am wondering if your leak might be in something like the water heater or furnace? Either one could be leaking and the gas venting to the outside and if your RV isn't in a building it would be easy for it to dissipate so that you don't notice it. I strongly advise you to keep the gas supply shut off except when testing for the leak. Run the fridge on 120V power. 

  8. I really like that Dodge/Cummins warning label. In fact, I kept a copy of it. 

    My son recently drove a Tesla owned by a coworker and was very impressed, while I have yet to see one close enough to really examine it. With the prices that they are charging, I just can't see that much expenditure at this point in my life. (78 in two months). I have a good friend who has a Chevy Bolt that he is very happy with and while I could afford that, I still have a hard time justifying the $37k to buy one. We just this past Feb. bought a 2019 VW, Jetta, with 28k miles from Enterprise Rentals for $14k with a 90 day complete warranty and the remainder of the manufacturer's 72k warranty. Yes, it does use gasoline but at an average of 38.2 mpg for all of our driving so far, we can buy a lot of gasoline for the difference in price. 

    And I'll keep my 2003 Dodge/Cummins for as long as we keep the travel trailer. 

  9. You definitely need to be in contact with the lien holder directly. If it is a local bank, go to the bank with the seller and make arrangements with them for you to pay them off and the seller at the same time so that both can sign off on the old title and so allow you to get a new one. Of course, if you plan to finance the RV, that makes the entire thing much more complicated, unless you can arrange to finance it through the present lien holder and so do that at the same time. 

  10. I have never seen a portable used in an RV but suspect that they would work as long as you can find some way to exhaust the hot air to the outside. I did use one in my shop in east TX some and it worked OK but I had a special panel in one window that the exhaust hose passed through.

    Most RVs are not really well enough insulated to be kept cool very well In addition, most also have quite a few air leaks that make the problem much worse. When we were fulltime, I found that the biggest improvement I got was when I went under the RV and sealed all openings with Great Stuff from Lowe's. The other thing that is usually quite effective is to find a way to provide shade for the RV to lower the radiant heat gain from the sun. 

  11. Welcome to the Escapee forums! This is a good place to post your question. 

    I did some research online and find that a 10 cubic foot volume gas refrigerator will typically use about 1.5# of propane per day. A gallon of propane is 4.24# so that would mean that said refrigerator should take 13 days to use up a 20# bottle of propane. Most RV refrigerators range from about 4 cubic feet to as much as 12 cubic feet. Your propane must be going somewhere else as that is far more than any RV refrigerator that I know of. 

  12. 3 hours ago, jean pierrre said:

    i have  a norcold 811 and it automatically chooses lp while on auto.

    There are several possible causes of that problem and while it could be a control circuit board, I strongly suggest that you do some trouble shooting before you start to swap parts. It is important to note that if you buy a new circuit board, once the packaging has been opened you can not return it since the seller has no way to know what may have been done with it. I suggest that you start by down loading a copy of the Norcold 811 Service Manual and take a look through it. Page 7 of the manual has some basic trouble shooting and page 8 has the fault codes. Page 18 has some trouble shooting with a meter of the 120V side of the system. The site on this link has available all of the documentation for the NC 811.

    If you do choose to replace circuit boards, I strongly recommend that you use the replacements from Dinosaur Electronics

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