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  1. A lot of Vehicles with computer controlled Engines/Air Conditioning will dis-engage the compressor when the engine is under heavier than normal load, like Wide Open Throttle or what ever else the computer decides is heavy load. This is to ensure you have maximum power as needed. Some will also shut off the Alternator to deliver max power. I would not worry about unless it happens while normal driving at steady speeds and normal temperatures.
  2. Sounds like the cooling unit went south on you. There is no way the owner can check the refrigerant level that I know of and I don't know of any RV Service Departments that can either. They will want to sell you a new reefer or a cooling unit. You can purchase a cooling unit yourself and install it if you are handy and physically able. I would not go with a unit made by the manufacturer anymore. The units made before the turn of the century were better built in my opinion than the 21st century units. I have a unit in my Motor home from 95 and other than the control board failing shortly after I purchased the unit used, I have had no problems. I installed a used unit from a salvage yard in my 1984 Travel Trailer and it also works good. I believe it is a early 90s unit. One is a Norcold and the other is a Dometic. As long as the units are operated only when level or in motion, they should work almost forever as there are no moving parts to wear out.
  3. Cherokee has an independent front suspension, not a solid axle.
  4. Local Auto Parts Store probably has them on the shelf. For the price, I would just get both and see what fits and if you buy locally, they will probably just take the un-used ones back, you can ask when you purchase them.
  5. Try it both ways, then you can make an informed decision that is actually based on your habits and equipment. Remember the 12 volt electricity is uses to keep the control boards working in most Propane equipment and your lighting, computer & phone charging needs also draw on the batteries. Only you can run the tests, in my case, Propane is the best choice for me and my family, I really pay the electric bill when I forget to force the reefer to switch to propane when I disconnect the shore-power cord.
  6. There are only four 6 volt batteries in my bank in series parallel configuration. I don't remember the exact Amp hour rating of the batteries except they are over 300 amp hours each.
  7. The lifeLine Batteries I installed have 600 Plus Amp Hour capacity, when I called LifeLine to set up my Magnum Inverter, they said the 100 Amps my charger was capable of would not hurt their batteries. That is more than the quoted 20% so I would check with YOUR battery manufacturer for the definite requirements for your system. The 25% discharge is great, I wish I could achieve that with my system. Just the LED lights, Water Pump, Reefer and two CPAP machines drain me to the 40-50% capacity over two days and I have no solar and other than the Propane Onan generator, no re-charge capacity.
  8. I would think if you had a flame, you would have heat. The only think they would both have in common would be the 12 volts to the thermostat IF they use a single thermostat for control. If they each have their own thermostat, then I see nothing in common.
  9. I have had cheap 12 volt Air Compressor in the past and they worked great for a short time and then quit when I need them. I now have the VIAIR 450RV and there is no comparison. I guess I want something I can depend on when I need it.
  10. I would not bet on every shear bolt being a grade 3, (no such grade) Grade two has no lines on the head. Grade 5 has three lines on the head and Grade 8 has six lines on the head. I am betting on grade 5 with three lines. To be sure, match the other bolts on the shaft.
  11. I like my TST System. Had it for years and the company is easy to deal with.
  12. I searched for a toad this year and wound up with the Cherokee TrailHawk. It came down to three vehicles, The Chevy Equinox, a Buick and the Cherokee. They all had issues and the Jeep was the least compromised. The Chevy and Buick RECOMMENDED Premium fuel on the Gas Engine that was towable, The Chevy Diesel required me to get the SunRoof to get the Safety features I wanted the Jeep recommended the Premium fuel in the Overland Model I wanted to get the proper transfer case for towing. The TrailHawk gave me the V-6 Engine and the towable transfer case. I just hate the Black Interior otherwise it is ok and it will be the last vehicle I will ever need to purchase at my age. We have put 2400 miles on it since picking it up on 28 February and are on our first roar trip towing it. I needed to stay under 5000 pounds for my coach hitch so the All Wheel/4 Wheel drive options are limited. I looked at the Ford Edge, but they dropped the towable rating for the 2019 models when I placed my order in January. The Cherokee weighs about 4200, the Equinox is a couple of hundred pounds lighter and the Wrangler is a couple of hundred pounds heavier. Good Luck and do your research. Things are changing all the time, I have heard that Ford is now offering an Edge that is towable, just not at the time I was shopping.
  13. I switched to the FMCA Policy and then went back to Coachnet because when I stuffed my car into a snowdrift they would not send someone to pull me out, said it was an accident and they didn't cover those types of calls. I called Coachnet and ask them if they would have covered me in that situation and they said yes. I put more miles on the car so that coverage is most important to me.
  14. Problem with the Suburban Stat is the dead band between the starting of the furnace and the shutoff. We had over a 4 degree swing and it was just uncomfortable. I replaced it with a battery operated stat from Home Depot and that cured the wide temp swings.
  15. I would look to the boating world and use the 3m 5200 if you never want to remove it or the 4200 if there is the possibility of future removal in the future.
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