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  1. Escapees Boot Camp 2-4 February, so yes North Ranch will be crowded for that short time. Suspect there are available sites if you head up here. Safe Travels.
  2. Hey Rick and Susan, How close to Wickenburg? We (and The Brett's, Haagsma's, and Johnston's, Penner's and a couple of HDT Lot Owners are in Escapees North Ranch, Congress. (12 miles from W)
  3. WOW, God Bless Them! That is wonderful to still have your folks on the farm. We (Raymond and I) will arrive Bellingham RV Park 8 September for a week. IF you need some help, I'd love to come out and help. We are currently in Tok, Alaska and will begin heading South tomorrow. Still hoping to catch the Aurora Borealis the next couple of nights before we get down to some serious moving South. LOL My personal email is: Jags1fan@gmail.com Let me know if you want some free help.
  4. Raymond and I plan to leave Flathead Lake, Rollins, MT Wednesday 31 May and will be in Canada same day! Spending some time in Icefields Parkway and then 40 to Grand Prairie. Thanks, Darryl&Rita for the tips, we've been reading previous posts. Rotary Park sounds great, since we enjoy walking.
  5. jags1fan

    Alaska 2017

    Raymond and I are planning Alaska 2017, with extended time in Canada. Currently we are in Congress (North Ranch), AZ and will leave here around 1 April. Stops along the way North are not planned yet, but leaning toward travel on SR 93 with stops along the way. We toured AK in 2014 and spent weeks in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seward, Chicken. This time we will concentrate on Palmer, Kenai Peninsula, Whittier, and all of the places we didn't see the first trip. Hope to exit AK at Chicken again, but this time in September and cross into Dawson, Yukon. We'll be staging from Flathead Lake, MT. Hope to see other HDTers along the way.
  6. We are planning to be in Alaska and Western Canada this Summer! Currently Raymond and I are in North Ranch, Congress, AZ until the end of March. We'll start a slow, sightseeing along the way while we head North probably 1 April. Stopping in Rollins, MT to drop off some forbidden items before we cross into Canada. So many areas we didn't see in 2014, that we hope to see this time. We plan to exit via Chicken, AK to Dawson City, CA in September. Hoping to linger up there long enough to catch Northern Lights, but that depends totally on the weather. Hoping to see lots of HDTers along the way. Safe Travels to All.
  7. Raymond and I are about 40 miles South of Duluth, MN, for an undetermined length of time. Waiting on a new Dometic AC to arrive and on a 2 weeks wait list for Service of a few other things. Having fun exploring this area! Got our $3 parking pass so we don't get in trouble when we go Agate hunting. LOL Duluthboats.com give all of the arrival and departure times of the HUGE ships that come in to Ports @ Duluth, MN, Superior, WI, and Two Harbors, MN....and that's always interesting. Weather is mid 70s and low 50s at night. We, too, have pretty much decided to stay in the USA the rest of the Summer (instead of going back to finish exploring Canada). But, now, we are thinking of hanging around Lake Superior and over toward Upper Peninsula of MI before we head West for the Winter. BOOKED at Cherry Creek State Park so we can spend time with our daughter 14-27 September. LONG overdue visit. Safe Travels to all.
  8. Raymond and I are @ Stillwater Park Campground (www.stillwater.ca), Nipigon, Ontario. Just an overnight here, but FHU hookups plus WiFi that zooms. We left Bill and Joan Richard's KOA this morning- what a wonderful week we spent there and enjoyed Sault Ste Marie, ON. Heading to Thunder Bay, ON tomorrow for 3 nights. LOTS to see and do there. Safe Travels everyone!
  9. Sharon, Yes St Mary/East Glacier is beautiful. The snow capped mountains are so pretty! We leave Sunday for Calgary. No, we haven't been able to hike any of the trails off Many Glacier Road. ALL trails and even meadows leading to the St Marys River, etc are closed. TOO much bear activity all over. As we continue to push the season everywhere (which has been GREAT....except a little "okay a LOT" cold for Raymond; we are seeing some increased number of animals. At least that what's the locals tell us. This weekend starts "the season through Labor Day Weekend" and as soon as the tourist/cars arrive all of the animals will head farther up the mountains. So, we've stayed and done lots of driving and pulling off to take photo's, etc. Hoping to arrive Anchorage 17 June. Mayor's Midnight Run is 21 June! Take care. Keep in touch. For everyone moving around this summer - Safe Travels!
  10. Trey and Susan - Glad to see you posting here. We are in Glasgow, MT --- OH MY GOODNESS ---- we found a hotel with a RV park (Good Sam) in the back...sitting on the side of a plateau. Cottonwood Inn and Suites. Pull thurs are minimum of 80' and 50amp. AND you have access to their pool/hottub/workoutroom/etc. Walking distance to Ace Hardware, a local Grocery Store, Quilt Shop..... REALLY cute. 350 miles tomorrow to St Mary, MT - edge of Glacier NP....for 5 nights (atleast). What a wonderful drive across the US from St Ignace, Michigan on US2 West. It's a good road, plenty of places to stay, etc. No real traffic to speak of until we got near the oilfields in ND. Williston, ND - busy place - lots of construction - don't anyone plan to overnight there!!!! (unless you have business there). LOL Hugs to you all. Janet
  11. Raymond and I are making our way across the US - 2000 miles ago we left Jacksonville (16 March). US2 is a wonderful way to travel. Currently in Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota. Minot, ND tomorrow night. Glasgow, MT Friday night and 5 nights at St Mary, MT- at the edge of Glacier NP. Then we head North to Calgary - to get a Drom Box and off to the Yukon and Alaska for the summer. What fun being on the road! http://forksinthervroad.com if you'd like to follow our adventure. And, Ladies, be sure to send recipes to my email (Jags1fan@gmail.com) as you find them.
  12. Jim - WOW that's wonderful. Raymond did the boot camp a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have fun! Hope someone has told you to get the $1 Noodles from the dollar store....make a slit on one side and pop them on that bedroom slide to protect future encounters! Where are you headed from Goshen? Janet
  13. Thanks, Ralf and Laurie. Even though we seem to be chasing cold weather. ..we are having a blast. US Route 2 is a beautiful road. Hope Y'all are doing well. Hi to Kevin too.
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