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  1. I have a meter and yes the fuses read 0. The slides that are is these units are Alko-Kober. The system is the same as the cameo 5th wheels. I have talked with several tech and they keep telling me to look for relay reset but they can't tell me where to look. Everything in my 5th wheel is working fine except the slides.
  2. I was putting in my slides last night and the living room slide came in with no problems but my kitchen slide stopped before it was closed. I tried to push it back out but nothing happened. I then tried to move my living room slide back out and nothing. Both my slides no longer work. When I push the button you hear nothing no motor trying to run just silence. I only have 2 slides the kitchen slide is a full wall slide. I checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. I have searched the internet to try and figure out how to manually slide them out but can find nothing. I have a 2016 Lifestyle LS37CKLS and cannot find a lot of info on these 5th wheels. I have logged onto there forum and have not received any info I can use. Is there anyone that can tell me what could be the problem or how to manually move my slides.
  3. We pulled the ac and put in a new seal. We also found where the water was coming in. When we put the ac back on we discovered that one of the screws holding the ac down was stripped. We could not tighten it down and that would have been the side that the water would have been coming in. We covered that hole and drilled a new hole and tighten it down. We are hoping that we solved the problem.
  4. It only leaks when it is raining so its not the condensation.
  5. I have a leak that is coming out of the AC duct in the same spot as I had back in Sep. I had a new seal placed and have had no problems until now. It has rained several times since the new seal replacement with no leak. It has now started leaking again when it rains. I went up and check the sealant around the ac and touched up a few places and it still leaks. I also tightened the 4 bolts a little at a time but it still leaks. I checked the drain holes and they are not clogged. Should a seal leak after only 8 months? Should I tighten the bolts more and how much more? I have the 4 bolts on top of rv that hold the ac on. Most everything I find on seal repair shows the mounting bolts on the inside of the rv which once you take the cover off on the inside you can see where the leak is coming from. Any suggestions as to what I should do?? Thanks
  6. I am trying to figure my friends rv out and I am a little confused. They have 2 gray levers and 2 black levers for their holding tanks. They have 2 gray levers and 1 black lever on the drivers side and the other black lever is on the other side and the holding tank. Could someone explain why they have this configuration. This is a first for me.Thanks
  7. I have led lights and no they don't flicker the same or all the time. My vent fans are working fine. I have a 2000 watt inverter/charger. What type of equipment do I need to check my batteries?
  8. I have just moved to a new location and my inside lights have started flickering. They have not done this before at any other spot. Do I have a bad electrical box? I have brand new batteries and I have checked the connections and they are tight. My surge protector is not flashing anything weird. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
  9. We have the tankless water heater, does that make a difference?
  10. Why is there a difference in the water pressure between the cold water and the hot water? When we are using our water pump the cold water keeps the pump running correctly but when we turn on the hot water the pump sputters. I talked with the shurflow people and they told me how to adjust the pump but even if I adjust the pump there is still going to be a difference between the hot and cold pressure. Does the hot water line have some type of suppressor on it that can be removed? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info. We are warm weather followers and we are very seldom anywhere where its cold enough to run the furnace. We do put the heat pumps on sometimes but we use the AC the most. So I will close off the vent when we are using the AC. Thanks
  12. Can someone tell me why the grate that is on the stairs leading into the bedroom is open to the front bay? All the heat and AC is going down into the front storage compartment. Is there reason for this? There is also open vents under the couch that heat and cool the compartment in the rear. Why??? I do not need to heat or cool my storage compartments and if we are somewhere where it gets really cold the furnace puts off a lot of heat inside the compartment that would keep my tanks warm. Any thoughts please. Thanks
  13. I have replaced the shower head and removed the restrictor so the I am getting hot water now, its keeping hot that is the problem now. I talked with Atwood and they stated that these water heaters work best with the 2 handle faucet system. You need to keep the hot on full and then add cold to bring the temp down. All our faucets are one handle as are most in rv's. Atwood stated that they have told the manufacturers not to use the one handle system. So I have the hot water now I just have to fine tune the temp adjustment in order to keep it hot while I shower. There is alot of water waste. I did'nt choose this option it came with the 5th wheel but if you are thinking of getting one DON"T DO IT Thanks
  14. Well we have the Lifestyle and have been living in it for 2 weeks now. It is very different than our motorhome so it will take a little time to adjust. So far we are pleased except for the tankless hot water heater. We are still trying to figure that thing out. Thanks for all the input.
  15. We just bought a 2016 Lifestyle LS37CKLS that came with the Atwood Tankless water heater and so far I think it sucks. The water pressure in the shower is so low that the hot water takes forever to come on or we get no hot water. How can I improve the shower pressure and what is the trick on this hot water heater to make it work? I have read several post about the water heater and I think there are mixed reviews. The 2 sinks so far have been working ok but you have to use a lot of water before the hot starts coming out. Help, can't stand taking cold showers.
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