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  1. I have decided to hang up my RV KEYS and I'm selling my 2019 Dynamax Isata 3 Series Class C motorhome. Has anyone used a marketing company called "POP RV"? COMMENTS WELCOMED. Please, no consignment or dealer solicitations.
  2. I was very impressed with my test ride of the Equinox. Towable 4-down with comfortable seating front and back and all the bells and whistles of luxury SUVs. Great sales right now!!! I expect to have the electrical connect plug from the RV. Not sure what you mean about changing "the power to the steering". I am looking at a late model with power steering.
  3. I am looking to upgrade from my '06 Honda CR-V to a 2019 or 2020 Chevy Equinox PREMIER model. It will be towed behind a 24' Class C Sprinter 3500 chassis. Weight is close to my 4,000 lb hitch limit. I remember earlier models having a shimmy issue. Cause and fixes??? Comments welcomed.
  4. I am preparing to sell a very similar 2006 Honda CR-V fully loaded for towing with a Roadmaster All-Terrain hitch, Unified US Gear supplemental braking system, and tire pressure monitoring system. I am currently in Northern California but will be in Arizona January through March. Reply here if interested. Price is to be determined.
  5. We have a Dynamax Isata 24'FW with a towing limit of 4,000 lbs. We have downsized from a 40' and have a Roadmaster All-terrain hitch and a US Gear Unified supplemental braking system from our dying 2006 Honda CR-V. We would like to 4-down tow a small 4-door crew cab, automatic, pick-up truck. If yes, did you have to have REMCO do a unique base plate?
  6. SOLD -- 2007 Itasca Horizon 40TD -- $129,000 This lovely, pristine “front kitchen” top-of-the-line model has been meticulously cared for inside and outside and upgrades include two 435-watt solar panels, pure sine inverter, custom buffet (replaced original free-standing table) with two laptop office stations, and a new DirecTV Traveler self-seeking satellite dish. We are the original owners and, while not full-timers, we have traveled extensively for 10 years across the USA, into Mexico, across Canada, and up to Alaska. Yes, the coach has about 96,000 miles but all scheduled maintenance has been done by Freightliner and all service documentation and manuals are available. The extensive 100,000 mile service has also already been completed ahead of schedule. In April, 2018 NADA listed this unit with options at $148,389 for “Average Retail”. We are downsizing for health reasons and are motivated to sell. We want to find the perfect home for our Horizon 40TD. Asking prices is $129,000 or best offer, well below NADA’s “average retail”. WE ARE MOTIVATED TO SELL!!! An extensive photo album is available online at https://photos.app.goo.gl/j3myaz2YUh1ClzAT2 A complete list of Standard Options and Added Upgrades is available by email. Copies of the NADA report can also be emailed upon request. Email inquiries to selling07Horizon@gmail.com We have downsized for health reasons. -- CoolJudy and Luke, SKP #89390
  7. Yes, it was Dorcas and my little truck. We are enjoying being homeless. I hope I die before I get too old to travel and meet the nicest people in the world. The time to back off to a MH will soon come and we wish to be responsible.

    Have a wonderful tomorrow,

    dan & Dorcas

  8. Just checking -- were you traveling on Hwy. 49 between Auburn and Cool, CA today? My husband was in our toad at the Hwy. 49 Confluence bridge today and saw a HDT with a PT Cruiser towing a large 5ver. If you, how did you do driving the canyon? We are SKPs and have lived in Cool for 32 years.

    Safe travels...


    SKP #89390

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