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  1. I've been involved in other things, but have been monitoring this thread -- special thanks to all who have responded. We have thus far not have had any "cussing, fussing, or discussing" on this sometimes volatile subject! I'm down to my FiveSeven (5.7x28) reserve and have stayed away from the ranges. Our home state, Illinois, finally passed a Concealed Carry law, no thanks to our current governor whose own party voted against his proposed changes. We're in Elkhart and will be heading to the Virginia Beach area as we make our way south. As Jack stated in a previous post, the supply and demand issues will stabilize as we move on to other issues.
  2. Within the broader context of this thread, I would like to make our members of a new "rule" over at iRV2.com, "General discussions of politics, general government policies, weaponry, gun rights and religion are not allowed in ANY areas of iRV2. Discussions about specific or pending legislation or regulations that directly pertain to RVing are acceptable but will be closed or removed if they become disruptive." This thread is located at http://www.irv2.com/forums/f1/irv2-community-rules-change-politics-107652.html. Once again, the few have imposed their views on the gun owners that frequent this forum.
  3. Thanks for the reply and I apologize for the delayed response -- Cheaper Than Dirt only carries two loads for the FiveseveN, the SS197R 40-g FMJ and the SS195LF 28-g hollow point. There is an another dealer that offers a wider selection of 5.7 ammunition at a higher price. We need for one of the major manufacturers to come on board and make a wider range of 5.7 ammunition.
  4. The more I research the .22 TCM and what Rock Island Armory (Armscor and Fred Craig) has in the manufacturing process the more appealing their new 1911-based pistol. While I enjoy shooting my FiveseveN, the apparent lack of ammunition support by FN for the civilian market will possibly be the downfall for the 5.7 x 28mm. If it weren't for the support of Elite Ammunition this caliber would probably already be history. A 50-round box of factory ammo is over $30 a box with applicable local taxes. Kinda steep for range shooting. The added versatility of changing over to the 9mm barrel/spring and utilizing the same magazines, makes this a very nice dual purpose automatic at a reasonable MSRP of around $700 -- compared to approximately $1,200 for the FiveseveN, with a single caliber.
  5. Thanks Mike, I'm hoping the recent article in the "American Handgunner" (Jan/Feb 2011) is an indication we'll see it at retailers soon. Much cheaper to purchase/use than the FN 5.7x28 (FiveSeven).
  6. Interesting news on the "new caliber" front, Armscor, Rock Island Armory, a 1911 design, this new caliber is the .22 TCM, (based on the .223 case) pushes a 40-grain bullet at 2,050 fps. And, to top this off, they include a 9mm barrel and recoil spring, utilizing the same magazine!
  7. DW is sold on the Crimson Trace grips -- I would not want to be on the other end of that little red beam!! We're going out again this weekend and she'll be trying my FiveSeven (5.7 X 28). I'm hoping this grows into a lasting sport we can both participate in -- all indications are that she's really excited about continued range time. She's been discussing with some of her gal buddies in our RV park and several of them are also into the shooting sport.
  8. I hope this thread does not turn into another pro/con discussion of the shooting sport. My DW surprised me by asking to attend small arms training and purchasing a revolver. She has never fired a weapon in her life -- got her a Ruger LCR. 38 Special (+P). We are going to start going to local ranges during our travels. We see this as an opportunity to jointly participate in a sport and hone our weapons skills.
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