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  1. I'm in the same boat as docj, Kaspersky running out soon and also considering MSE. As i understand I'll need MSE, CCleaner and Malwarebites to be safe...so is there anything else I'll need? Question #2: How in the world do you know if your anti-virus or something else is slowing down the computer?? I have always assumed it was a slow connection or somethin. Q#3: We are now the proud owners of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that we'll be using in lieu of the data card. (Probably a mistake, but we'll see) So I'm wondering what kind of anti-virus is needed for that critter? As Derek may remember, I am a forever computer noob, so please keep responses simple. Thanks a bunch, Vern
  2. Hi Hams, Hope you enjoyed "Copper Country" and don't miss a ride on Brockway Mountain Drive before you leave the area, it's one of America's most scenic drives. If you plan on visiting the Soo Locks and/or Mackinac Island areas, we are at a reasonably priced CG in Kinross. It's about 15mi S of Sault Ste Marie and about 30 mi N of The Mighty Mac (Mackinaw Bridge) The CG is a couple mi E from I75 on SH-M80, it's a no-frills FHU with 30A Electric for $20 or $18 for seniors. We're here for a week for $100. The only shopping here is a grocery nearby. So if you are headed this way maybe we can hook up this time. Hope ya'll are enjoying this pleasant (cooler) Northern Michigan weather, of course this is our old stomping grounds, and we still enjoy visiting the Yoopers! SKP hugs, Vern
  3. Still in the RGV, and the weather here is improving too. mostly in the 70's and 80's, and the orange blossoms smell delightful!! Heading to Tennessee in June for a new granddaughter, and on to Michigan to visit the rest of the family. Not much else planned this year. (Seeing a pulmonologist to try and get my asthma under control, so we'll be here awhile.)
  4. RGV yesterday 75, today 56 deg. HAPPY NEW YEAR classmates!!! Vern
  5. The last 2 weeks we have spent with family and friends here in mid-Michigan. I attended my 40th high school reunion, and now have invitations from all over the U.S., including Alaska, to visit my old high school friends on our travels. On Thursday we start heading south, and will visit my daughter in Paris, TN over Labor Day weekend. Then, down the Natchez Trace to Natchez Mississippi, and on to Texas for the winter. Hope to see some of you winter Texans this winter!! Sue
  6. Currently in Paxton Nebraska for the night, heading north through South and North Dakotas to highway 2, and taking that into the UP of Michigan. Then down across the mighty Mac (bridge) to Greenville, my home town and my 40th high school reunion. You coming to the RGV this winter? We have nice pull-thrus at our park, right next to the pool and hot tub!!
  7. Hi John and Diana, We do remember those campgrounds in Mississippi. They were both nice, Timberlake had a few spots right on the lake, although we never got one of those. Maybe if you called for a reservation?? Goshen Springs had the huge cement lots, with nice landscaping inbetween. Really nice facilities at either place. We are leaving Moab, Utah tomorrow, heading to Grand Junction CO to pick up our now repaired computer. We took it to Best Buy a couple weeks ago, they mailed it to Gateway for us. Luckily, still under warranty. Then we head north, we are tired of the 100 degree weather here in Moab. Beautiful scenery though.
  8. Hi Y'all, After the Escapade here in MO, we are heading west to the Grand Canyon, and Utah National Parks. Then in August, back to Michigan for my 40th high school reunion, and to see Vern's family and my son and his family. Then a trip to Tennessee to see my daughter and son-in-law. Having lots of fun this spring, really enjoyed northern Texas, and the casino in El Reno OK, Vern hit a $500 jackpot!! Nice surprise. Safe travels everyone...... hope to see some of you on the road.
  9. Wow, Hams, sounds like good news for you 2!!! We are currently in Abilene, slowly heading north and east to Sedalia for Escapade. Anyone else from our class going besides Judy and us? We have made a reservation at Hickory Hollow Campground in Tightwad MO for a few nights before heading to Sedalia. Maybe others will do the same and we can head to Escapade together, maybe getting to park near our classmates? Happy travels all.....
  10. Judy, Thanks for the suggestion, but we think its just too far for a day trip. We are 20 miles southeast of San Antonio, and just getting around the city took us over an hour the other day. They are in the middle of Festival too, so going through San Antonio is slow going too. Hope to see you at Escapade. Sue
  11. Finally!! We have our awning repaired, Vern has his prescriptions, and the weather is great! In the morning we leave for San Antonio, for several days, also plan to see some more of northern Texas on our way to Sedalia for the Escapade. We love our park and lot here in the Rio Grande Valley, but are anxious to get moving, we've been here for 5 months. See some of you on the road!! Sue
  12. Hi all, It's WAY too cold up north for us to leave the nice warm RGV yet. We just signed up for the rally in Albaquerque (sp) NM in mid april, then monkey around till escapade in MO. After that probably the Grand Canyon and the other Nat. parks in that part of the country. Our only other obligation is in late august to be back in MI for Sue's 40th HS class reunion. Happy travels everyone, Vern
  13. We are still at Nature's Resort in Elsa, TX. We have an annual lease, bought a shed and poured concrete on the lot. But, plan on moving soon, Vern is getting that "Hitch Itch"! Heading north and then west to Arizona, I have cousins in Tucson, and Vern hasn't seen the saguaro cacti. Later in the summer, headed back to Michigan for my 40th high school reunion. We'll also get to see the grandkids!!! Then back to the Rio Grande Valley for next winter. Save travels to all!!
  14. Diana, That's the place, just past the convention center (also where the road narrows). See you in the morning! Sue :D
  15. Judy and J & D, Looks like Thursday has the best weather, all the other days are going to be kind of cool. Vern says he can meet at noon for breakfast!! Seriously, we can probably make it by 9am, if we leave here around 730. We have a new vehicle, a dark green Ford Ranger pick up, see you on the Island!! Sue
  16. Judy and any other kite fliers, Looks like Wednesday and Thursday are good days for kite flying. Is one day better than the other for you? We can go either day. The temps on South Padre will be in the 70s and sunny. Will John and Diana join us too?
  17. Hi Judy, We won't be going very far from home until after New Years Day, because we got cement poured on our lot and need to keep it wet for 7 days before we can move the MH on it. We'll really be anxious to get out to the Island again by then. See ya soon, Vern
  18. Temps in the 40's is not our type of weather!! But like Judy says, the 80's are on the near horizon. We'd love to meet you at the Island for some kite flying, Judy. We were just there on Saturday, but it was too windy, or our bellies were too full, so we didn't fly the kites. We are anxious to do so though! We'll let you know when we are headed out there again.
  19. Will be at the red snapper at or before 11:30, really looking forward to seeing y'all again.
  20. J and D, Lunch on Friday sounds great. It will be good to see you and Gordon and Juanita too!! Shall we meet in Mexico and have lunch there? I think you know more places than we do.
  21. We have finally arrived at our home park for the winter and are thrilled to be here!! The weather and the smiles are welcoming and warm. Would love to see some of our '06 friends staying in the valley for the winter. We will be taking a trip to South Padre for kite flying and a dinner at Daddy's. yum yum, love those shrimp and oysters!!
  22. We had a long day, but are finally settled in a nice campground on Lake Lewisville, its a city park, called Lake Park on 407 also called Justin Rd. We don't have an appointment at the dealer for service, so will know tomorrow if they can work us in. It doesn't look good though, the campground at Buddy Gregg was full, and we know of at least 2 others who are in other campgrounds like us. So.....I guess we will know more tomorrow.
  23. Hey Y'all, Currently we are in Arkansas, spent the night at a Wal-Mart along I-40. Today we are headed to Buddy Gregg Motor Homes in Lewisville TX to get a few things fixed on the MH. John and Diana - We can't wait to get back to the RGV to fly kites again and visit our favorite restaurant on South Padre - Daddy's!! Two Hams - We will be in the Dallas area for a couple days at least, not sure how far we will be from you. But sure would like to meet you two!
  24. Hi Bobby and Shelly, Yes there will be 06' get togethers in the RGV this winter. There will be more than a few of us. They will be discussed here, to work out dates that are good for everyone, so stay tuned to this channel. Last winter I was told in no uncertain terms that Snowbirds go to Florida and Arizona, and those of us that winter in TX are WINTER TEXANS ! Don't take offense if you are called that, it's really a compliment. See ya'll at one of the get togethers if not before, Vern
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