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  1. If you or people you know are ready to "come off the road" I know of a position available now. We manage a 55+ gated manufactured home community in the Tacoma WA area. We are moving up to a larger property so our employers are looking for a management team to replace us. Apt/utilities included along with salary, small pets allowed. Our management people are lovely and the community is as well. If interested please shoot me your email and I will pass it along. Position is available now.
  2. I haven't bee on this site for several years but will be going back on the road in a year or two so planning now. We will be driving a class a and want to be able to tow with all wheels down and no modifications. Any suggestions for a used vehicle? If there is a location here in the forum please direct me.
  3. Thanks everyone, you have helped me put things into perspective! We will vacation in Hawaii and full-time after that and see the kids along the way plus see new sites. Best of all worlds!
  4. Ok, I'll say it right from the start, the problem is me, I realize it I'm just not clear on how to fix it! It's not like this is new, Jim and I fulltimed for 12 years and though we enjoyed it and plan on doing it again, the problem with me is still there and was the whole time. My grown son's keep saying to go do what will make us happy and we have but I also feel sad or guilty for missing so much of their and their kids lives. Some live in the NW and some in Colorado and one in ND, so taking the motorhome from area to area seems like a solution....but now we have an opportunity to go to Maui where my sister is and live in her Ohana (duplex) and we love the islands, who wouldn't want to live in paradise even for a year! On top of the excitement of that comes the realization that we would be so far away from kids/grandkids for that time and that neither they or us can afford to fly them over. My parents passed on to me (much to my husbands dismay) the genes of a wanderer, I want to see and do new things, but I want all my family with me and of course that's just not realistic. Jim is fine with phone calls, etc., and Maui is fine as long as he can fish but that's the way he always feels, as long as there's fishnig he's fine. So again, it's me, all me. I'm looking for advice from people who have struggled with similar feelings and how you came to terms with it? Guilt, or the guilt, do the kids mean what they are saying or just looking out for us but really want us closer, I've asked so many times that they will no longer talk to me about it. I know, me, I'm nuts. Alona
  5. That's a great idea RV, I'll do that (this is Alona, Jim is doing the mechanical stuff and I'm painting). I'll post some pic's soon. Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Well, I found a primer at Home Depot that can be used on our type of cabinets which has been working so far, then two coats of paint and the finished product looks good! I'm painting every cabinet/drawer in the motorhome and then will start on the walls. After that we'll rip up carpet and put down vynal, recover the dinette and couch and beyond that we'll take a break or a divorce might be next! lol. Plan on going back into fulltiming in March!
  7. Anything new going on with Southern Cross lately?
  8. We have been doing that for the last 12 years, we use Walmart because its easy for them to transfer store to store and there's almost always a Walmart!
  9. We have a 1990 Sun Clipper motorhome that we are fixing up. Around the rear wheels the trim is missing and the wood is rotten. I can't get my pictures copied or attached (too big) in this post so if you'll email me I can send them to you. We don't know where to find the trim or how to replace the rotten wood.
  10. Thanks everyone, I think we'll go with our original plan and become Texans!
  11. I'm sure this is somewhere in the forums but my searches only found parts so please forgive me.... major differences between SD, TX and NV?
  12. We're going to be working for Delaware North this year, I know they have split shifts only, has anyone worked for them and if so, how was it working splits?
  13. We have a 1990 Gulfstream Sunclipper that we just got and we can see where there used to be a leak or leaks (lots of silicone on the seams and water stains inside) but they seem to have gotten them to seal now. We are here in the NW and even with our abundance of rain lately we can't find any new leaks so that's good. My question is this, is there a different type of roof material that we can put on to avoid future leaks other than the unsightly silicone type seals? No matter what we do it just looks bad! Plus, you have to keep sealing it time and time again. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks in advance!
  14. We fulltimed for 10+ years not pulling a toad, just me driving it behind our 1988 motorhome. It was fine, had it's good points and bad of course, but now we have a 1990 (still old of course) and I'm wondering if we dare pull a small toad. We are trying to avoid the "just pull it and see if it breaks down" method, is there a way of checking what needs to be checked to see if it's a safer bet?
  15. We just got a 1990 Gulfstream Sunclipper. The rear wheelwell trim on both sides is missing so moisture was able to get in and the wood is rotten, anyone have any suggestions on this repair?
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