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  1. I shaved had a 5th wheel full timing in it for 7 years, Maybe just tired of all the repairs I have had to do.... So I know my 5th wheel inside and out. so why wouldn't you want a Class A?
  2. I am considering upgrading my 5th Wheel to a Class A Diesel Pusher because in my thinking it is so much easier when you are moving often. I am not sure if I am correct in my assumptions. So I thought I would ask everyone what they live in. Maybe if you could tell me why you full time in what you live in. Thanks in advance Sonny
  3. Hey as I answered this pole I was wondering if another pile could be conducted: What type of RV do you full time in? Travel Trailer Air Stream 5th Wheel Tiny House Class A Class B Class C my wife and I have been living in our 5th Wheel for seven years. The first 5 years we traveled between Florida and Illinois a few times. Then we MOVED there was was stationary 4 out of those 5 years. We moved once again and was at the 2nd place 1 year 8 Months. Since January we have been on the road traveling all over the place. Only this years have i considered ourselves full timers. The reason for requesting another pole is while we have our 5th wheel I am thinking a motor home would be easier to travel in especially the more stops you make. Am I right or an I delusional?
  4. Done this and it turned out to be a nightmare! We did just that, We did fix it up a bit, before we turned it over to a realtor. All we wanted to have our mortgage paid off and whatever the realtor could sell it for he could keep for a profit. Well what ended up happening is for 3 years the house didn't sell. The area we moved into so long ago had turned around and really gone down hill. couple that with the housing market crashed which really hurt us. We even when back "HOME" and poured another 15% of the value into doing more repairs and fixing it up to help it sell. In the end we contacted the mortgage company and told them we wanted to do a short sale. They turned us down but told us that we could do a "Deed in lieu of foreclosure" which isn't much different that just walking away. We really didn't want this option, but what would we do? In all this time we made all of our mortgage payments on time and continued to pay for power, water and sewage. As it was the bank foreclosed on the house and we had to take 7% as income as the bank wrote what we owed them. The bank held it for another year and after that they sold it for only 60% of what they said it was worth. We are free and clear now but it didn't work out they way we wanted it to work out. Moral of the story.... Do you your homework and then do it homework again and again. Loving the fulltime lifestyle Sonny Theobald
  5. I wrestled with is for a long time. It was solved by a Motorhome Salesman no less. Best advice I ever received. Your drive a Motorhome and you Park a 5th Wheel At first, I thought this was the dumbest things I ever heard. You can't drive a 5th wheel, You ain't going to pull a Motorhome So what else are you going to do with them. The salesman said "No, I didn't understand" He told me you can part a Motorhome - but that is the worst thing you can do to it. You can also pull your 5th Wheel and while they are made to be pulled and parked (for long periods of time) if you are only going to stay everywhere you are going for a week or two, at the most a couple of months then having a motorhome is so much more convent. This salesman then asked me what was my idea of RV / fulltiming? At the time our plans were to move once every 3 to 6 months and then move on and stay another 3 to 6 months some place. He told me that I should not really consider buying a motorhome because of that. So my advice to you is figure out what type of people you are? Are you on the move or would you rather stay in one place for longer periods of time? You figure that out and then when you do... the question you will be asking is not 5th Wheel vs Motorhome but rather what kind of 5th wheel or motorhome are you going to buy. Been doing fulltiming for 6 years but only moved 3 times. Love living and doing what I am doing but we are soon going to be hitting the road. Sonny Theobald 2009 Carriage Cameo 3008 Chevy 3500 Dually
  6. Not sure where to put this so I will start in the General area. We have been living fulltime in our 38' 5er for about 6 years. In saying that we have only moved it 3 times. We are now getting ready to start traveling. Over the next two years we plan on visiting at least 25 states. On many of our stops we plan on volunteering and or workamping for at least a month. Maybe some places up to 4 or 5 months. I am making sure that the 5er and truck are all ready to make the trip, but I have some questions. I have only two 6 volt batteries in my 5er, I am thinking of changing them up, making them 12 Volt batteries. Yes they will be deep cycle batteries. Several question come to mind about this up grade. All thing being equal why do they use 6 volt batteries, is it just the cost? IF 2 - 6V batteries are at 75 Amps you have to run them in series = 12 V at 75 A 900 W 2 - 12V Batteries at 75Amps you then run them in parallel = 12V at 75A 1800W So all things being equal it would seem you get more bang for your buck running 12 volt batteries. I do understand the cost will be much different for 12V batteries over the 6V batteries. What am I missing. Next issue I am wrestling with is should I get a generator or two? Questions that come to mind are: Noise? Thinking about going with two Honda 2000W running them in parallel How often would I use them? We are not big fans of boondocking so my thought is we would most likely use them over night while traveling between locations. So if that is the case is it worth spend $2000 buck, I know only I can answer that question but I am wrestling with is up to 3 or 4 night on the road once a month would I use them that much? While no one is going to have an answer what I want can you at least share with me your experiences? Would I be better off getting a much bigger generator which would make quite a bit more noise and try to install a muffler and extend it down below the bed of the truck as well as maybe building a Noise hampering box, One concerns about the box is allowing heat to dissipate and also access for refueling and maintenance. I guess the last question is with all of this is it worth it to try to get any expanded fuel take for my truck? I have been trying to consider all my options and I don't want to get a lot of nice stuff just because I can. I currently have a 24 gal tank on my truck. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your advice. This is really our first time of going out on the road as the time we have spent living it is was 4 years at one location and then a little less that 2 years at another location. Sonny Theobald 2009 Carriage Cameo 2008 Chevy 3500 Dually Loving God and Serving People
  7. All things being equal (which they are not) I have 2 6v deep cycle batteries in series getting 12 v and I am wondering why didn't they put 2 12 volt batteries in parallel. Both end up giving you 12 volts. I know the amperage changes. For example 2 6 V batteries in series 6 Volt 500 amp if there was such a thing) would give you 12 volts with 500 Amps 2 12 V batteries in parallel at 250 amps would give you 12 volts with 500 amps. I understand there would a cost difference. So why go with one over the other if cost is not a factor? Also I think if I am on 6 volts batteries and go to 12 volt batteries o would have to change out the charger too. Your thoughts.
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