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  1. rogo

    Chaco Canyon

    Thanks for your responses...appreciated. Ron
  2. rogo

    Rte. 89 in AZ

    Thanks very much for the replies...Skull Valley it is. Ron
  3. rogo

    Chaco Canyon

    Would very much like to visit Chaco Canyon this year, but the logistics seem daunting and we're wondering what is the best way to do so. It is remote, and access from north or south sounds difficult [we travel in a motorhome w/ toad]. I don't think the park accommodates motorhomes. SO...if you were to visit Chaco Canyon for a couple of days, what route would you take to get there, and where would you park your motorhome? Best to just make it a day trip? Thanks, Ron
  4. rogo

    Rte. 89 in AZ

    Anyone have opinions about Rte. 89 in Arizona between Wilhoit and Prescott? Thanks, Ron
  5. Thanks for the replies. It was not Chaco Canyon....much closer to Grants. But me thinks my mind might be mistaken...I'll keep searching and post the results if they are positive. Thanks for your efforts. Ron
  6. A few years ago we took a trip west. One of the spots I wanted to visit was an Aztec or Indian site north of Grants, NM [NOT ACOMA PUEBLO]. I can't remember the name of the site, but it was remote, and required 4WD to access. As it turned out, we were unable to get to that area and my notes were discarded. We're trying the trip again and I have looked hard on my excellent computer maps, but cannot find it. Perhaps old age has affected my mind more than I thot', but does this ring a bell with anyone? Thank you very much, Ron
  7. Looking for an RV park near Yosemite. Not interested in NPS units. Have a 40' motorhome w/ toad, Does anyone have a suggestion or two? Thank you for your time. Ron
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