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  1. J & D, Buckeye is on I-10 just west of Phoenix. Camp Verde Campground is not far from the Interstate. Dick and Paula
  2. Well today we are dry camping at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Even better spot than we had in '09, we are in Row 4 of the standard parking. Leaving here we will end up in Buckeye for the month of November and be in Rainbow Acres for Dec thru Mar of '13, at which time we will head back to Albuquerque for April. Dick and Paula
  3. We are sitting in Unadilla, Ga and the temps are in the high 60's. Humidity is a bit high, but in three days we start our trek west. Will arrive in Quartzsite, AZ for the winter on 1 November. Hope all are safe. Dick and Paula
  4. Gordon and Juanita, Glad to hear you dodged the Tsusami. Port Orford was mentioned on ABC news and like you we don't know why. We also expect to return to Quartzsite, AZ in mid November. We will work on planning a few days on the return trip in Mesa and hopefully we can get together again. Pizza anyone??. We will hit the road on the 5th of April, heading to Sedona, AZ, ALBQ, NM, up through Colorado to Box Elder, SD to renew our Driver's License. Then off to the HR Diesel Pusher Maintenance Rally in Goshen In end of April beginning of May. From there we are off to visits friends and relatives in Ohio, PA, NY. I have one daughter who is getting her 4 year degree and moving on to her masters. I also have two grandsons who are graduating HS and going on to college. So a busy summer. We also plan to explore lower Delaware as a nesting area on the East Coast. Everyone have safe travels and hopefully we cross paths. Dick and Paula
  5. Bob and Shelly, You have our deepest sympathy during your time of sorrow. Hope everyone had a good New Years celebration. We are camped in La Posa South in Q for the fourth year. Chilly this am (29.7 degrees) We will be heading into Mesa from the 2nd to the 6th for some VA appointments. Good Chance we will run into Gordon and Juanita and any others in the area. Take Care, Dick and Paula
  6. OK Gordon, so does this mean your are going to guarantee good weather (non wintery conditions) when we arrive about the 26th of July? Seems like the weather has been on the cooler side. Makes me wonder about "Global Warming". We are now in Loveland and getting ready to go to the Colorado RenFair and spend some time in the Rocky Mountain National Park amongs visiting with relatives and friends. Take care and keep the snow shovel handy, LOL. Dick
  7. Good Morning All, We have been in Colorado Springs, CO for almost three weeks. Garden of the Gods, USAF Acadamy, Ft Carson, CO and a really nice city for a staycation!!. Tuesday we move on to Loveland, where relatives are coming to visit and we will be visiting friends from years past and the Colorado Ren Fair. We think the center piece will be the Rocky Mountain National Park. Spent a day trip there last year and decided to put it in our itinerary this year. Dick and Paula
  8. WOW, what a day yesterday! We are now located in a Canyon in the mountains of New Mexico, in the Gila National Forest. Yesterday's drive from Tucson to near Glenwood, NM was not for the faint of heart. If any one has run the "Tale of the Dragon" in Tennesee/North Carolina, it is nothing to yesterdays run. Over 26 miles of winding, twisty and hilly terrain. Paula is not a lover of heights at all, so this was more frightful for her then me. I'm not smart enough to be frightened easily. We are in a 8 space RV Park and we have three walls of hills around us. We will be here six nights and explore the Gila and Apache National Forest around us. It's great to be moving again. Take care all. The next stop will be in Farmington, NM about 300 miles from here. Looking at the maps the route will be 3x longer with the same type of terrain as described above. Having a ball. Dick and Paula
  9. Well Folks, Today we are leaving Quartzsite on our way to Tonopah and Tucson. Then our summer itinerary is NM, CO, WY, ID, UT and then back here. We will visit many National Parks, Forests and Monuments. Also, some great sites in various states. Gordon and Juanita we will see you in Red Rock RV park around the 16th of July. Everyone have safe travels this summer. Dick and Paula
  10. Hey People, We are still in Tucson, between the VA and brakes on the car and getting parts for coach, having carpets cleaned we have been very busy. Speaking of good eating one of the locals told us about a place called Claim Jumpers Restaurant. WOW! It is corporate owned and it was fabulous!. They have a reputation for large portions. I guess so. We brought home more than we ate. Paula worked on the dessert for four days. I had a small portion at the restaurant, because of the Diabetes. It was very reasonably priced. The manager brings you you tab and ask if all was ok and wants to hear any comments you care to make. No doubt we will be back there. Any way we will be back in Q Tuesday and hopefully, if Steve and others are in Plamosa Road area we can get together over coffee and catch up. Take Care, Dick and Paula
  11. Hello Jeff & Suzanne, We are in Q on La Posa South. Been here since October and will be here until April. Making periodic trips to Tucson for VA appt and car repairs. This week is suppose to be lots of rain, but worst is suppose to come on Thursday. So far, some rain, but no gully washers yet. Hope we get to see you when you arrive in Q. Take care and have a safe trip.
  12. Hello All, Despite the popular belief, we have not fallen off the face of the earth. Currently we are in Bullhead City, AZ (Got Heat???). We have had our Magnum Inverter/Charger reinstalled after a trip it took to the factory, for being bad. Things seem to be working OK now. Last week we were at Nellis AFB famcamp. Great People and a great famcamp. Google Map it and check it out. New part is 4 large circles with 25 full hook up sites per circle. Free wifi and not to close to the Las Vegas Strip. But on the same Blvd!!! We had one of our grandchildren come out to visit us and we had a ball. Went to see the Lion King at Mandalay Theater. As neither of us gamble to a great extent, Las Vegas was not that impressive to us. Although, the crowds were down, there was still heavy traffic on the strip. When we leave here we are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah to have our MotoSat Dish worked on. It has a coaxial cable problem that can be fixed only at the factory!!. From there it is back to the Northeast to visit relatives in PA and NY. We will return to Tucson, AZ in October so Dick can finish out his care at the VA there. Then it will be off to Quartzsite for the winter, again. Boy do we like the BLM La Pasa South. Take care, everyone and hopefully our paths will cross in the near future. I just read somewhere on one of the forums to make your travel plans in Jello. Sounds good to me, just make it Sugar Free. Dick
  13. We are still in Tucson, one more VA appt on Friday. Then it is off to Sedona for a few days. After that we will be located near Flagstaff to take a ride on the Grand Canyon Train. We then move on to Bullhead City and Nellis AFB for a couple of weeks. Paula's grandaughter will be joining us. Then it is off to Salt Lake City, Utah to get some "factory only" repairs done to the MotoSat Satellite dish. From there it is a run to the PA, NY area to visit relatives and then return to Tucson by Oct 15th for more follow-ups with the VA. Happy traveling everyone!!
  14. To all fellow members of the Class of '06. I received a communication from Kellie of Escapees and thought this would interest every one. It looks like we have a family, who began full timing in 2006 and has just discovered us. As you can see by the emails below we welcome Anne and her family. WELCOME ANNE AND FAMILY From me to Anne, Welcome To you and your family, Anne, My name is Dick Fenner and the Escapees "Class of 2006" is a very loose group, to say the least. There are no initiations, dues or elections. Just great fellowship. Back in '06 a couple who use the profile name of "Two Hands in a Can" got the ball rolling. Due to events you can learn about in our Escapees Forum thread, you you can learn why they have recently left the full-time RVing world. We cross each others paths in our travels and often meet over coffee, dinner or what ever, when the opportunity arises. Please do not get the impression we are the leaders or in charge. My impression is we are just one group of happy full timing RVers. It would be nice for you to add to our thread and introduce yourselves to us. To know more about us, please check our blog at http://goodsamclub.mytripjournal.com/DragonTales. We hope you are enjoying the lifestyle and hopefully some day we will cross paths. Take care and happy travels. Dick and Paula Fenner Dragonthreads From Kellie to us: Hey Dick and Paula, Would you two mind helping this member, Anne Koepp and her family? They are fulltimers, and would like to join the Class of 2006. Susie Orr gave me your names as the contacts. :-) For quick reference, I have attached her email to this email so that you can see what she emailed to me. As you can see, she emailed me back in March but did not respond until last week to my question. Hopefully, she will email you soon or you can email her. Thank you! Hugs, Kellie From | "Kellie Rossow" To | "Anne Koepp" I have you in my pending file because I wanted to know what year you graduated; however, please accept my apology though, for not sending another email. I will send the information to the person in charge of the Class of 2006, Dick and Paula Fenner at GRFENNER1945@LYCOS.COM. Hugs, Kellie From: Anne Koepp To: Kellie Rossow Subject: RE: Interested in becoming a member! 2006! I never did get any more info from you. I would appreciate more info and details. Thanks ;o) From: Kellie Rossow [mailto:kellierossow@escapees.com] Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:19 AM To: 'Anne Koepp' Subject: RE: Interested in becoming a member! Another question, Anne, what year did you graduate to full-time? Hugs, Kellie From: Anne Koepp To: Kellie Rossow Subject: Interested in becoming a member! Hello, I found you in the escapees magazine. Me and hubby are young with our first child, full time RV’ers and are escapee members. We are interested in becoming a member of Full-time graduating class. Can you please provide more info and details on how to get more info. I appreciate your time and help. Cheers & Blessings, Anne Koepp
  15. Duane & Louise, Congrats on the future grandkids. We are still enjoying the BLM lands of Quartzsite, AZ. It is a quiet little town when the crowds of the Dec-Feb shows are gone. We did spend a week in Tucson and I (Dick) transferred my primary care to the Tucson VA. We will be going back again the mid of April when BLM closes for the season. While in Tucson we stayed at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park. $100 a week for full hook ups. It does close for the Fair in April and there are lots of things in Tucson to see. Gordon and Juanita, how is that new rolling home doing?? Is it bigger than your last one? Hope the rest of the class is doing well.
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