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  1. Big5er, I'm with you on this one. That Ravelco is the only way to go. Vehicle will absolutely not start without the plug. Each plug is unique for your vehicle as well,...so I can't use my plugs to start your truck with. We have them in all of our vehicles. DW hates that I actually unplug them in my trucks,...but I always remind her, that they'll at least be there in the morning.
  2. I know, lol. There were a couple of other perspective buyers as well. Shawn put down his deposit for me to hold it, then paid the balance the week before pickup. He came out for the weekend, and we spent about a half a day together with me giving him a crash course. He's a very fast learner, and even more important,...a nice and respectable gentleman. It was a fun experience for me, to get to ride around and show him all of the nuances of driving that truck. But I was bummed at the same time,...watching him drive away in it, and knowing that it had been the best tow vehicle I've ever owne
  3. Yes Steve, the truck is still available.
  4. I'm not exactly for sure. I bought the truck from Wayland at 2L as it is.
  5. I changed the listing. Sorry about that. Here's is the link for the Kenworth,...http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/5367861584.html. I'm asking $37k, but all offers will be considered.
  6. Thanks Pete. Let me know if you all need more pics, or have any questions. Truck will be available probably around mid January. Didn't get to make the trip to Texas last week,...so I have to wait until after New Years. Leonard
  7. Truck will be on the road Monday morning, out of Phoenix til later in the week. Heading east to Wortham, Texas (1 hour south of Dallas) by way of I-10 to I-20. Anyone along that route or area who has any interest is more than welcomed to contact me. Thanks, Leonard 972-900-1742
  8. Wife and I decided to sell our Kenworth T600. Just posted it in the Phoenix Craigslist. Truck has been a very safe, fun, and reliable hauler for us. All of the details are listed in the ad. This truck is ready to make some great memories for someone who is looking to upgrade to an HDT. It is located in Chandler, Az. Truck is available to be viewed and or test driven. Here are some interior pics,..http://s1367.photobucket.com/user/biggandmandy/library/Kenworth%20T600?sort=3&page=1
  9. I appreciate the info from all who have shared on this thread. The Spec Sheet of Larry's build Is tremendous help as well. I too, like JC, am dreaming at this moment. But when the DW and I, get some some things "cleared off of the table,"....a 730 will be in our sites. I love my KW,...but a Volvo 730 offers so much more for me and my family.
  10. Actually, I can tow more than that weight, but my truck can never have more than 25.5k lbs on its two axles,....whether it's towing a 35k lb trailer, or just bobtailing. The weight that you put on your registration is not the Gross Combined,...its the Gross Vehicle Weight. There is a difference between GVWR and GCWR, which is what the example that you gave in regards to your truck and trailer. If someone with a Class C license with an air brake endorsement drives my truck bobtail or tow a trailer less than 3k lbs, then they would be fine. At this point, I'm glad that there is a better w
  11. I totally forgot about the combination. Thanks for reminding me of that. The declared weight that I keep referring to,...is the new GVW that will go on your new title and registration,...not the actual weight of the truck. In regards to my KW,...if it's driven as a single vehicle, a CDL is not required to drive it, because it's registered GVW is less than 26k. Only a Class C with an AirBrake endorsement. If I were towing a trailer with enough hitch weight that put me over 25.5k lbs on my truck's axles, and got weighed by an LEO, then I would be in trouble because my truck is not registered
  12. We all agree that rv registration is cheaper than private truck registration ...which is why registering as an rv is the goal with our HDTs. For the AZ RVers, thats where the road ends for us. I agree that an HDT "Private Truck" is not an rv. However,...you are still allowed to buy a Class 8 truck,...and title and register it(by declaring the weight) as a Class 5 or 6. Therefore, you will not be required to obtain a CDL. After doing that, it's no different than buying an F-650 that has air brakes. You'll still need an air brake endorsement added to your Class C license. I declared the w
  13. I got my KW T600 registered as an MDT. If my memory serves me correct,...I paid around $500 for a two year registration. It is registered as a Private Truck. I don't pay commercial registration, nor commercial insurance because when i titled and registered it,...I declared the GVWR for 25.5k lbs. You have to remember that you can declare your GVWR. If you've weighed your whole rig fully loaded, and you your TRUCK axles combine for less than 26k lbs,....then you can declare that, title it as an MDT. My insurance is <$1200/yr for full coverage on truck and trailer through National Gener
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