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  1. Thanks Cotreker! I am absorbing as much as I can. Years ago I did military vehicle collecting and restoration. Had an M35 deuce and a half that I converted a GI communication shelter to a military themed camper. Was a fun project and I am certainly looking forward to getting stuck in to an HDT conversion. I have been reading every scrap of material I can find and spending hours combing ads for trucks, found a couple I would have jumped on but going to have to build the savings a bit more. And nice job on the Volvo BTW!
  2. This reminds me of an ambulance call I ran many years ago. Got called for a "heart attack" at rest stop along I-5. Elderly gentleman with his wife in a 40' DP pulling a trailer. The guy was obviously postictal (post seizure). Wife said he had a hear attack but he acted like he did when he had one of his seizures, "but it couldn't have been a seizure because he only has one a year and he just had one a couple weeks ago". Fortunately they were stopped for the night when he seized, I can only imagine the damage that could have done if he locked up driving at highway speeds.
  3. Thank you Sculptor, that will give me some reading material! Absolutely right Mr.Cob, and I certainly do admire your Pete!
  4. I have yet to make a rally but hope to be able to make one next year (that is if I can get vacation when one is going). I have watched videos and read the threads here on them and I think attendance for me would be very beneficial!
  5. That's the plan! My assets took a huge hit in the divorce but I have been able to start socking away about $1k/mo and selling off some of my collectibles and other stuff, all the proceeds from that are going direct to savings.
  6. Thanks guys. I have been researching all I can on the net, looked at countless rigs and am formulating a plan for what I would like. Good call on the insurance Star Dreamer. I will research that out more as the time gets closer to buy a rig (I am figuring a couple years, plan to save up and pay cash). Storage and a place to work on it will be an issue as I am currently an apartment dweller (thanks to a recent divorce) so will have to rent storage or keep it out of state with family.
  7. Hello Folks! Been lurking for a while and decided I should sign up and say hello. I am looking at retirement within the next decade or so and have decided that I would like an HDT and 5th toy hauler to full-time for a while on the west coast (friends, family and especially grandkids are in the Northwest). First thought was an MDT but the deeper I researched an HDT seems to be more practical. Current plan is to pick up an HDT within the next few years, do the RV conversion, find a 5er and have a couple years to shake them down and work out the bugs before retirement. I am sure I will have a lot of questions and hope you all go easy on the new guy My son is a diesel mechanic and a good fabricator (I have a bit of experience there but he is better than I am), he has gotten excited about the prospect of the project and has volunteered to help with the conversion. That would however, require me to have the rig in Oregon to do the work so I would be travelling there on my vacations to work on the rig, bit of a logistical nightmare there but I am sure something can be worked out. Does this sound like a hair-brained scheme to the hive mind here?
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