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  1. Hello Guys - The self-discharge rate for lithium batteries is very low compared to AGM's. Depending on the quality of the lithium cells, self-discharge can range anywhere from .5 - 2.5 % per month. Never store a lithium battery at 100%, since it may cause stress which is a chemical reaction involving the electrode. For this reason lithium batteries should be discharged to 75-80% for storage. A battery stored at 75% in six months will only discharge to around 60%. Avoid leaving any lithium battery fully charged or fully discharged. Most batteries have a primary buffer at roughly 10% and another at 90%, this protects the battery from full discharge or over-charge and extends its longevity. Therefore a fully discharged lithium battery still retains this 10% buffer even though the BCM shows 0 %. Regards - Mike
  2. Hello Guys - Generally speaking if the coach came with flooded or AGM batteries which most all do, the compartment is always vented to release any possible fumes especially during charging. On my Renegade lithium installation, even though the batteries have a built in heater, I relocated the new lithium (house) batteries in a separate compartment which is heated for winter use. This design also avoids dust, dirt and salt spray during winter. Here's an image of my latest installation which allows the roof A/C unit to run 24 hrs or more at 50% cycle just off the lithium batteries one charge. Stay Safe - Mike
  3. If you're planning on doing any winter travel you'll need a heated compartment or a internal or external blanket on your lithium batteries. As soon they reach freezing temperatures, any usage or charging will causes in-repairable damage to the cells. Here's a short video I produced on my Lithium battery set in my Renegade. Lithionics batteries were the first company to use internal heaters. The video shows the advantages of an internal heater verses an external blanket. Enjoy - Mike
  4. Years ago you could get the best Diesel price at truck stops - I used fuel up going and coming back at the Fla - Ga line. Now they all rip off their customers, you'll pay up to 20-30 cents more per gallon because they now figure its worth it since your spending the night at their facility. I generally look for Raceway's on the road nice clean facility and many diesel pumps. Regards - Mike
  5. Insurance rates are all over the place - generally speaking, the best rates is with your home owners insurance carrier. What others pay is really in material each person with their policy and driving record is going to be different. I heard many insurance companies will no longer insure RV's over 36 feet. You know how it goes they just want you to pay them they never want to pay out. Also check with companies like Good Sam and others. Good luck on you venture! Mike
  6. Hello few of the RV ac manufacturers make their own hoses the job out their hoses. Your best bet is to remove the hose and take it with you. Was the hose ruptured or still holding pressure. regards Mike
  7. I hate to say it but there is a 90% chance you're not operating it correctly - it took us nearly a day to figure out the goofy sequence to get our Micro to work properly - there is usually an 800 number - call them while the micro is in front of you good chance they can get you going! Regards - Mike
  8. Hello Looks like it’s just another travel trailer with solar panels and a lithium battery system you can easily convert any trailer for this off the grid living. regards
  9. Some times the reason a generator won’t start is there could be a fault with the generator preventing it from starting normally. Not sure if there’s an oil level sensor but if it did that could be the problem.
  10. Hello guys since the largest inverter is 3000 watts when the second unit powered up it would dInfinity overload the circuit since starting current combined with the unit running would exceed 3000 watts. Anyhow it should have only opened the breakers on the inverter they will trip before damaging the inverter mike
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