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  1. Ok, yes it runs after I jump the solenoid and what I do is give 12volt power to the S side of the solenoid and it starts to turn over and when I take my jumper off it fires and runs.. it sounds good and it produces 120 volt power to my RV. Then I try the switch again to shut it off and it won't do a thing. How I shut it off is pull the fuse on the gen-set and it dies.. I cannot get the switch to do anything. I have changed out the relays that are there and I've swapped out the switch with another gen-set just like mine... I've traced the wiring and it appears to be all right... so im stuck with what to do next.
  2. Well thats what I thought but I changed it out and am getting nothing still.
  3. I push start/stop button on generator but nothing happens, I can jump the solenoid and it starts. When I go to shut off the start/stop switch does nothing either
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