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  1. We just picked up our new 2021 Dutchman Voltage 4145 5th wheel. It has a Lippert electronic leveling system. We have not used auto levelers before. The tech at the dealership who showed up all the ins and outs of the camper went over the leveling system. Not having used it before my hubby had him show him how to use it a few times. After we got back home my hubby went online and watched videos on how to use it. What the tech told us is not the same as the videos he found. The tech said to use it in manual mode. If it is an "auto" leveling system why would we have to put in "manual" mode? Does anyone have any thoughts or advice for us? Thank you! Sue Ellen & Charles 2021 Dutchman Voltage 4145 2021 Dodge Ram 3500 2021 20" Bass Buggy Pontoon Boat 2008 Ford F150 2 - 2021 Catahoula/mixed breed puppies 1 mother in law and 1 step father in law 🙂
  2. Yes 2Gypsies, we have rv'd quite a bit, mostly before we knew each other but also a little since we've been married (9 years). We both grew up camping (tent and rv) and continued after we became adults. This will just be our first adventure into rv'ing full time. We are getting a small jewelry looking locator for MIL so in case she does wander away we will be able to find her. We will be watching her closely, but we know it would be unrealistic to think that we can watch her every single minute.
  3. Hello to all! My husband has wanted to travel for quite some time. My dad passed in June and after that I realized that we should go while we still can. My mother will be moving to assisted living due to health issues, so she will be taken care of. My husband's mom has dementia, her favorite two things in the world are camping and her baby boy (my husband). So we've decided to sell it all, buy a fifth wheel toy hauler, and go camping. I am in good health and will be care giver for the rest of our party. My husband has had a few back surgeries and is able to walk now (after about 2 years of not being able to) and he can travel short distances at a time. His favorite thing in the world to do is to fish. We have a small pontoon boat that he can handle and makes fishing nice for him. His step-dad is a larger man with mobility issues, but can get around somewhat and has an electric scooter for bad days (he also loves to fish.) As soon as we can get everything sold (probably a few months) we will hit the road and go camping. We are all very excited about it. We plan to camp at campgrounds on/near lakes so the guys can fish. Mom and I will enjoy relaxing, knitting, reading, cooking, etc. Oh, and we have two dogs (from the humane society), they are currently 7 months old and already about 40 pounds each so they will be large dogs. We currently live in the upstate of South Carolina. Due to everyone's health issues we probably won't be able to go too far from this area due to having to still go to the occasional doctor appointment. Has anyone ever traveled with health issues and/or dementia? Thanks to all! Sue Ellen
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