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  1. Thanks, John. Now I know we need to ask why was a DMH-W4600NEX put into a 59K but a DMH-1500NEX put into a 59KL. Strange.
  2. Thank you, JohnEM38. The unit in my Travato is a Pioneer DMH-1500NEX. It's not on the list of units in the update manual you reference. And the screen looks nothing like the screen shots in that manual. I'm wondering if Winnebago could not get one of the nicer Pionner units and slapped in a low-cost substitute. No wonder others are raving about their Pioneer unit and I'm wondering what all the happiness is about, because what I have is about low-end as a radio can get in this day and age. I thank you because now I have more information to share with the dealer so he has more to ask Winnebago when he speaks with them, presumably tomorrow.
  3. Thanks, JohnEM38. There is absolutely nothing in any of the documentation (not that there's much of anything for the Pioneer) referring to using the iPhone to update or control anything. Are you able to make optional selections for daytime running lights? For making the radio turn off when the engine is turned off rather than when the driver side door is opened? Do you get audio and visual alerts for the backup cross traffic feature? etc etc. As of now the dealer is sharing with Winnebago the long list of things that don't exist (nav system), don't work, or cannot be accessed to set options. The dealer has offered, if Winnebago continues to be unhelpful, to pick up the Travato, try to have his people figure it out, and to get help from a friend who is a Dodge Promaster service center operator. What boggles my mind is that Winnebago says it swapped out the Uconnect unit because people complained about the screen being too small. True, the screen was too small for a navigation display, but perfectly fine for the radio/audio functions. So they replace the Uconnect with a larger screen Pioneer that doesn't have a navigation function. Yippee, we get to see the radio/audio information on a bigger screen.
  4. My 2022 Travato 59KL (2021 Promaster Chassis) finally arrived. Picked it up today. Winnebago replaced the Uconnect radio/nav unit with a Pioneer radio (no nav). All chassis safety features disabled. Cannot access Uconnect to turn them on or to make other changes (e.g., setting date and clock, turning on daytime running lights, etc.). Mode button provides only two menu items (buzzer and something else irrelevant). Radio doesn't turn off until driver's door is opened. Now communicating with dealer, who is communicating with Winnebago, which claims not to have disabled any of the chassis safety features. Nonsense. So how to set the clock? I had hoped that based on iball's experience above that by the time mine was built Winnebago and Maestro would have figured out the answer. Apparently not. Considering how many Travatos are being shipped with the Pioneer radio-only unit (nothing to brag about), this is and will be a big problem for Winnebago. So unless they provide a way to deal with this (unlikely considering what iball posted on March 16), I will push for removal of the Pioneer and reinstatement of the UConnect Tomtom. Thanks for reading my almost-rant.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the apps and the mat.
  7. Thank you, kmessinger, for getting back to me. The water is no big deal, just refill as needed. It's the cable, for when I'm in a not-off-grid location and want to watch tv in the evening with the doors shut. I did some research last night and discovered the flat cable cord (didn't know they existed). That's one possibility. Another is to run a coax from the connection to an exterior coax connector on the passenger side of the van, which I think I can reach through the storage space to the right of the water control panel. I need to do more research on signal loss through the flat cable versus signal loss through adding an coax "extension." I also want to see if I can disconnect the cable from the back of the water control panel and reroute it to a connector on the passenger side of the van. Because I cannot find a schematic for the coax on the Winnebago site (it only has chassis, radio, 12v and 110v schematics) I need to wait until the Travato arrives to take a look at what's there. FWIW, I made mods to my previous Travato (a 2016 K), one of which (a side camera to let me know when I was far enough ahead of traffic in the adjacent lane) had me exploring that same area and it looks pretty much the same. Once I do whatever I do I'll share. -- Jim
  8. Has anyone figured out how to use the 2022 Travato 59KL when camping ONGRID? It appears that to keep city water and cable connected that the rear doors cannot be closed, which is not how I prefer to camp. Is there a way to re-route (or add to) the water and cable connections to a nearby spot that bypasses the door (especially for cable)? I'm thinking some sort of extension attached to the existing cable port and then threaded to the side.
  9. Following this thread, in case there are updates. Most interested, as I am awaiting a 2022 KL due to arrive within two weeks or so. To kmessinger, did you figure out if the crosswind assist works? Or the list of links for the apps (not sure what that's about). Thanks.
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