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  1. rent first could potentially be a learning option to test out expectations, assumptions, and narrow down the choices.... Outdoorsy and RVShare are a couple of sites
  2. Kirk, you asked me to update how my ac gasket/coil clean went.... Am very pleased on Day1. So fortunate to have found a very competent mobile rv tech. Doubly lucky as he ran into a loose rivnut on one of the four hold-down bolts that would have been a major stoppage if I'd gone the DIY route, and he immediately remedied that by pinning the spinning nut with a couple of screws to fix it in place, which I'd neither had the awareness nor the tools to do. Classic example of the pro's make it look easy. For the gasket change, ac flip or upright? He was happy to do it upright for me though when he noted he's been setting them on their side for many years with not a single problem, I went with the flip. Was turned on as soon as done and worked fine. Far better than before as the evaporator coil was quite dirty, and drilled larger holes for the condensate drain. And was patient with the many questions I had along the way. Even charged on the more modest side for the long time he was here to boot. He serves the greater area around Cottonwood AZ in case this could ever be of value to another. A ranger at Dead Horse State Park which gets a fair amount of rv traffic referred me, saying he's the best in this region. https://yourrvmedic.com/ Thank you and all other commenters, as it made me more aware of the landscape, better prepared to make choices.
  3. I've a mobile tech due in two days, his way is to put it on its side, but thanks to everyone's comments we'll at least do it early in morning so time to let it sit if need be before heat of the day comes on. After two mobile techs did not even return my calls was more motivated to go with the first presumably competent one I could find. Local state park ranger spoke highly of him. New question I did not think to ask before.... while the ac works as well as last year, a difference this summer is after an hour or so running, the airflow rate is sometimes significantly less---sometimes, not always, like an old soul that occasionally runs out of oomph, that is, just barely maintaining temperature at that point, not cooling down anymore. Shut it off for a couple of hours and then it cools with full airflow force again. My guess is the coils may be clogged/quite dirty, appreciate hearing anyone's thoughts. The more understanding I have the more apt I am to appreciate the tech's know-how level and how thorough they are. Thank you.
  4. I will Kirk, already clear best choice as you and others note is to keep upright. So clarifies and settles my thoughts reading the helpful comments, and education, as want to understand the Why's behind the choices.
  5. Thank you all, much appreciate the shared experience and wisdom here!
  6. I've a '95 Class C with a Coleman rooftop ac. Will soon remove the ac to replace the gasket. Browsing the web I see some will keep it upright (blocking up on 5gal buckets for example) to clean the old gasket. And some just turn it on its side. Curious what folks here do. Putting it on its side makes it easier for a one-person job but I noticed one rver saying it's a no no, as the ac may then need be upright for a day to allow fluids to resettle before restarting the ac. Thank you for any advice. Rather do it once and do it right.
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