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  1. Tres Rios is a comfortable home park for those who live in the DFW. It's a short drive to enjoy a weekend. The DELUXE membership entitles you to use all the parks in the OCP system for up to 14 days per stay. Details of the membership are described in detail in the membership contract and the Membership Rules Handbook. Additional details about OCP and Tres Rios are available on their websites (and Facebook sites) at https://oceancanyon.com and https://www.tresriosrvpark.com. If you want to visit the site, the on-site sales people will be happy to provide additional information but they'll want you to buy a membership. I have a much better deal. <smile>
  2. My wife and I have sold our RV and can no longer use our membership. We are willing to essentially "give" this DELUXE membership to someone who will take it over and make the annual payments ($591), as well as some transfer costs ($475). Original cost of the membership was $8k. Phil Bruce phil@philbruce.com
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