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  1. Thanks for all the advice and tips. We definitely have our work cut out for us in determining what to get. I have see some pretty cheap made Rvs and don't want to constantly fix stuff. I know that the more traveling you do the more stuff breaks. I get that. But i would rather pay more for better quality than to fix cheap stuff constantly. Per everyone's advice i have looked at some DRV mobile suites and they are very nice . i will have to visit my vendor to actually touch one and look it over. Will update my findings. Again, thanks for all the help
  2. Yes we will be full time. It will be me and my wife and two mid size hounds . We will be staying in one place for at least several weeks if not a month. We will not be braving the sub freezing temps and will try to keep it bearable for temps anywhere we go. Maybe even planning the locations to the temps. We will both be working remote and don't need the other distracting or bothering each other during work days. I will be retired but not jobless. Driving the rig will be aggravating in the cities but that will not be every day . This will be our home as we are selling our brick and mortar home.
  3. Yes we will be full time working from the road and seeing the country. i do not have a CDL but have extensive background in pulling large 40'+ triple axle trailers. Sop no big deal there. We will surely need another truck and that is in our soon purchases. We will be both working from this RV so we had thought about taking the dinette out and making an office area. Still in the works and idea phase on that. We have looked at many other models but the redwood made by Thor seems to be the better quality built even better that the Tippin VanLeigh .
  4. Hello all, Second life Rv beginner here. I am about to retire this year and my wife and i will be trying to hit the road late next year going full time in an RV. We have looked at numerous manufacturers in the decision making process and have narrowed it down to a few. One that we are looking at is the Redwood RW3981FK or the RW4001LK. We watch RV full time living videos all the time and see very few large 5th wheel RVs. We have never seen someone using a Redwood as a full timer although they feel very well made and are rated for full time living. So I decided to get some other opinions. Does anyone have any dealings with this company ? Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing experiences in this community. thanks
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