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  1. Hi All, Totally failed to do enough research on weather & #'s of people flocking to major attractions like badlands, Grand Canyon, etc. My bad for sure. Extreme temps totally killed that idea(unless you have better info in that regard(Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming in particular look to be only getting worse July & August). In Wis. currently & beautiful weather(had to turn on heat 2 nites. Anyway, wondering if anybody has knowledge of campsite availability along Lake Superior (Germfask to Duluth & on up to international falls? Or is that area deluged with visitors as well? any info greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim Bartelt
  2. thanks all again. question-if I can isolate to a particular circuit/check the ref. heater(seen that mentioned a lot)-is it easy to read with a fluke meter(i.e. res. to end/heater casing? I have a fluke &also an old Simpson meter. Guess the real tricky part is figuring out which circuit I would be taking the neutral wire loose from. Oh well, patience, eh?
  3. thanks for all the replies. I had never seen a gfci breaker at a park before either, but this was in an older Army Corp. park in Il., so that may be the reason/problem. anyway, I'm up in Wis. now, tried my Generator when we got here and everything is working fine on that. Sounds like removing the neutral wires 1 x 1 will help isolate to a circuit. I'm new to rv'ing & escapees, so this is a good experience. Wasn't sure just how the site worked as far as posting questions. Everyone have a great day.
  4. first time I've been in a campsite with gfci breakers in the power box, and it's tripping. I've tried turning on my unit breakers one at a time to try to determine the source of the problem, but no luck. sometimes I can get power on one of the circuits inside(5th wheel Cougar), but then it will eventually trip. not sure where to start looking. any suggestions?
  5. take some measurements and get an inverter microwave(not just the same old type that cycles 100% power). The inverter type runs constant at whatever power level you set it at(reduced power level and better food heating). perfect for limited power situations like an rv/generator use. I ordered a Panasonic NN-SA651S off amazon. they're not expensive, but you'll love the way it heats. have in my house as well. just have to be sure you anchor it in place & I drilled more vent holes in the cabinet blank off above it.
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