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    Jackalopee Plug

    I am sorry, but I see different wire locations and colors. This photo is from there Load Trail owners manual. I talked with a guy from engineering that confirmed they are using a standard RV Wiring plug. I guess I must be living in the Twilight Zone or an alternate universe where Red is Black, yellow is red, green is brown ,some plugs will work, some are different and won't work. and every way is wrong.

    Jackalopee Plug

    I'm going to post a quick update. I learned something today, as did my Freightliner friend. The reason I had a quick flashing left turn signals and no power to the trailer plug. There is a fuse under the hood for the turn signals JUST for the trailer plug. I found this out from a YOUTUBE video. My friend who had owned several Cascadiea's did not know that. I'm still buttoning up this project tomorrow, hopefully everything will work as it should.

    Jackalopee Plug

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. You were very helpful in the telephone conversations we had, but I am still having problems. I bought a different plug from Tractor Supply yesterday, the brand is Hopkins. I checked and made sure that the plug from my gooseneck would plug into it, it did. so I pulled all the wires out of the Pollak plug and wired the Hopkins. My first try at checking the lights, nothing happened, I was not hooked up to the trailer so I thought it might have been a ground problem, ( I thought it was was supposed to ground itself from the plug) So I got a Jumper cable and grounded the trailer to the truck, success!, we got lights. My euphoria was short lived, I didn't have any left turn signal on the trailer. To make matters worst the lights on the tractor were flashing that quick blink, that's what they do when a light is out. So I start trying to figure it all out. All the turn lights on the tractor, front signal, side marker/turn signal on the fender and the rear taillight are all flashing the quick flash. I unplugged the trailer and to my surprise the tractor still was on the quick flash. So did something happen to the truck to make my life more miserable? I checked the plug coming from the Jackalopee, I didn't get any blinking light on any pin. so no power ( no wonder no turn signal). By now I'm done for the day. Going to go at it today. I still have one unanswered question. The Wiring connector in the trailer owners manual shows starting at 1o clock, Brown, (Tail Lights) YELLOW! (LEFT turn signal) White (Ground) Blue or Black ( Brakes) Green (Right turn signal) Red (Charge Line) Nothing for a center pin, in fact there isn't even a pin in the center. This is different from the way I wired the plug from the Jackalopee. Mostly the yellow wire is in the center. I should also point out that I pulled this trailer with my 2500 HD GMC from the dealer and again to move my skid steer a short ways using the in the bed RV plug and everything seemed to work, lights, turn signals, brakes. ........... I am going CRAZY with this project! I'm going out today for more abuse and frustration.

    Jackalopee Plug

    Alright, after stepping back from this for a few hours I went back and looked at everything again, and found something 'interesting' I looked closer at the gooseneck plug and notice some color code next to the pin. they are different from what I have read and wired the plug coming out of the Jackalopee. Starting at the one' O' clock it's labeled Brown, yellow, white, blue,green,red and the center pin is marked black. The way I I believe I've got it wired from the Jackalopee (standard RV order ???) Starting at 1 0 clock, Green, red, white, Blue, Brown, Black with the center pin marked yellow. So it there a different Plug for a Goose Neck, one more thing, there is no center 'pin' it's just a blank hole.

    Jackalopee Plug

    OK So have been working on and off again on my 2012 Freightliner Day Cab single axle installing a DirecLink brake controller and Jackalopee. This might be child's play for some of you, but I found this installation very 'challenging' for me. I bought this truck for the main duty of pulling my 5th wheel gooseneck, a new 32' Load Trail. I have also decided that this HDT might be a better option to pull my 5th wheel toy Hauler. I got done with everything except permanently mounting the plug. I backed up to my goose neck and tried to plug it in to the provided plug that came with my Jackalopee. It would not push all the way in. It lacked just a bit to get it far enough for the lid to snap down on the tab. I pushed as much as I could and it just would not fit. I then backed up to my 5th wheel and that plug went right in. mmmmm. I looked at the plug on the 5th wheel and the slots were kind of wide, I looked at the plug on the goose neck and the slots are really thin. Has anybody else had this problem? Or heard of anything like this? I am thinking that I might have to get another plug that will work on both and rewire it. Boy what a PITA wiring that plug was!!!
  6. I don't see anything that tells how much this costs. Can someone fill us in? Thanks
  7. Hello new member here, but not new to semi-trucks. I bought my first semi in 1976, a 1973 Chevrolet Titan 90 single axle, 8v71 Detroit Diesel 10 speed trans, no A/C or power steering. My wife and I spent 36 years together as owner operators. During that time we owned 6 new trucks, the last 2 were 'big houses' with ARI custom sleepers, it was like full time RVing, but getting paid to travel around the country. Due to health reasons we retired from trucking last year. I started a 'new' 'project' late last year, and it has snow balled almost out of control. I have a big skid steer with a forestry deck that I used to keep some property cleared up. I had a guy cutting down some trees around my house when he notice the skid steer he told me 'if you get a bucket and a trailer for that machine I can get you enough work to make some extra money' sooooooo I ended up buying a bucket and a 32' goose neck trailer. THEN came the snowball effect. I started doing some figuring at all that weight and it was going to be more than my 2500 HD GMC pickup could handle. Sooooo I started looking for a truck for my 'project'. The short story is I bought a 2012 Freightliner day cab single axle. Then the real fun started, I needed to set up that truck to haul the trailer, brake controller and wiring. That research lead me to buy a Direclink trailer brake controller and a Jackalopee. I have just started that install (and still trying to figure it out). I am also thinking that the Freightliner would make a better tow vehicle than my GMC. My long term plans have been to tow a trailer behind the 5th wheel,( it's only 27 foot long) because we found out a couple of winters ago when wintering in Arizona we needed a trailer to tow our RZR to some ride areas, and we had to borrow one. Soooooo towing the RV is going to mean that the 5th wheel commercial hitch needs to be replaced. Is this not fun? I am so glad for the internet and groups like this for good information. IF anybody has any questions or comments feel free to ask. I am going to try to figure out how to get some pictures on my profile, everybody loves to see pictures.
  8. very nice build
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