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  1. To be in the loop without being on Facebook, please send an email to gefreedom@hotmail.com . I will let you know about the web page when it's up. Also if you'd like to participate, you can photograph litter that you've picked up and I'll post it to the group for you. Thanks for your interest!
  2. If you have spent time on our public lands you're probably aware of the growing litter problem. Not only does it degrade the natural beauty of our camp spots, in the worst cases some have been closed, with the potential for many more to go that route. PAL is a growing group of volunteers who are working to reverse this trend. The group is just getting started, so the main objective right now is getting word out and growing our membership. Currently, members are invited to document their litter-pick-up good deeds with photos and post them to our site. As we grow we hope to work with a
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