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  1. 🙂It looks like in the near future my wife will be going on kidney dialysis. We still want to enjoy our travel in our R V. We are trying to find other seniors in the same fix. WE will be doing the portable dialysis in the motorhome. It looks like we will have to move up to a used Class A and get rid of our Jayco superC.. we were wondering if any one on this site is doing this? on the portable unit she will have to do the treatment 7 nights a week, but we can go anywhere we want, where the office treatment is only 3 times a week, but the places we go do not have treatment centers close and scheduling is not always an option Questions we have? problem getting supplies type of portable unit you are using how do you have the unit set up in the motorhome Any information you have will be of great help.......thanks again Keith
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