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  1. I will definitely look into the 14_IS tranny. I’ve watched a ton of in op videos where the rigs are starting out in 3 or even 5th gear. I thought with my 2.28 rear gearing, I would be utilizing the spectrum a bit more. But if said above is for the 14, Im all ears at the dealer or RVH lifestyles. -KJ
  2. Thank you all for the pics, and Steiny93 those were just what I wanted, Beers are on me when I can get in on a HDT Rally! On the rear gearing not worth the change, I agree if this was used/preowned. But ordering in from the factory it’s a no brainer (for me). Being that I was an O/O (owner operator) in the CDL LTL world for years, I know the importance of even 1 more mpg. If I weren’t for having this throughout my big travel plans of my upcoming retirement... we’ll that would change the desire for the 2.28 rear as well probably, but I’m thinking long term here. thanks again guy
  3. I saw your rig setup, very nice. So I was first looking into a 740, lower height cab. When I was in the hauling business, this was popular with tanker guys. But, I see you 5er is only like (maybe) 1ft taller? Not sure if you 5th is around the 13ft A/C height. If so, I may put the shorter 740 back on my list, as those lower profile guys always dunked me in the mpg game. Don’t wanna bother you, but any pics or links to your rig hooked up, level side view preferred. Thank you in advance!
  4. All great info, thanks guys. I really appreciate the input from you HDTers. I will plan put with cardboard, great idea. I also will scrub the smart car mirror removal idea, I didn’t know they folded, that will be a halfway but acceptable method. I will hold off until I get to a Rally. I have to get Debbie onboard with all this anyways, I figure other wives may shed some light on it, at least maybe influence her that it is the safer way to haul around our big 5ers. One benefit that I pushed was the fact that she could have a portapotty. She said oh yeah, this truck has a bathroom? Lol.
  5. I’m 6-4, Debbie however is only 5-3. And, If we use the truck as an individual bobtail style “camper” on some (very few) but select outings, I figure the additional 7” will come in handy. This is the 860 at 77” and the 760 at 70” comparison of course. Thanks Dave. You’re probably correct on a few things here, like yeah, I’m probably over thinking. I just wanna be so careful as this is going to be a one and done purchase. I’m getting close to retirement, and buying new, it should be my last hauler. I told my better half, you may be getting a new Luxe 44FL someday (her dream living
  6. I’m in the market and planning my HDT. I would like a Volvo 860, which is already quite long with the 77” sleeper. My below desired specs... Single drive, most likely mid mount loca. Favoring RVH Lifestyles for the new truck order plus deluxe bed, turnkey. Smart Car load, keeping it forward as much as possible. Maybe passenger side mirror removal, and/or trailer deflector hinged and pinned. Would I be the first this crazy idea? Hitch forward as much possible, noting the (2.28 desired) gearbox’s below loca. Trailer pin box as straight drop, this should get the back of the ha
  7. I can definitely make it with most importantly my better half (Debbie), but the caveat is that the campground is being sold out. I don’t like the idea of off location stay, then commute back n forth. Feel this sorta defeats the purpose, as most likely not only will we be “outsiders looking in” but also the lack of any bonding with possible new friends. We are currently associated with several of these different groups, mostly with our 2 different branded Motorcycle groups. We know how important being onsite will be. For that reason, I will shoot for next year.... or, not sure if ther
  8. Hmmm. Interesting. Being a CDL guy here for many years. I always thought this to be true for the Volvo’s as the best overall driving truck. My company always spec’d me into Frieghtliners, but that didn’t mean that’s all I drove. I know Kenny’s have their fans for sure, and, at truck stops I’ve heard banter good and bad on all of them including the V’s. But with that said, the V’s have always won out on the ease of drive including quietness combined with smoothness. For that reason, my focus was/is with the V’s, primarily the new VNL 860. But I do respect all the other makes n models,
  9. Oh yeah, Jack and RVH Lifestyles are definitely on my radar. I’ve seen vids where they talk about being competitive with ordering in Volvo trucks, and titled as RV and w the correct hookups, even w the super single in the mid position from factory. 😎
  10. Hey Rick, Listed under 2022 Volvo for the D13TC 405 w/ 1750 ft/# 425 w/ 1750 ft/# 455 w/ 1860 ft/# Maybe I’m reading things wrong, wouldn’t be the first time lol. In doing tons of video reviews w commercial hauls (with these newly revised eco engines), and hauling typical just under CGVW 80K loads, some drivers are experiencing over 10mpg. Some LTL guys have 12+mpg. I’d be happy at 10 and is my modest goal. If I get more with my measly 21K 5th wheel, just added gravy, and then... happy will turn to ecstatic.
  11. Thanks to all who messaged me! My current thoughts are: VNL 860 Loaded w Touring Int trim 425hp iShift Super Single Rear, mid mount. Ordered in from Volvo along with some other RV amenities. Overhead exhaust (maybe twins, just cuz I love the look). One of my pet peeves when at a campground with dirt or gravel roads, are the rigs that come in and blow dust up everywhere, and on their own tow rigs more than anything. Also Quartsite vehicle entries are horrible with the brush burners. Bad all around, I’ll just get a custom drom box built, prob aluminum. So yes, I abs
  12. Hey Chad, thanks for this info. Yes I gotta get in on a rally, even if I show up with my F350, but I’ll be more educated and even more importantly have my wife onboard with the HDT transformation. Our home base is smack dab in the middle of NY State, called the Finger Lakes.
  13. Definitely, and if I go with RVH Lifestyles, they’ll order it in as single, and I can have options on the drives as well, like super singles. It can be titled as an RV also at that order time. So yep, a few benefits going brand new. We’re not full timers yet either. Not retired quite yet, but ever since Covid and I can work remotely, we’ve snowbirded this past winter.
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