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  1. Joel, I replaced my A/Cs with two 15,000 btu Attwood heat pumps. Very quiet and lots of cold air. Many nice features in the construction of these units not in the other brands. Such as the plate that sandwiches the roof unit to the coach are ducts that smoothly change the air flow from straight down to horizontal. Really like them after two summers in Houston heat.
  2. Thank you Sir. I now have a better connection.
  3. Gord, Please call me, I need some assistance, thanks 7 one 3 8 one 8 3234
  4. Sorry for the confusion. Plus I would like to add, think you will be pleased to know Alan. He is a real straight up person, no BS and lots of smarts from years of experience. Many loyal trucking customers as a result. Now if you want a referral to a nicer appearing place that does trashy work, I can send you there too. I can assure you, more will be broken after their fix that what you brought to them. All the best in your repair.
  5. Glenn, I thought you were interested in truck repair work, not RV repair work. Alan has done an outstanding job of taking care of truck type maintenance on my motor home, quickly, accurately and at a reasonable cost. Especially when I needed Allison tranny work. He can do in-frame, engine replacement, brakes, seals, suspension parts, air system, the works if it is on a big truck. Trash trucks are money making machines. They are serviced at places where the owner thinks he will get value for his money. So full of trash trucks is a great recommendation to me. You make the call f
  6. Alan Lassetter, Lassetter Laflour Truck Repair in Channelview, Tx 281.457.5003 He has 12 bays full of trash trucks for repairs and Allison Trans service/repairs.
  7. Master Aligners is the uncle of the brothers in Huntington. They are continuing their Dad's business. So either place is good to go.
  8. Glenn, One of the very best shops in Texas is Big Truck Alignment in Huntington, Tx, 9 miles south from Lufkin on Hwy 69.
  9. Since 2001, CoachNet has worked fine for me twice. Had help on site within 1.5 hours each time. Once towed with no damage and once fixed so I could drive away and repair at my convenience. Both times, had phone calls updating me on the progress of help coming my way.
  10. I join the many others that have enjoyed John's and Francis' over the top great service. They are a cut way above any other DPS office I have ever been too. I took the written test 10 minutes from where we stay. But had to drive to Livingston to set the driving test appointment. John allowed me to set a driving test appointment for a friend who had passed the written test saving him a trip to set the appointment. Once the insurance and lights were verified, the driving was easy and not very long. John is very RV friendly for sure. They are certainly the very best in Texas.
  11. I ask it to look at Henderson, La. It said no rv parks within 40 miles. RV Parky found 20+ parks. I guess Henderson is too far from Europe.
  12. Gord, Congratulations !!! Placed my order on the phone yesterday afternoon. The man took all my info including email address and had to go as the phones were ringing. Hope you all are slammed with orders. Sure would like an email confirming my order along with the amount. Is that possible? Much Success J R Legett
  13. Can you be contacted outside of the forum? I have learned you can not receive a message and would appreciate a direct contact if possible regarding Linux Operating System. Happy New Year and thanks for the expertise you share here. Trainer
  14. One of my RV friends had his Goodyear steer blow doing $20K damage while another had his Michelin steer tire blow right up through the floor beside his wife's seat. Two of other examples of these brands I have read about on RV forums. Trainer
  15. Butch, If your surface is dull from oxidation, it needs repairing, i.e. it needs buffing with a polish to restore the shine. Now once shiny, Wash Wax All with no abrasives and no harm to clear coat no matter how often you use it, will keep it clean, shiny and UV protected from oxidation. The shine lasts 4 to 6 weeks during which my vehicles get dirty again so I reapply to wash them. I am always washed, waxed and UV protected year round.
  16. Been using Wash Wax All for years. It is the product used to wash and wax all the planes in the Air Force One Squadron. Only I buy it by the gallon and they buy it by the 55 gall drum. Sure works great on my RV and cars. Trainer
  17. Leroy, When Stephen gets back to you, he will share that you can spray the "Wet Mop Head" with Wash Wax All and then clean high hard to squirt places. Flip the mop over and use the "Dry Mop Head" to buff to a high shine. You are now clean, waxed and UV protected in one step. Works really well when the wind is blowing. When first starting, spray the mop 12 squirts to load it and then 2 or 3 to reload as you move down the coach. I love my Bug Buster kit and use it on all my cars as well as the coach. Hope this helps you. Trainer
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