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  1. Thanks for the advice, will check the stickers in each vehicle to make sure we can get enough payload.
  2. Thanks. We are definitely going to be cautious and will not overload the camper. Will find a large vehicle to tow it with.
  3. Do you know how to research what manufacturers skimp on axles, wheels, and tires? Now I am worried.
  4. Hi Linda, great advise. I guess we will give it a try, as I already purchased it. I too will have to weight everything I put in the camper.
  5. Hi Jim, you are breaking my heart. I guess we usually do things minimalistic. I appreciate all of your advice. I will have to take special care when loading this up, to make sure weight is within limit to keep my family safe. Thinking the suburban may be the way to go, so I can load more In the vehicle than In The actual camper. Taking into consideration the max weight for both vehicle and camper. I just can’t store anything bigger than a hybrid model at this time.
  6. Thank you! Brand new tires and brakes. Will make sure the vehicle we get is well equipped as well.
  7. Great info! You really know your stuff. Adding this to my list of things to look for in the next vehicle.
  8. Thanks Ray,IN this will be extremely helpful!
  9. Thanks! I have been researching the Tahoe and Subrban.
  10. I am here, I am a she. I work a lot of hours and have 3 kids. I already purchased this camper, so unfortunately I am going to have to make it work. The a/c and microwave are included in the weight. My husband and I selected a lightweight camper hoping it would work with our traverse. We didn’t want a large camper as we were unable to store anything bigger than what we purchased. I appreciate everyone’s input. Fortunately for us most of our gear is lightweight, as we were backpackers before we became RV people. I will not be bringing a generator, so that can be removed from the equation.
  11. I just purchased a KZ 160 RBT hybrid trailer (gvwr 3,500 dry weight is 2790) and realized after towing it with my Chevy Traverse with the trailer package up to 5000 lbs, I need a better towing vehicle. I have an equalizer 4 weight distribution hitch. I am looking for suggestions for a better towing vehicle. We are a family of 5 with 3 teens. We also bike when we camp, so on top on typical camping gear, add 5 bikes to the mix. What vehicle would be best to haul our camper, our people and bikes?! I would prefer an SUV and we are planning a trip to Colorado this summer. What vehicle handles best
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