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  1. @steiny93great info. RDP sounds like an interesting solution. I wish macos remote worked as well as windows RDP. thanks
  2. @rollinbrain , thanks for the info I think my biggest concern is running locally and connecting to a remote DB. What did you use for cellular hardware? did you use multiple vendors? I do not think i have to rdp to anything (thank goodness), most will be SSH So when looking for a place to stay, were there times you had to bail because of bad coverage or where there anythings you did to kind of "pre-survey" where you were headed. Thanks again for your info.
  3. Hello, I am a software dev, and looking at doing the fulltime RV thing. I have a lot of questions. Is this is a possible thing with the current mobile internet offerings. (PLEASE Starlink hurry) So with my current work flow, i need to remotely connect to databases , AWS , and linux servers Is anyone on this list doing something like this in their RV? What has been your experience. Is this possible? What equipment are you using? Thanks for any help/Information
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