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  1. Ok thanks, I didn't know you could do USB tethering to a router. I'll check those other routers out. I actually wouldn't mind if the modem doesn't do 5G, I'm not sure if that would interupt my video stream if it's switching between 4G/5G connections.
  2. Yes I can figure out how to change the APN if I have to. I just called T-Mobile and subscribed to the $50 / 100GB plan. At first he offered me a 22GB and $85 per month plan, then I told him that I saw a $50/100GB plan on their website, and he switched me to that. I'm not sure why he offered that one at first and why the price difference is so big. I had a SIM card already that I bought on Amazon, but he said he was going to send me one since he didn't know if that one would work. I said I wasn't sure if the Nighthawk M1 would work, but he seemed pretty confident that it would, with the c
  3. No I didn't know that. I guess I'll consider that. The reason I was interested in the Nighthawk is because it has an ethernet port. I have a video encoder that prepares the video for sending to Youtube and it uses an ethernet port. I'm not sure if there would be any reliability problems if I have to encode the video and then send it wirelessly using my laptop or a Raspberry Pi through the 4G modem. I actually bought a second (refurbished) Nighthawk from Walmart, but it got delayed from the snow. It looks like it should get here soon. I guess I might buy a prepaid AT&T or T-Mobil
  4. I guess I'll just return it. It seems like a nice device but from what I'm reading online, the plans are getting more expensive as more people are streaming video, etc.
  5. Ok, I guess if I can't get it working I might try that website. I just got the Nighthawk M1 today (new from Amazon) and tried signing up on the T-mobile website. I wanted the $50 / 100gb plan. It says the IMEI is invalid. I guess I'll call them tomorrow and see why it's not accepting the IMEI.
  6. I was just going to use it for maybe 3-10 hours a week, no constantly on. I've been reading reviews of the Nighthawk on Amazon and I guess it's actually blocked now on a lot of carriers.
  7. Well there are lots of other people on Youtube doing this. Even people driving 18 wheelers. Sorry hope that doesn't make you nervous. What I'm doing would hopefully be less distracting since there's no screen on the gopro to fiddle with. I've had a dashcam on my car since 2013 and haven't found it distracting.
  8. Hi, I want to stream to Youtube while I'm driving. It's fairly easy to do with the Youtube app and a cell phone, however I want to use a GoPro or another camera with better video quality. So, I need a 4G modem that I can plug my laptop and video encoder into. I bought a Netgear Nighthawk M1 and I called AT&T but they kept transferring me to different numbers. It seemed nobody knew much about it. I also asked Ting on their webchat and they said they don't support the Nighthawk. So who am I supposed to use as a data plan for the Nighthawk? I'm looking for about 20gb per month and $25-$40.
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