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  1. I registered mine as a commercial truck for private use in NV. This is only way to register them in NV, you'll pay normal registration fees, for that ended up being about $750. I insured through Progressive the same way, this way I can drive it bobtail. If you insure it as an RV you find that your truck is only covered when pulling the camper, this doesn't work for me. I had no issues registering it, was in and out of the DMV in about an hour and a half (they are not making appointments for private sales) I plan to get my Class A Noncommercial, however they are not making appointments for non CDL drivers, so that will just have to wait. I have had no issues and have been driving it for several months now, even got a few thumbs up from NHP officers lol
  2. I got into RVing as part if my rock crawling habit as they seem to go hand in hand. It is so much better to stumble to the camper vs. driving to a hotel, and is cheaper to prep meals rather than eating out. My newest set up is a 2004 Freightliner Columbia with a 9' flatbed and 3' removable extensions, and my camper/hauler. The Bronco rides on the trailer when I'm towing, and on the flatbed when I'm bobtail. I am absolutely loving this set up. Anyone else into rock crawling or Jeeping? I'm currently working on some minor upgrades and maintenance to the Bronco and giving a fresh coat of paint.
  3. OMF

    My Bed design

    Bed is looking nice! It seems to me you are overbuilding it a bit for Smart car. I built mine from 4" channel, 3/16" wall, and the deck is .120 thickness steel tread plate. My Bronco weighs about 4300#, with 2300# of that on the front axle. I plug welded the plate to the channel and I see no deflection, of course a 40" tire with 5 psi has a much larger footprint than a smart car tire lol
  4. I am also northwest, Decatur and Lone Mountain area. Not much Bronco left, although I still call it a Bronco lol
  5. Good to hear it went well... I am also in Vegas and have not gotten my Class A yet. I have several NHP and metro friends who say they wouldn't bother me unless I was doing something like speeding or driving like a jacka$$. Still it freaks me out a bit everytime I drive mine. I declared the GVW at 25,999 when I registered it. It's a factory single axle so it weights about 17,000 and even with the Bronco on the bed it is only 21,000
  6. Thank you No, the dinette is there and the deck is split, so it is not a full width deck, more like a car hauler to save weight.
  7. Yeah, tried that, it didn't insert the images, just the links. I'll figure it out!
  8. New here, was on Faceplace but so tired of all the BS so here I am! I am in Vegas, i use my truck to haul my crawler and pull my 5th wheel. It is just amazing how easily it pulls, the most stress free pulling I have ever done! Tried posting some pics but the links weren't working, I'll try again later I suppose.
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