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  1. Thank you KirK. I've noticed your name with helpful suggestions previously. I want to thank you. Your knowledge has helped many of us. I will definitely be looking at a couple of 6v's in series. Stay Well.
  2. Thank for your suggestion it is much appreciated.
  3. I would appreciate help with suggestions for a new deep cycle battery for my 2019 Winnebago Travel Trailer. The current battery which came with the unit is a group 24. One cell is dead and its time has expired. I checked with a few auto part stores and they are focused on crank power marine battery. I seldom boondock however can see boondocking in the future. I do not have solar for a recharge and depend on shore power for or my truck to keep my battery charged. Open to any suggestions and it will be much appreciated. I am fairly new to RVing and at this point reasonable cost is important. Th
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