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  1. Thanks again for all of the great input. This is a very helpful and welcoming community! I ended up speaking with both a lawyer and accountant, and I'm in the process of working out all of the legal / tax details, which are still to be determined at the moment, but I definitely got some helpful advice. Kevin, thank you for the travel nurse suggestion. I've been looking online for furnished short-term rentals, and it appears that a lot of them cater to travel nurses. I'm definitely going to try to reach out to one and pick their brain. Regarding getting an RV, this is a decisi
  2. Well I mentioned hotels a an option, but also AirBnBs and short-term rentals. In terms of time, I would probably stay at each location for at least a month, more likely 3 months or so so that I could really explore the area. I mentioned hotels as a possibility, but I could budget for AirBnBs. Also, there are some decent options as far as furnished month-to-month rentals. That's also something I'm considering. Kirk, thanks for sending over that article. This line really stuck out to me: "Domicile is the place where you intend to return once you have hung up your RV keys for good.
  3. PA is tricky, since a residential address is required for a license and registration. However, a virtual / commercial mailbox can be used as a separate mailing address. I believe I will also need a residential address for my financial institutions. Another factor is the Philadelphia wage tax, which I'd prefer to avoid paying if I don't legally have to. I actually already have a virtual mailbox in the suburbs (mostly so I can start digitizing all of my mail). But in terms of what to use for my residential address, this is where I might have to rely on friends and family, even though I'd pr
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm in the process of doing exactly what Lisa has suggested. Currently paring down my possessions, and then the plan is to go on a trip with what I think I'll need in my car to test this out. Regarding domicile, a big part of the reason I signed up for this forum was so that I could get advice regarding my situation, and possibly become an Escapees member so I could establish domicile in TX or FL. I could easily sever most of my ties with PA, however, I have a medical condition that requires several doctors visits per year (ideally with the same specialist I've est
  5. I'm a professional in my thirties. I live in Philadelphia currently, however, I work remotely and plan on traveling the U.S. soon with no permanent home. The plan is not to get an RV, but to pare down my possessions to that which would fit in my sedan, and travel while staying at hotels, AirBnBs, and short-term rentals. Even though an RV would not be part of this lifestyle, there is obviously considerable overlap between this kind of lifestyle and what RVers do. Additionally, there are a lot of issues I need to get sorted out, such as getting a mobile address, a nomad-friendly driver's
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